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Simba Information was formed in 1989 and is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media industry.

Serving the information needs of both traditional and new media organizations, we provide key decision-makers at over 15,000 client companies across the globe with timely news, analysis, exclusive statistics, and proprietary industry forecasts. Simba's extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the media and information industry. Our tightly focused editorial and marketing teams meet these needs through the publication of newsletters, research reports, and industry events.
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257 Reports from Simba Information - Reports

  • Global Social Science and Humanities Publishing 2013-2014

    ...competitors’ performance through 2012. Simba has used the information it gathered through primary and secondary research to estimate company, market and individual delivery channel performance in 2012. Company performance is projected through 2013. Market and ... Read More

  • K-12 Enrollment by Subject/Course and Grade 2013-14 School Year

    ...exist on student enrollment by subject has been scattered and very difficult to locate.  All that changes with the publication of this EMR report, K-12 Enrollment by Subject/Course & Grade, 2013-14 School Year.  Using this ... Read More

  • The iPad and Its Owner: Trends and Statistics 2014 its own right. In the first edition of The iPad and Its Owner, less than 15% of U.S. adults owned an iPad. Today, even with all of the new and credible competition Apple’s tablet ... Read More

  • The Rise and Impact of Self-Publishing 2013-2014

    ...weeks (and counting, as of this writing) the erotic title, 50 Shades of Grey—and its two sequels— would dominate bestseller lists, smash industry records, and, most significantly, signify to the literary world that the long ... Read More

  • Children's Publishing Market Forecast 2014 just can’t get anywhere else, Simba answers the pressing questions pertaining to this segment: What percentage of adults buy children’s and YA books, and in what format are they buying them? How do e-book ... Read More

  • Market Opportunities for PreK Instructional Materials 2013-2014

    ...Start, stateand locally funded public PreK classrooms, and private childcare centers. It excludes kindergarten. Primary attention is paid to the core market of four-year-olds. F or this report, Simba partnered with MCH Strategic Data to ... Read More

  • EMR Subscription

    Read More

  • Global Scientific and Technical Publishing 2013-2014

    ...growth plan for this year and beyond. This report provides an overview and financial outlook for the global Scientific and Technical publishing market based on specific research and analysis of the leading competitors’ performance through ... Read More

  • Getting Ready for the Common Core 2013-2014 academically prepared for college and work has been a major focus of those states and K-12 instructional materials and services providers ever since. Implementation of new Common Core-aligned assessments is due to take place ... Read More

  • Global Medical Publishing 2013-2014 provides an overview and financial outlook for the global medical publishing market based on specific research and analysis of the leading competitors’ performance through 2012 with projections through 2016. Simba has used the information ... Read More

  • Global Tax, Accounting and Business Publishing 2013-2014

    ...than ever before. Global Tax, Accounting and Business Publishing 2013-2014 provides a comprehensive, analytical look at the overall landscape of the $7 billion global markets for tax, accounting and business information. This report helps publishers ... Read More

  • Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2013-2014

    ...that impact the types of instructional materials, tools and services most in demand in the school market. Industry participants can prepare for changes rendered by the Common Core State Standards to each segment of the ... Read More

  • The Amazon Kindle 2013

    ...has included a mid-year update to allow buyers to have the newest data pertaining to hardware usage trends. But as the market got bigger and the growth rates grew smaller, we realized that there were ... Read More

  • K12 Newsletter July 2013

    ...A monthly newsletter serving the business of print and digital publishing for the K-12 school market. Read More

  • Mathematics/STEM Market K-12: Teaching Methods, Traditional and Digital Materials Used and Needed, and Market Size

    ...Teachers (grades K-5/6), Math Teachers (grades 6-8 and 9-12), and Math Department Chairs (grades 6-8 and 9-12). This survey report examines educators’ habits and preferences with respect to core Mathematics programs, supplemental materials, and adoption ... Read More

  • K12 Market Forecast 2013

    ...A special market forecast edition of The Complete K-12 Newsletter , a monthly publication that offers commentary and analysis on the business of print and digital publishing for the K-12 school market. Read More

  • Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013

    ...retailers and other industry stakeholders have come to rely on year after year. As with past editions, Simba presents: Proprietary data on e-book and print book users; both of ‘users’ and of ‘buyers.’ Unlike other ... Read More

  • Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013 this report series is known for. Simba has upped the ante once again, and this year we present the fifth edition of our retail report series, Trends in Digital and Trade Book Retailing 2013 ... Read More

  • Trade E-Book Publishing 2013

    ...Through a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults administered multiple times per year, Simba establishes the history of e-books and e-readers and makes projections on the future of both. Trends on e-books read, bought and ... Read More

  • National Survey of Assessment Market: 2012-2013

    ...designed, and then mailed to 17,500 Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, Testing Directors, and Principals. The following is a summary of results. This report is a complete Assessment Market: 2012-13 report plus survey data: National Survey of ... Read More

  • PreK-12 Online Course Market Forecast 2013 delivered online. They can be used for full-time study in an online virtual school or one or two at a time to supplement traditional K-12 courses. With that understanding as a guide, Simba analyzes ... Read More

  • The Complete K-12 Report: Market Facts and Segment Analyses 2013, though, textbook sales in 2012-13 continued to have steady growth of around 2%.   The school market has evolved and expanded, while “traditional” information sources have not changed. Thus it is necessary to go ... Read More

  • The Shift to Digital: 2013

    ...of K-12 curriculum and instruction.  Typically, EMR’s findings have included many instances where the market appeared to be resisting change. Most recently, however, EMR has been detecting a significant market shift in the direction of ... Read More

  • Business Information Markets 2012-2013 trends that are constantly reshaping the dynamic market for creating and distributing content to business professionals. This report covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and ... Read More

  • Simba Information's 2012 National Textbook Adoption Scorecard and 2013 Outlook

    ...necessary intelligence for developers and marketers of instructional materials in a convenient single-source reference edition. This report offers the most comprehensive analysis available of the results of 2012 state textbook adoptions that are a key ... Read More

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