European Road Freight Transport 2019/2020 Update

European Road Freight Transport 2019/2020 Update

As consumer and e-commerce behaviour changes, theEuropean Road Freight market is being forced to adapt totechnology and visibility demands, whilst battling with ongoingdriver shortages and EU policy. Ti’s European Road FreightTransport 2019/2020 Update explores these changes,analysing the effects they are having upon the market whilstevaluating market growth and opportunities.The role of transport companies are changing – drivershortages, the digital logistics market landscape and marketsizing are key to these changes. Ti’s up to date analysisprovides answers on these key topics.

What does the report contain?

Ti’s market map and analysis of the DigitalRoad Freight landscape, including extensiveinterviews with digital forwardersMarket sizing including H1 growth rates for2019, full year projections for 2019 and 5 yearahead forecasts

Detailed analysis of the present and future ofthe European road freight marketExamination of the driver shortage crisis,including the causes and what governmentsand trade unions are doing to resolve the crisis

1.0 European Road Freight Transport: Changing patterns of transport
1.1 Demand uncertainty in the European market
1.2 Visibility
1.3 Digitalisation
1.4 Flexibility
1.5 The changing role of road freight operators
2.0 Start-ups and disruptors in the European road freight market
2.1 Digital forwarders
2.1.1 Service differentiation among digital forwarders
2.2 SaaS
2.2.1 Freight exchange platforms Marketplaces Service differentiation among marketplaces Tender platforms Service differentiation among tender platforms
2.2.2 Visibility platforms and enablers Service differentiation among visibility platforms and enablers
2.2.3 Transport Management Systems
2.3 Common pain points digital start-ups seek to address
2.3.1 Costly manual processes
2.3.2 Lack of asset visibility
2.3.3 Inefficient routing
2.3.4 Underutilisation of assets
2.3.5 Price opacity
2.4 Future of digital Start-ups
2.4.1 Technology improvements
2.4.2 Traditional forwarders
2.4.3 Market consolidation and evolution
2.5 Digital start-ups in the European Road Freight Market
2.5.1 Digital forwarders: Company profiles Cargonexx Everoad InstaFreight Ontruck Quicargo Sennder Uber Freight
2.5.2 Captive Digital Forwarders: Company profiles Chronotruck Coyote Logistics Saloodo! Drive4Schenker Upply
2.5.3 Marketplaces: Company profiles Cargoclix LoadFox Teleroute TIMOCOM
2.5.4 Tender Platforms: Company profiles Tendereasy TNX Logistics Transporeon (Ticontract)
2.5.5 Visibility platforms and enablers: Company profiles FourKites project44 Shippeo Sixfold Veroo
3.0 Driver Shortages
3.1 Overview
3.2 Factors behind driver shortages
3.2.1 High Training Costs
3.2.2 Working conditions / Treatment of drivers
3.2.3 Wages
3.2.4 Aging drivers and lack of new younger drivers
3.2.5 Lack of females in the profession
3.3 Strategies to mitigate driver shortage
3.3.1 The use of apprenticeships and training schemes to attract young people
3.3.2 Seasonal Hiring
3.3.4 The use of technology
3.3.5 Institutions and governmental input
3.3.6 Attracting female truck drivers
3.3.7 Attracting foreign drivers
3.3.8 The use of financial incentives
3.4 Conclusion
4.0 Mid-Year Market sizing and forecasts 2019
4.1 European Road Freight Market Mid-Year
4.2 Domestic Road Freight Market Mid-Year
4.3 International Road Freight Market Mid-Year
Table of Figures
Figure 2.1 European Road Freight Digital Landscape
Figure 2.2 Top Six European Digital Forwarders by Funding Received (€m)
Figure 2.3 Freight Marketplace Process Summary
Figure 2.4 Tender Platform Process Summary
Figure 2.5 Visibility Platforms Process Summary
Figure 2.6 Transport Management System (TMS) Features Summary
Figure 2.7 Five common pain points digital start-ups seek to address
Figure 2.8 Uber Freight’s Lane Explorer Solution
Figure 2.9 Digital Entrants in the European Road Freight Digital Landscape
Figure 2.10 Major Non-captive Digital Forwarders Summary
Figure 2.11 Major Captive Digital Forwarders Summary
Figure 2.12 Major Freight Marketplaces Summary
Figure 2.13 Major Tender Platforms Summary
Figure 2.14 TNX Logistics Procurement Decision
Figure 2.15 Major Visibility Platforms and Enablers Summary
Figure 2.16 How Sixfold works
Figure 3.1 Truck Driver Shortage Across Europe
Figure 3.2 HGV Training Costs
Figure 3.3 Average Truck Driver Salaries in European Countries
Figure 3.4 Year-on-Year Labour Cost Changes in Transportation and Storage (Q2 2019)
Figure 3.5 Average Driver Ages
Figure 3.6 Driver Shortage Mitigation Strategies
Figure 3.7 Survey Answers - What plans do you have in place to retain drivers?
Figure 4.1 European Road Freight Transport Market Size & Growth
Figure 4.2 European Road Freight Transport: Domestic Market Size & Growth
Figure 4.3 European Road Freight Transport: International Market Size & Growth

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