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Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. Wearable Robots, Exoskeletons leverage better technology, they support high quality, lightweight materials and long life batteries. Wearable robots, exoskeletons are used for permitting paraplegic wheel chair patients walk. They are used to assist with weight lifting for workers: Designs with multiple useful features are available. The study has 421 pages and 161 tables and figures.

Wearable robots, exoskeletons units are evolving additional functionality rapidly. Wearable robots functionality is used to assist to personal mobility via exoskeleton robots. They promote upright walking and relearning of lost functions. Exoskeletons are helping older people move after a stroke. Exoskeleton s deliver higher quality rehabilitation, provide the base for a growth strategy for clinical facilities.

Exoskeletons support occupational heavy lifting. Exoskeletons are poised to play a significant role in warehouse management, ship building, and manufacturing. Usefulness in occupational markets is being established. Emerging markets promise to have dramatic and rapid growth.

Industrial workers and warfighters can perform at a higher level when wearing an exoskeleton. Exoskeletons can enable paraplegics to walk again. Devices have the potential to be adapted further for expanded use in healthcare and industry. Elderly people benefit from powered human augmentation technology. Robots assist wearers with walking and lifting activities, improving the health and quality of life for aging populations.

Exoskeletons are being developed in the U.S., China, Korea, Japan, and Europe. They are useful in medical markets. They are generally intended for logistical and engineering purposes, due to their short range and short battery life. Most exoskeletons can operate independently for several hours. Chinese manufacturers express hope that upgrades to exoskeletons extending the battery life could make them suitable for frontline infantry in difficult environments, including mountainous terrain.

This is the 651st report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

Over 200 in depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and industry leaders in the market segment. We establish accurate market forecasts based on economic and market conditions as a base. Use input/output ratios, flow charts, and other economic methods to quantify data. Use in-house analysts who meet stringent quality standards.


1.1 Wearable Robot Exoskeleton Market Definition 
1.2 Market Growth Drivers For Exoskeletons 
1.3 Human Augmentation
1.4 Rehabilitation
1.5 Traumatic Brain Injury Program
1.6 Exoskeleton Research in the Market For Use In Gait Training
1.7 Robotic Rehabilitation Devices Based On Automated Process
1.8 Robotic Exoskeletons Empower Patient Rehabilitation Achievements\
1.9 Home Medical Exoskeletons
1.10 Safety Standards For Exoskeletons In Industry  

2.1 Exoskeleton Market Driving Forces
2.2 Exoskeleton Market Shares
2.3 Wearable Robot, Exoskeleton Market Forecasts 
2.4 Industrial Wearable Robot Exoskeleton Forecasts
2.5 Disease Incidence and Prevalence Analysis
2.6 Exoskeleton Prices
2.7 Exoskeleton Robots Regional Analysis 

3.1 Ekso
3.2 Rewalk
3.3 Sarcos
3.4 Rex Bionics Rex
3.5 Cyberdyne
3.6 Parker Hannifin
3.7 Berkley Robotics Laboratory Exoskeletons
3.8 Hocoma
3.9 AlterG: PK100 PowerKnee
3.10 Catholic University of America Arm Therapy Robot ARMin III
3.11 U.S. Special Operations Command SOCOM Wearable Exoskeleton
3.12 Revision Military Kinetic Operations Suit
3.13 HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot 
3.14 Mira Lopes Gait Rehabilitation Device 
3.15 China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO)
3.16 Russian Army: Combat Exoskeletons By 2020 
3.17 UK Exoskeleton 
3.18 University of Texas in Austin: Robotic Upper-Body Rehab Exoskeleton
3.19 Daewoo Begins Testing Robotic Exoskeletons for Shipyard Workers inSouth Korea
3.20 Lockheed HULC Exoskeleton

4.1 Industrial Robot Exoskeleton Standards
4.2 Exoskeleton Standards Use Environment 
4.3 Exoskeleton Medical Technology 
4.4 Robotic Actuator Energy
4.5 Robotic Risk Mitigation 
4.6 Exoskeleton Multi-Factor Solutions
4.7 Cognitive Science
4.8 Artificial Muscle


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