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  • Portable Players in Romania

    ... increasingly less inclined to purchase portable media players. These products are considered as dated and most of the population has already replaced them with smartphones, which they use for tasks such as reading books, watching ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in India

    ... INR1,000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series late in 2016 and weak consumer sentiment on the back of low employment opportunities, income and price levels made its effect felt on laptop sales through 2017 and ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Venezuela

    ... players are in a declining product lifecycle phase and thus portable media players overall is expected to record a decline in volume terms. Euromonitor International's Portable Players in Venezuela report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Sweden

    ... design meant householders wanted speakers which fit well with the décor of their homes. This was particularly true in smaller homes, the number of which is rising, where less space typically results in consumer electronics ... Read More

  • Global Flexible Substrates Market 2018-2022

    ... for producing rollable, light-weight, and flexible electronic devices. Technavio’s analysts forecast the flexible substrates market to grow at a CAGR of 14.89% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report The report covers the present ... Read More

  • Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics in China

    ... of luxury portable consumer electronics is consistently faced with huge pressure from a series of more affordable high-end smartphones equipped with here-and-now technological elements in the high-tech age. On the other hand, the brand Vertu, ... Read More

  • Global Light Management System Market 2018-2022

    ... Technavio’s analysts forecast the global light management system market to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Sweden

    ... appearance is being reflected in the rising penetration of smartphones and the emergence of wearables. These devices are seen as an extension of one’s personal appearance, hence heightening the importance of product design. Indeed, this ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in Sweden

    ... decline for digital cameras over the forecast period. The challenges to digital cameras posed by smartphones may ultimately prove insurmountable. This was emphasised by the launch of the Huawei P20 Pro in 2018, with the ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in Taiwan

    ... Taiwan, its performance was bolstered by innovative launches and growing consumer appreciation for the features and benefits of smartwatches and activity watch (analogue) products. Activity watch (digital) volume sales declined as manufacturers increasingly replaced these ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Sweden

    ... manufacturer focus on new product development. Additionally, it has become apparent that consumers are willing to pay more for a computer which satisfies their demands in terms of design, with product width, weight and appearance ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Taiwan

    ... daily tasks. Manufacturers attempt to cater to both groups by dividing their portfolios between higher quality and aesthetically pleasing gaming models such as Asus Republic of Gamers, Acer Predator and Lenovo Legion, and mass brands ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Taiwan

    ... services. Whereas CDs take up space in the home, digital music files can be saved in cloud networks, meaning they need not take up storage space on smartphones or computers. Moreover, music in digital format ... Read More

  • Global Enterprise Networking Market 2018-2022

    ... connection between devices and computers is provided by the enterprise networking equipment. Technavio’s analysts forecast the Global Enterprise Networking Market to grow at a CAGR of 3.56% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in South Africa

    ... Consumers no longer find tablets capable of matching the productivity of traditional laptops, while smartphones are becoming vital for digital interaction. A growing trend is that consumers are opting to retain their tablets until the ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Australia

    ... improved features. Consumers became increasingly willing to replace their old digital media player docks and standard speakers with a wireless speaker. Consumers enjoy the portability factor that wireless speakers provide as they can be taken ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in the Czech Republic

    ... upgrades of wearable electronics drove growth. Most portable consumer electronics categories showed positive development, with the main volume growth from wearable electronics, notably activity wearables. Imaging devices followed a negative trend. Unfortunately, the decline in ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Brazil

    ... crisis. However, the aggressive rates observed over the review period slowed down and this is expected to continue into the forecast period as penetration rates include more new consumers. As seen in other portable players ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Spain

    ... ongoing volume decline. On the other hand, as consumers reduced the number of devices they purchased, they also shifted towards higher-priced products in their search for a better performance, thus enabling value sales to remain ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in Thailand

    ... leads to higher demand for customised computers that meet consumers’ requirements in terms of both specification and cost. Many consumers look for the specification that matches their budget, but most often the specification desired has ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in Indonesia

    ... to avoid tax and customs regulations. The Indonesian government became much stricter on goods being brought into the country via airports. People who brought in goods above the limit had to pay import tax and ... Read More

  • Portable Players in China

    ... launching the respective smart speakers of Google Home, Home Pod and Echo, domestic internet companies, including Alibaba Group Holding, Xiaomi Technology Co, and Baidu, produced their own-brand smart speakers. To gain share, leading brands ... Read More

  • Portable Players in Colombia

    ... with high sound quality and are available in a variety of modern and colourful designs manufactured to fit in any room at home with style and sizes depending on consumers’ needs; compatible with different operating ... Read More

  • Computers and Peripherals in the Philippines

    ... the development of local talent by overseas gaming companies looking to publish more titles and expand the number of developers. Because of this growth potential, manufacturers such as Acer and Asus will release more gaming ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in the United Arab Emirates

    ... across most of the categories compared to last year with wearable electronics, home video and mobile phones being amongst the notable exceptions. Overall value growth, on the other hand, was far better than it was ... Read More

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