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  • Eye Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... due to the introduction of VAT on most products in the country over 2017-2018 leading to higher living costs which meant that many Saudis became increasing price sensitive. Euromonitor International's Eye Care in Saudi Arabia ... Read More

  • Eye Care in the United Arab Emirates

    ... from smartphones, tablets, television screens and bright advertising screens in and around shopping centres, to schools where students and teachers have to use iPads for school assignments from a young age and working adults who ... Read More

  • Bahrain Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... steady support from healthy disposable incomes, economicdiversification investment and tech-savvy demographic trends will help to counter the limitations on set by a mature core marketwhere most device categories are saturated. While Bahrain is one of ... Read More

  • Israel Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... has been hit by a prolonged crisis in recent years and will continue to face headwinds over theforecast period as a weak economic backdrop worsens the outlook for troubled lenders. The country's non-bank financial sectorstands ... Read More

  • Qatar Tourism Q4 2019

    ... This sentiment is shared in the bankingmarket, where after several years of progress, the outlook for Romania's banking market is looking far less bullish. Within this, ourforecasts for both assets and client loan growth showing ... Read More

  • Major Appliances in Middle East and Africa

    ... has been gaining importance, contributing higher share in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Product wise, energy efficiency continued to gain awareness. Though most consumers stay price sensitive, brands that add value through warranty or service show ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... coupled with the ambitious Vision 2030 agenda to diversifythe economy will present strong vendor opportunities to capitalise on various device sales trends. Furthermore, elevated demandfrom the enterprise and commercial sector in computer hardware and audio-visual ... Read More

  • Oman Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... income rates will make insurance cover moreaffordable and providers are reaching more first time users by developing more market appropriate product lines and expandingdistribution channels. Regulatory changes also have the potential to drive up premiums. ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... shopping hub. Saturation of most major device categories means there is not a strong volume growth engine, butthere are opportunities in an expanding population with rising purchasing power amidst new technologies. Mobile handset sales willbe ... Read More

  • Kuwait Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... to saturation in virtually all categories. However, wedo expect modest, low single-digit growth over the five years to 2023. Underlying dynamics will be driven by sales of flagshiphandsets and high-value 5G next generation devices. Additional ... Read More

  • Hotels and Restaurants in Saudi Arabia

    ... reduction in unemployment have positively impacted Saudi’s spending on eating out and catering services. Additionally, government reforms to diversify the country’s economy stimulated non-oil sector growth and contributed to the positive economic trends and consumer ... Read More

  • Household Goods in Saudi Arabia

    ... oil prices. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia’s societal structure is changing with women being granted rights in the workplace, gender mixing in workplaces being less of an issue, women being allowed to drive vehicles etc. This shift ... Read More

  • Personal Services in Saudi Arabia

    ... Saudi Arabia’s weak economy, which suffered from plummeting global oil prices. However, in 2018 the prices jumped, lifting locals’ average wages and enabling higher consumer spending. Additionally, the government’s reforms to diversify the country’s economy ... Read More

  • Recreation, Entertainment and Arts in Saudi Arabia

    ... economy was boosted by a hike in global oil prices during 2018, as well as large-scale government’s initiatives to raise non-oil GDP share. Consequently, average wages in the country increased by 4.4%, compared to a ... Read More

  • Food, Beverages and Tobacco in Saudi Arabia

    ... consumption, reduction in unemployment and expanding consumers' disposable income have influenced increasing spending on food items. The demand for food and beverages in the Kingdom was further supported by stable growth in religious tourism to ... Read More

  • Airlines in Israel

    ... the new airport, named in honour of Ilan and Assaf Ramon, represents major opportunities but also presents major challenges for Israel’s smaller airlines. In terms of opportunities, the presence of the new airport will inevitably ... Read More

  • Lodging in Israel

    ... the vast majority of local people, with hotels thus required to turn to foreign employees. However, labour protection laws mean that hiring foreigners results in the employer incurring higher labour taxes. Increasingly stringent regulations are ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Saudi Arabia

    ... focused on religious tourism in the cities of Mecca and Medina. As a result, the rest of country remained less exposed to inbound tourists while also being mainly limited to domestic tourism, with visiting friends ... Read More

  • Travel in Israel

    ... to pay dividends during the year. In addition, inbound arrivals was boosted by the wider availability of flights, the ongoing benefit of the open skies agreements which were signed by Israel with numerous different countries ... Read More

  • Travel in Saudi Arabia

    ... plan. Religious tourism remains key with millions of pilgrims coming to visit the holy mosques in Mecca and Medina each year. However, the Kingdom has extended its offer to these visitors in the form of ... Read More

  • Lodging in Saudi Arabia

    ... it hosts the world’s largest congregation, Hajj, and consequently is the largest hospitality centre in the Saudi Kingdom. The city holds a unique lodging structure spread across the city and offers multiple price segments, with ... Read More

  • Online Travel Sales and Intermediaries in Israel

    ... the review period, online value sales had climbed to become more than three times those registered by offline value sales. One interesting trend which has resulted from the shift online is that smaller players now ... Read More

  • Online Travel Sales and Intermediaries in Saudi Arabia

    ... and prices. Moreover, consumers are becoming more comfortable with using online platforms to conduct transactions. As a result, pure online travel intermediaries were among the most dynamic players in travel intermediaries at the end of ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Israel

    ... are massive investment in promotions and marketing by the ministry of tourism. Second, the recent signing of open skies agreements with the EU, among others, has made it easier and cheaper than ever before for ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in the Middle East and Africa

    ... brands remain dominant. Local brands within economy priced remain popular owing to increased taxation leading to consumers downtrading. Growth in volume and value terms will remain strong over the forecast period despite the threat from ... Read More

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