PreK-12 Instructional Materials Industry Competitive Analysis, 2023

PreK-12 Instructional Materials Industry 2023

Publishers are making a variety of adjustments to what they need to do to be competitive and successful to deal with the major forces and changes confronting this section. These include responding to the lingering effects of pandemic induced lockdowns in the US, causing an ongoing need to address matters like learning loss, social emotional learning, more flexible learning and the rapid and growth in the use of digital tools and platforms

What this Report Covers

In addition to describing how companies are responding to trends and changes in the market, Simba’s PreK-12 Competitive Analysis 2023 report also looks at market and financial trends impacting the entire industry.

The Association of American Publishers’ (AAP’s) StatShot report for calendar year 2022 found that publishing industry sales overall were down 2.6%, totaling $28.1 billion. That was still 8.6% higher than the $25.87 billion recorded in 2019, and 8.7% higher than 2020 revenues of $25.86 billion. The K-12 Education portion of the business, which came in at $5.61 billion (or almost 20% of the total, making it the second biggest sector) was the only vertical that grew during the year. In fact, it showed a robust increase of 16.6%

Issues facing publishers include preparing for the loss of federal government ESSER funding; fewer mergers and acquisitions and a drop in private equity. The report also looks at how and where publishers are putting increased efforts and activity, such as producing more teaching material for ELA, STEM/STEAM and formative assessment products and tools.

Simba has also discovered past M&As in this sector and concludes that businesses that offered subject matter expertise, tech capabilities, assessment capabilities or family engagement and communication were those most sought after for acquisitions in 2023

The report includes are company profiles, and for publicly held companies, financial data for the following major players: Boxlight, Cambium Learning, Cengage, Discovery Education, Goodheart-Willcox, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Kahhot!, Mcgraw Hill, Pearson, PowerSchool, Renaissance, Savvas Learning, Scholastic and Stride

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  • Introduction and Methodology
    • Methodology
  • Operational Trends in 2022-2023
    • Trends and Challenges Face Educators and Vendors
      • Potential ESSER Funding Cliff Ahead
      • Difficult Issues Continue to Intensify
      • Technology: Adapting to the Post-Pandemic Marketplace
    • How Companies Have Responded to the Trends
      • Cambium Learning
      • Cengage
      • Discovery Education
      • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
      • Kahoot!
      • McGraw Hill
      • Pearson
      • PowerSchool
      • Renaissance Learning
      • Savvas Learning
      • Scholastic
      • Stride
  • PreK-12 Companies'' Financial Performance in 2022 and Early 2023
    • Table PreK-12 Performance Index Most Recently Reported Fiscal Years ($ in 000)
    • Growth Drivers to Watch
    • Goodheart Willcox Delays Reporting
    • Looking Ahead to 2023
      • Table PreK-12 Performance Index, Latest Partial Fiscal Year (% change)
    • PreK-12 Marketing Outperforms Publishing as a Whole
  • Stock Price Trends in 2022-2023
    • The Year 2023 So Far
      • Table Public Education Company Stock Index, January 2022-June 2023 (opening & closing prices and % change)
    • Robust Stock Issuance and Repurchase Activity
    • Trend Toward Private Ownership Continues
    • SPACs and IPOs Cool
  • M&A Activity In 2022 and 2023 Year to Date
    • M&A Activity in PreK-12 Education Steady in 2022
      • Table M&A Activity Involving Suppliers of PreK-12 Educational Solutions, 2022
    • Industry Trends Drive Acquisition Activity
    • First Half of 2023 Shows a Slowing of M&A Activity
      • Table M&A Activity Involving Suppliers of PreK-12 Educational Solutions, First Seven Months of Calendar Year 2023
  • Interest from Private Equity Slows
    • Table Selected Private Equity Investments in PreK-12 Education, 2022
    • More Slowing in 2023 To Date
      • Table Selected Private Equity Investments in PreK-12 Education, First Half of Calendar Year 2023
    • Private Equity Portfolios Maintain Education Holdings
      • Table Selected Private Equity Investors in PreK-12 Education, 2023
  • Company Profiles
    • Boxlight
    • Cambium Learning
    • Cengage
    • Discovery Education
    • Goodheart-Willcox
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Kahoot!
    • McGraw Hill
    • Pearson
    • PowerSchool
    • Renaissance Learning
    • Savvas Learning Company
    • Scholastic Corporation
    • Stride

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