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2015 Assessments of Blood Typing, Grouping and Screening Market - Strategic Profiles of Leading Suppliers

2015 Assessments of Blood Typing, Grouping and Screening Market--Strategic Profiles of Leading Suppliers

This new 225-page report from presents a comprehensive analysis of the clinical significance and market needs for major blood typing, grouping, and infectious disease screening assays, including NAT tests, as well as extensive listings of companies developing or marketing innovative blood banking technologies and products.

The report also presents strategic assessments of current and emerging suppliers, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements, and business strategies.

Contains 225 pages and 6 tables

Please note: The delivery time for the electronic version of this report is between 1-3 business days to allow the preparation of an updated version prior to dispatch.

1. Blood Typing and Grouping Tests
a. ABO
b. Antibody Panels
c. Antibody Screening
d. Antigen Typing
e. Antiglobulin Test
f. Crossmatch
g. HLA Typing
h. Rh
i. Other Blood Groups
2. Infectious Disease Screening Tests
- Structure and Composition
- Classification
- Origin of AIDS
- Animal Lentivirus Systems
- Virus Receptors
- HIV Infections in Humans
-Pathogenesis & Pathology
-Overview of Course of HIV Infection
- CD4T Lymphocytes and Memory Cells
- Monocytes and Macrophages
- Lymphoid Organs
- Neural Cells
- Viral Coinfections
-Clinical Findings
- Plasma Viral Load
- Pediactric AIDS
-Neurologic Disease
-Opportunistic Infections
- Viruses
- Cancer
- Immunity
- Laboratory Diagnosis
-Virus Isolation
-Detection of Viral Nucleic Acid or Antigens
- Epidemiology
-Worldwide Spread of AIDS
-United States
-Routes of Transmission
- Prevention, Treatment, And Control
-Antiviral Drugs
-Vaccines Against HIV
- Transmission of HIV in Blood Products
- HIV Transmission in Transplant and
- Artificial Insemination Recipients
- Diagnostic Tests
- Enzyme Immunoassay Interpretation
- Specificity, Sensitivity, and Predictive
- Value of Enzyme Immunoassay
- Competition Assays
- Western Blot Technique
- Immuno-Fluorescence Assay (IFA)
- Radioimmunoprecipitation
- HIV-1/HIV-2 Combination Testing
- Methods of HIV-Antigen Detection
- Antigen Assays and Blood Screening
- Urine Tests
- DNA Probes
- Overview
- Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction
- In Situ PCR
- Needed Improvements
- Viral Load/Drug Resistance Testing
- Genotype and Phenotype Testing
- Blood Banking Considerations
b. Hepatitis
- Hepatitis A
- Hepatitis B
-Structure and Composition
-Replication of Hepatitis B Virus
- Hepatitis C
- Hepatitis D (Delta Hepatitis)
- Hepatitis E
- Hepatitis G
- Hepatitis Virus Infections In Humans
- Clinical Findings
- Laboratory Features
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-Hepatitis C
-Hepatitis D
-Hepatitis E
- Virus-Host Immune Reactions
- Epidemiology
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-Hepatitis C
-Hepatitis D (Delta Agent)
- Vaccines and Drugs
c. Cytomegalovirus
- Background
- Chorioretinitis
- Gastrointestinal
- Central Nervous System Disease
- Diagnostic Tests
- Vaccines and Drugs
d. Syphilis
- Background
- Diagnostic Tests
- Vaccines and Drugs
e. West Nile Virus
- Background
- Clinical Syndromes
- Diagnostic Tests
- Vaccines and Drugs
f. Parvovirus B19
- Microbiology
- Epidemiology
- Clinical Syndromes
-Erythema Infectiosum Slapped (cheek)
-Adult Polyarthropathy
-Transient Aplastic Crisis
-Transient Pancytopenia
-Red Cell Aplasia in the Immunocompromised
-Perinatal Infections
- Diagnosis
- Treatment
g. Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s Disease
- Background
- Transmission
- Diagnostic Tests
- Major Commercial and Academic Players
-Disease Sciences/BioTec Global
-Imperial College School of Medicine
-Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
-ProMetic Life Sciences
-Proteome Sciences/Idexx
-Q-One Biotech
-U.S. Agricultural Research Service
- Drugs
- Vaccines
h. Malaria
i. Chagas Disease
j. Babesiosis
3. Pathogen Reduction
4. Leukocyte Reduction
- Background
- Methods
Competitive Assessments
- Abbott
- Beckman Coulter/Danaher
- Becton Dickinson
- Biokit
- BioMerieux
- Bio-Rad
- Diagast
- DiaSorin
- Fujirebio
- Gen-Probe
- Grifols
- Immucor
- Innogenetics
- Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
- Orchid CellMark
- Novartis Diagnostics
- Proteome Sciences
- Roche
- Siemens
- Tecan
List of Tables
Major Companies Developing or Marketing Blood Typing and Grouping Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing HLA Typing Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing AIDS Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing Hepatitis Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing CMV Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing Syphilis Tests

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