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  • Global Contract Logistics 2021

    ... contains comprehensive analysis of the current state of the contract logistics market, including market growth rates for 2021 through to 2025, analysis of warehousing trends and developments and comparative profiles of leading contract logistics providers. Read More

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Sustainability Report 2021

    ... future for logistics. The real impact of air, sea and roadfreight on sustainability targets. Environmental profiles for 10 leadingLSPs, including sustainability strategies& targets. Carbon intensity figures for key logisticsplayers. Analysis of the impact of Covid-19 ... Read More

  • Global Freight Forwarding 2020

    ... and beyond. As lockdowns are eased across Europe and the US, questions are being asked as to how the freight forwarding market is recovering from COVID-19, what challenges lay ahead and how it might transform ... Read More

  • Global e-commerce Logistics 2020

    ... mortar stores are instrumental challenges to the global e-commerce logistics market. Although the market is growing fast, consumer and retailer demands mean that logistics costs are growing just as quickly and LSPs margins are getting ... Read More

  • Total Logistics 2020

    ... than €2.6 trillion, nearly 45% of global logistics spend. Urbanisation is a disruptor to both the express and road freight sectors. US/China imports for air and sea have contracted for the first time since 2009. ... Read More

  • European Road Freight Transport 2019/2020 Update

    ... European Road FreightTransport 2019/2020 Update explores these changes,analysing the effects they are having upon the market whilstevaluating market growth and opportunities.The role of transport companies are changing – drivershortages, the digital logistics market landscape and ... Read More

  • Global Freight Forwarding Update 2019/2020

    ... Global Freight Forwarding landscape. The global freight forwarding industry is undergoing massive change – Ti recently reported that the global freight forwarding market contracted by 1.4% in H1 and is expected to contract by 1.3% ... Read More

  • Global Express and Small Parcels 2019

    ... chains. Assessment of cross-border e-commerce challenges and looks at the potential impacts of upcoming postal reform on express carriers, postal operators and customs authorities. Comparative review of major express players, including market activity by region. Read More

  • European Road Freight Transport 2019

    ... freight marketplaces. European Road Freight Transport 2019 examines: Market sizing: Data for the European domestic and international road freight market2018 market sizes 5-year CAGR growth rates 2018-2023 Analysis of driver shortages and vehicle utilization Changes ... Read More

  • Inventory Benchmarking Vertical Sector Trends.

    ... a by-industry vertical sector analysisof inventory management and benchmarkingdata for the high tech, automotive, retail,pharmaceutical, fashion and consumer goodsindustries Examines the supply chain and inventorymanagement strategies of selected blue chipcompanies with reference to these benchmarks ... Read More

  • Global Freight Forwarding 2019

    ... leadersneed to know where the market is headed, how their competitors arereacting, and the steps to take today so they’re in a position to wintomorrow. GFF19 examines key trends in forwarding that have and will ... Read More

  • Ti Future Mobility: Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Architecture

    ... Although it is not yet completely certain which type of technology will win the race to replace petrol or diesel engines, it is clear that electric vehicles will play an important, even defining, role in ... Read More

  • Global Express & Small Parcels 2018

    ... 8.6% in 2018, following on from just slightly higher levels of expansion in 2017. The development of the market is evenly split, with both domestic and international markets growing at about the same rate: 8.7% ... Read More

  • Global Contract Logistics 2018

    ... providers. The report takes a strategic and tactical look at the opportunities and threats changes such as deglobalisation (Brexit, NAFTA renegotiation) and technologies (AI, blockchain) and vertical sector dynamics present to manufacturers, retailers and LSPs Read More

  • Middle East Logistics Investment Opportunities 2018

    ... years of heavy investment by governments. Logistics provision can also be as advanced as anywhere in the world, in locations such as Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone. Oil & gas investment has also led to ... Read More

  • Automotive and Supply Chain Logistics 2018

    ... autonomous systems almost imminent, the impact on both supply chain management and logistics will be profound. However, there are many other significant issues affecting the industry, all of which are dealt with in Automotive Supply ... Read More

  • Logistics Surveys 2017

    ... Each survey reflects latest thinking in the market and the views of senior executives from within Ti’s Logistics Briefing network. Key Findings: Freight Forwarding - There is overwhelming feeling in the industry that conventional air ... Read More

  • Leading European Transport and Logistics Markets report

    ... top 26 European markets, featuring: Qualitative and quantitative summaries of the state of each country’s logistics market Measures of logistics performance and infrastructure quality Market sizing data Rankings of the largest logistics providers Infrastructure maps ... Read More

  • Leading European Transport and Logistics Markets report: Panalpina World Transport (PWTN)

    ... publicly traded company, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX). Its core products are air freight, ocean freight and value-added logistics, which it combines to provideglobally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. It also offers a specialised ... Read More

  • Cold Chain Logistics 2017

    ... refrigerated cargo, air cargo is more fragmented. There are numerous reports of cargo switching to ocean freight from air cargo, including certain pharmaceutical products, flowers and fruit. Big data and the Internet of Things could ... Read More

  • Trends in Logistics Technology 2017

    ... information systems to manage their operations, as well as how these solutions are evolving. We hope that by clarifying the context in which many of the established solutions have been used, we can help people ... Read More

  • Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016

    ... Throughout the logistics industry, economic pressures, the rise of the global middle class, the increasing importance of emerging markets as both manufacturing locations and end markets, as well as the growth of e-commerce, are fundamentally ... Read More

  • Global Contract Logistics Report 2016

    ... and service, each one of these value features has now become fundamental to competitive advantage in the modern supply chain and logistics industry. These factors now form a complex matrix of values which managers need ... Read More

  • Global Contract Logistics Report 2016 - Execuitve Edition

    ... price, availability and service, each one of these value features has now become fundamental to competitive advantage in the modern supply chain and logistics industry. These factors now form a complex matrix of values which ... Read More

  • Global CPG Logistics 2015

    ... emerging economies Logistics service provider profiles. What insights will you gain from Global CPG Logistics 2015? Identify the key market players- including overview of their supply chains and geographic operations coverage. Which LSPs service the ... Read More

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