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  • North America Machine Vision Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... such as U.S. and Canada gives North America a competitive advantage over other regions. MARKET INSIGHTS Factors like a profitable integration of cloud technology with machine vision and the potential application of machine visions in ... Read More

  • Injection Molding Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... Injection molding can be used to create products from a variety of materials, including metals, elastomers and glass; however, this service is primarily used to create plastic products, so this report focuses on plastic injection ... Read More

  • Industrial Fasteners in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... screws, nails, rivets, nuts, bolts, washers, threaded or nonthreaded fasteners, precision fasteners and turned products. This report does not include plastic fasteners or adhesives. Suppliers include specialty manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Key buyers include industrial ... Read More

  • Metal Pipe & Tube Manufacturing in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... and 2016, resulting in a subsequent decline of the industry's largest market: the oil and gas industry. Additionally, the value of utilities construction, representing the construction of waterworks and energy infrastructure, experienced three consecutive years ... Read More

  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

    ... Ball Corporation, Flowserve, Gibraltar Industries, Mueller Industries, Snap-On, The Timken Company, and Valmont Industries (all headquartered in the US), as well as Jiangsu Guotai International (China), Schaeffler AG (Germany), and Toyo Seikan (Japan). Because of ... Read More

  • Computer Manufacturing

    ... equipment, including storage devices, terminals, and input/output devices such as printers, monitors, and keyboards. Major companies include US-based Apple, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, and IBM, as well as ASUSTeK Computer (Taiwan), Canon (Japan), ... Read More

  • Construction Machinery Manufacturing

    ... Copco (Sweden), Doosan Infracore (South Korea), Hitachi and Komatsu (both based in Japan), Liebherr Group (Germany), and Sany Heavy Industry (China), along with the construction divisions of heavy equipment manufacturers Deere (US), CNH Industrial (UK), ... Read More

  • Industrial Chemical Manufacturing

    ... Dow (US), Formosa (Taiwan), Royal Dutch Shell (the Netherlands), Mitsubishi Chemicals (Japan), SABIC (Saudi Arabia), Sinopec (China), and TOTAL (France). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand depends on the overall strength of the economy, because most industrial chemicals ... Read More

  • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing

    ... the US), along with Amada (Japan), DMG Mori (Japan), Fives (France), Shenyang Machine Tool (China), and TRUMPF (Germany). COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand is closely linked to US industrial activity. The profitability of individual companies depends on ... Read More

  • Tube Filling Machines in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... viscous, semi-viscous and liquid substances, such as ointments, creams, toothpastes and other chemicals. Tube filling machinery is built in a standardized format with the option for customization and is used extensively in the production of ... Read More

  • Metal Cans in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... sell a variety of metal cans to meet buyers’ various storage needs. Metal cans can be used to store food, beverages, paint and aerosol sprays. This report excludes composite cans and cans made from other ... Read More

  • Industrial Robots in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... electronics and metalworking machinery industries. They are designed to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with a higher degree of accuracy than human workers. Industrial robots are primarily sold by robot manufacturers and robot integrators. This ... Read More

  • Heavy Equipment Rental in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... and bridge construction; and oil exploration and drilling. Additionally, general economic conditions, such as interest rates, unemployment and disposable income, play an important role in determining demand for the industry's products. Over the five years ... Read More

  • Concrete Installation Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... retaining wall construction, foundation and footing construction, parking lot construction and concrete patio construction. Key buyers include construction companies, office buildings, housing complexes, government agencies and universities. Key vendors include general contractors, specialty concrete installers ... Read More

  • Commercial Condensing Units in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... a facility in a split-system (i.e. central) air conditioning system. Condensing units are the portion of the air conditioning system located on the side or top of a building. Suppliers include manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors. Read More

  • Utility Locating Services in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... utility lines are located. Services include assessment of utility lines for natural gas, telecommunications, electricity, fiber optics, water, sewage, traffic lights and other utility equipment both underground and underwater. Vendors also specialize in safety management ... Read More

  • Surveying & Mapping Services in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

    ... real property without designating possession. Industry services are used by a range of industries, including residential, commercial, industrial construction and government authorities for infrastructure and environmental purposes. The five years to 2019 have been defined ... Read More

  • Drilling Tools in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... blowout preventers, thrusters, drilling jars, hole openers, hole reamers, drilling subs and gauge rings, among other related accessories and equipment. This report excludes directional drilling tools, casing-while-drilling tools, handheld drilling tools and industrial drilling tools. Read More

  • Robotic Process Automation Software in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... instructions coded into the program. RPA software is generally used to automate simple and repetitive tasks, such as data entry, purchase order issuing, payroll and forms processing, and web scraping. Suppliers are typically software and ... Read More

  • Home Builders in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... change from cripplingly low levels of demand for homebuilding following the housing crisis of the last decade. Higher disposable incomes and improving economic activity during the five-year period have encouraged consumers to buy homes, benefiting ... Read More

  • Commercial CPVC Pipes in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... water supplies, as well as for drain and sewage applications. Commercial CPVC pipes are sourced by manufacturing firms and wholesalers from a variety of end users, including commercial building contractors, residential home builders and utility ... Read More

  • Wood Pallets & Skids Production in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... to steady growth in US consumer spending, demand for pallets has increased over the five years to 2019. Growth was strongest during the early years of the period, when the pallet market was continuing to ... Read More

  • Currency Counters in the US - Procurement Research Report

    ... coins or may count many denominations simultaneously. Currency counters that are capable of counting many denominations at once are known as currency discriminators. Currency counters are most commonly found in banks and retail locations. This ... Read More

  • Plastic Bottle Manufacturing in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... industry relies on several key downstream industries to purchase its products. soda production has faltered in recent years, largely due to changes in consumer tastes and concerns about plastic waste. For example, soft drink producers ... Read More

  • Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing in the US - Industry Market Research Report

    ... over the five years to 2019 due to a surge in exports. The expansion of semiconductor manufacturers in Asia has yielded greater capital investments in machinery. Increased demand has been derived from the use of ... Read More

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