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The presence of the internet has had a tremendous affect on all aspects of a business including human resources. Until the technology age took full swing, job hunting required individuals to visit businesses to find available opportunities. Due to the technology available now, it’s possible to find out about new jobs and apply directly online without having to leave your own home. Access to this information has allowed businesses and individuals to expand their reach in the hopes of finding new employment opportunities.

Due to the technology advancements, the days of advertising in the newspapers and by word of mouth have expanded greatly. From the business perspective, companies want to advertise their job openings in the places that will get them the most qualified applicants. The internet has provided a resource that allows organizations to get their postings to a variety of resources at once. This allows businesses to reach a broader audience when it comes to finding individuals for specific jobs. As such, the age of the internet has improved overall online recruitment and job searching capabilities, especially for those that may be looking to relocate for the right position.

The reports available at can help you understand how the internet has changed the way individuals find and corporations hire. These reports can also help you find the most effective online resources for those looking for jobs and for companies looking to reach the right individuals.
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Internet Industry Research & Market Reports

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