Covid-19 Testing: Now is the Time: Pandemic is Killing People: Major Disruption for the World: Power Point

Covid-19 Testing: Now is the Time: Power Point Pandemic is Killing People: Major Disruption for the World

Covid-19 - The Way Forward: Testing

The following comments are epidemiological givens. What have we learned since biblical times? It is that we can control an epidemic if we are thoughtful and have good leadership. What have we learned since the middle ages? It is that through quarantine and testing we can control disease spread. Science has given us more tools than iron hammers, it has given us testing for a virus.

Testing is needed to know whether or not a person has coronavirus.

Testing is needed to know whether any person around an infected person has a coronavirus.

To stop Covid-19 extensive testing is needed, in combination with continued shelter in place and selected quarantine response.

PCR testing for Covid-19 works. PCR and molecular diagnostic tests are used to identify the virus that causes COVID-19. This is the type of test, along with molecular diagnostics, being used in the US to verify the presence of covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus. Countries that have used coronavirus testing in a thoughtful manner had much better success in controlling covid-19 than has the US.

The US got into this pandemic because of lack of testing and failure to face up to a bad situation early on. The only way out of the bad situation is through extensive, frequent, and long-term testing. In the US there is a serious pandemic raging out of control in many regions. In order to deal with the pandemic in the US, we need better, and more testing.

The pandemic brings a much higher death rate in the US than some other countries that have more testing. The higher death rate is due to a lack of PCR testing and lack of quarantine. Social distancing is not enough. The virus is airborne and can spread to someone who is more than 6 feet away.

Testing needs to be used in combination with isolation of those infected or who lack immunity and have been exposed. Only by knowing who has immunity – through testing- can be begin to get people back to work.

The virus can cause no symptoms and still spread — something not initially known. This makes it difficult to understand. It seems to be spread through the air and droplets from infected people. It seems to spread very easily from person to person. The pathogen is carried on tiny respiratory droplets that move through the air and fall eventually. The droplets come from a cough or sneeze. The virus may be transmitted by touching a contaminated surface and then touching the face.

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