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Lebanon Consumer Goods

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  • Lebanon Tobacco

    ... Cedars a crucial factor in the category’s enduring popularity. Smoking tobacco is also growing for similar reasons, while e-vapour products are emerging as the tobacco products of choice for younger adults. Demand for cigars remains ... Read More

  • Beauty and Personal Care in Lebanon

    ... when many consumers have already curbed their spending on non-essential items. Thus, categories that are seen as essential fared well, while those which are seen as optional luxuries continue to struggle. The economic situation is ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Lebanon

    ... underpinned a generally negative volume sales performance. However, many tissue and hygiene products are still seen as the essential, while the ageing of the population supported sales in adult incontinence. AFH tissue sales via the ... Read More

  • Home Care in Lebanon

    ... spend money on products that are seen as non-essential. Within the context of the deep and seemingly intractable socioeconomic crisis, this means that most consumers are sticking to the absolute basics such as powder detergents, ... Read More

  • Lebanon in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... most of timeframe, drive this trend. Ageing will be a key theme, impacting consumer trends and putting more pressure on state-funded resources. Urbanisation will continue to be rapid with more than nine in ten residing ... Read More

  • MENA Tobacco Products

    ... cigarettes. While these products can be legally purchased and consumed by adults in many countries, they are known to pose significant health risks, including addiction, respiratory diseases, and various types of cancer. It is important ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Lebanon

    ... the harms of smoking means that few smokers have chosen to cut down or quit as smoking has become more expensive. Shisha smoking meanwhile remains a popular and affordable social activity among a wide consumer ... Read More

  • Retail in Lebanon

    ... to the onset of the crisis, with demand centred on the absolute essentials and the cheapest options. Demand for luxury goods and mainstream global brands remains strong among a sizeable clique of affluent elites, while ... Read More

  • Retailing in Lebanon

    ... insight. Channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, convenience stores, mixed retailers, health and beauty retailers, clothing and footwear retailers, furniture and furnishing stores, DIY and hardware stores, durable goods retailers, leisure and personal goods retailers. There ... Read More

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