Chinese Influence on Global Infrastructure

Chinese Influence on Global Infrastructure


This report outlines and analyzes all infrastructure projects around the world in which Chinese companies – including owners, financers, and contractors – are involved.


Throughout the 21st century, China has been a world leader in expanding its infrastructure base, creating the world’s largest high-speed rail (HSR) network with over 20,000km of track spread throughout the country, growing its national trunk highway system to over 100,000km and becoming the world’s largest energy producer. In recent years, the domestic construction sector has begun to cool off, and China has looked beyond its borders to export its excess contractor capacity and have a wider influence on infrastructure more globally.

The One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative epitomizes this philosophy, which seeks to improve infrastructure in emerging nations across Asia, the Middle East and Africa and Europe. The initiative aims to facilitate massive economic development through companies being able to transport goods more easily and cheaply between the provinces and countries along the route connecting China to Europe. The Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC) is currently tracking 111 large-scale OBOR infrastructure projects with a combined total value of US$688 billion.


All infrastructure projects in which Chinese companies have a role, inside and outside of China.

Details of each region's involvement of Chinese companies, and ranking of the leading Chinese contractors in each region.

Analysis of the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, and progress on projects encompassed by the initiative.

Listing of major projects taking place in each region with Chinese involvement and an update on their progress. Reasons To Buy

  • Assess the current state of Chinese involvement in global infrastructure construction.
  • Better understand projects currently under construction with Chinese involvement and those that are likely to begin construction in the near future.
  • Gain insight into which Chinese construction companies are most heavily involved in infrastructure construction outside it country borders.
Key Highlights

Currently Chinese contractors are involved in 1,034 projects in other countries, the majority being found in Emerging Asia, the Middle East and Africa. China appears to be particularly interested in large-scale mega projects. While projects with Chinese contractor involvement only make up 16% of the global total, the size of many of the infrastructure initiatives means this corresponds to 31% of the total global infrastructure project pipeline value, US$17.1 trillion as of 2017.

A recent Timetric survey on Globalization and Construction provides an outlook on trends relating to globalization in construction based on responses from construction companies operating in all major regions throughout the world. Respondents reported that China, with 31% of the vote, to be the greatest foreign threat to their construction businesses, with the US a close second at 25%.

Emerging Asia, due to its close proximity to China and high number of fast growing, developing nations receives the bulk of investment and involvement from Chinese companies. According to the IIC, Emerging Asia is home to 430 projects, valued at US$1.2 trillion, in which China is at least partially involved. Many of these projects are related to the OBOR initiative, with Pakistan in particular the site of 43 OBOR construction projects, as currently tracked by the IIC.

  • Executive Summary
  • Chinese Construction Influence around the Globe
    • In China
      • Table Top 10 Contractors in China (by no. of projects)
    • Rest of the World
      • Table Chinese Involvement by Region
      • China's One Belt, One Road Initiative
        • Table Top 10 OBOR Countries (by no. of projects)
        • Table Top 10 Chinese Contractors involved in OBOR
    • Timetric's Globalization and Construction Survey
  • Chinese Influence by Region
    • Emerging Asia
      • Table Emerging Asia Top Projects
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
      • Table Sub-Saharan Africa Top Projects
    • The Middle East and North Africa
      • Table The Middle East and North Africa Top Projects
    • Eastern Europe
      • Table Eastern Europe Top Projects
    • Developed Asia-Pacific
      • Table Developed Asia-Pacific Top Projects
    • Western Europe
      • Table Western Europe Top Projects
    • The Americas
      • Table The Americas Top Projects
  • Appendix
    • Definitions
      • Table Construction Market Definitions
      • Table Construction Stage Definitions
    • Methodology
    • Further Information
    • Disclaimer

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