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  • Car Rental (Destination) in Slovakia

    ... to a halt in early 2020. For the most part, inbound tourists, the target consumer base of leisure car rentals, are continuing to stay in their home countries as 2020 progresses, with wary of becoming ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Slovenia

    ... sales are reliant on the regular flow of inbound arrivals. International and domestic travel bans, and restrictions have resulted in a significantly lower demand for travel and car rental services, adding further to the overall ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Austria

    ... on non-essential purchases because of job losses and financial uncertainty arising from the pandemic. While in-car navigation has not experienced accelerated decline, sales are still falling strongly. As well as restrictions imposed on consumers’ movement ... Read More

  • Europe GPS Anti-Jamming Market Forecast to 2027 - COVID-19 Impact and Regional Analysis By Receiver Type (Military & Government Grade and Commercial Grade), Anti-Jamming Technique (Nulling Technique, Beam Steering Technique, and Civilian Techniques), Appl

    ... (Flight Control, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Position Navigation and Timing, Targeting, and Casualty Evacuation), and End User (Military and Civilian) The Europe GPS anti-jamming market is expected to grow from US$ 853.7 million in 2019 to ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Hungary

    ... for additional products. While newer cars benefit from pre-installed in-car entertainment, many Hungarians who drive longer distances tend to use company cars, and therefore will not personally invest in upgrading their in-car entertainment systems. This ... Read More

  • Europe E-bike Market Forecast 2021-2028

    ... and physical fitness. Many cities of the region entail developed infrastructure, where e-bikes can be conveniently used without the interference of the heavy vehicle traffic. Thus, these factors, along with changing culture and favorable infrastructure, ... Read More

  • Netherlands E-bike Market Forecast 2021-2025

    ... markets for the e-bike in the European region. Europe is witnessing a shift in infrastructure development and culture, which enables the growth of the market in the countries of the region. MARKET INSIGHTS The Netherlands ... Read More

  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... includes companies that specialise in maintenance and repair activities. Car washes are also included in the industry. Car washes operated by petrol stations and firms that retread and rebuild tyres do not fall under this ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Sweden

    ... 45% and offline value by 46%. Falling fastest is business car rental, which has dropped by 57% compared to 2019’s 4% rise, while the least-worst hit is insurance replacement car rental, which has posted a ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Bulgaria

    ... mainly to the impact of lockdowns and travel restrictions nationally and across the world. Initially, the spread of COVID-19 resulted in severe disruption to public transport, leading to a surge in domestic demand for car ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Hungary

    ... located at airports and dependent on the regular flow of airline passengers. Both leisure and business car rental are expected to be equally affected with a nearly three quarters drop in current retail value sales ... Read More

  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in Ireland - Industry Market Research Report

    ... includes firms that primarily specialise in maintenance and repair activities. Washing and polishing activities are also included in the industry. However, car washes operated by petrol stations and firms that retread and rebuild tyres are ... Read More

  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... snowmobiles and fire engines. Businesses also make motor vehicle engines and vehicle chassis. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Ireland

    ... the market remains heavily reliant on a short rental season running from June to August. While this period in 2020 saw the phased easing of lockdown, opportunities for travel remained limited, with hotels not reopening ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Poland

    ... several reasons for the decline, and the COVID-19 pandemic having little impact on the category’s performance. On the one hand, car producers are increasingly fitting their new cars with high-tech in-car entertainment to compete with ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Italy

    ... in spring and into summer 2020. Thus, the numbers of operators and cars are expected to see steep and dramatic decreases, respectively, over 2020 a whole. However, the number of days (business and leisure) is ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Croatia

    ... the travel/tourism industry in Croatia and kept tourists who typically rent cars during their holidays out of the country. Similarly, the much-smaller business car rentals segment is expected to post a sharp fall in value ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in the Netherlands

    ... resulted in a significant fall in demand for car rental. As a result, car rental companies are reducing their fleet sizes in an effort to cut costs. Fleet sizes will only begin to grow as ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Greece

    ... overall have so far fallen by 60% in 2020, following 2019’s rise of 2%, with business car rental leading the decline at a 65% drop and insurance replacement car rental the least-worst hit with a ... Read More

  • United Kingdom (UK) Forecourt (Fuel, Car Wash, Convenience and Foodservice) Market to 2024

    ... an executive-level overview of the UK Forecourt market, with category wise fuel, car wash, convenience and foodservice values along with fuel and car wash volumes up to 2019 actual year and forecasted up to 2024. ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Germany

    ... halt during the shutdown as well as disrupted production. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in much-reduced mobility in Germany, although, in an attempt to travel safely, a certain proportion of consumers have turned to using their ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Switzerland

    ... in Switzerland is highly dependent on inbound tourism and particularly on tourists arriving by air. Although much smaller than business car rental in terms of value sales, the strong growth of leisure car rental over ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in the Czech Republic

    ... car ownership in the country limits domestic demand, though towards the end of the review period corporate demand began to rise as the number of domestic business trips by land increased. Domestic demand remains low ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Denmark

    ... 2020. As many car rental outlets are located at airports, they rely on incoming tourists and business travellers, and therefore, value growth will be worse for these rentals than those located outside of airport areas. ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Greece

    ... built-in navigation and entertainment systems as standard. Accordingly, aftermarket sales are largely confined to drivers making replacement purchases for older and second-hand vehicles, as well as audiophiles and tech enthusiasts upgrading from factory-installed components to ... Read More

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