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  • Baby Food in Vietnam

    ... at home as much as possible apart from essential grocery shopping. This allowed parents to dedicate greater time to preparing food at home for their infants, reducing demand for prepared, dried, and other baby food ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Vietnam (2020) – Market Sizes

    ... formula and growing up milk; other drinks, biscuits/rusks/snacks; cereals; fruit & vegetables; foods and other solids. Market value and volume comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Baby Food ... Read More

  • Vietnam Baby Food, 2019

    ... live births is expected to show a slight decline between 2019 and 2025. At the same time, the economy is predicted to experience healthy growth, leading to higher disposable incomes. As a result, between 2019 ... Read More

  • Baby Food Packaging in Vietnam

    ... in baby food. Consumers believe that metal tins house more premium products that have better quality, which is a very important criterion with baby formula. Metal tins also offer convenience for consumers in comparison with ... Read More

  • Infant Formula Market Size By Product (Standard, Follow-on, Toddler, Specialty), By Distribution Channel (Hypermarkets, Super Markets, Convenience Stores, Online) Industry Analysis Report, Regional (U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Russia,

    ... per United Nations, world infant population in 2015 was recorded at 673.6 million and shall increase to 733.3 million in 2025. This infant population growth shall have positive impact on infant formula market growth over ... Read More

  • The Baby Food Sector in Vietnam, 2018

    ... there has been a downward trend in the birth rate, as the government has sought to discourage large families. The bulk of the population continues to live in rural areas - 64.9% in 2017. Urban ... Read More

  • Baby Food Packaging in Vietnam

    ... at stake, parents will always be cautious about the brands and products they buy. Brand perception and trust is therefore essential to gaining share and so manufacturers use packaging and labelling to attract consumers. Following ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Vietnam

    ... the growth of this market. In 2015, sales of milks accounted for 84%, cereals and dried meals for a further 13.2%, with wet meals, drinks and snacks making up the remaining 2.7%. Growth in both ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Vietnam

    ... been drawn into the urban workplace. These mothers have increasingly found they have less time to spend preparing food and less time to spend with their young children. This, coupled with the greater availability of ... Read More

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