Global and China Financial POS Terminal Industry Report,2015-2018

Global and China Financial POS Terminal Industry Report,2015-2018

POS terminals joined UnionPay cumulatively totaled 15.935 million units by the end of 2014, a year-on-year increase of 49.9%, of which 5.3029 million units were added in 2014, up 50.9% from the previous year. The number of POS terminals joined the UnionPay network grew above 40% every year during 2011-2014.

Despite rapid growth in POS terminals joined the UnionPay network in China, the POS terminal penetration among medium-sized, small and micro businesses is only 27%, far below 90%-100% in developed countries, indicating vast room for POS terminal to expand.

As of the end of 2014, each POS terminal corresponded to 310 bankcards in China, well above countries such as Italy, Brazil, Sweden, and the United States (40-60 bankcards for a POS terminal); POS terminal ownership per 1,000 people in China stood at 11.65 units, compared with 30-50 units in the United States, Australia, Brazil, and Turkey. Therefore, the POS terminal industry still enjoys a bright prospect for further development.

Seen from the means of communication between POS terminal and banks & UnionPay, mobile POS (wireless POS), without the limits of cable lines and space, finds shorter transaction time at a faster rate. As the POS acquiring business of the third-party payment companies becomes more regulated, grows bigger and develops more diversified profit models, mobile POS terminal hopefully penetrates into small and micro businesses, and express delivery, tobacco, taxi and public utility fields rapidly.

In point of application of technology, POS bankcard payment is combining with multiple means of mobile payment at a rapid rate. Main mobile payment technologies used in POS terminal field are NFC and 2D barcode (passive code scanning) payment. With introduction of relevant standards for offline mobile payment and establishment of related certification systems, offline mobile payment will become more regulated, and consumers will gradually form the habit of mobile payment, thus fuelling rapid growth in demand for POS terminals equipped with NFC module and 2D barcode scanning engine.

Regarding the combination of software and hardware, POS terminal becomes more and more integrated. In the future, POS terminal will be integrated with all sorts of software and hardware, with the former including cash-register system, ERP system, CRM system and member management system with the function of big data analysis to achieve the functions of financial statistics, commercial management and marketing services, and the latter consisting of NFC module, 2D barcode reading module, finger print identification module, sound wave identification module, and face identification module to satisfy customers’ needs for a variety of payment models. Multiple intelligent means of payment and big data analysis-based commercial management point-of-sale (CMPOS) will be the orientation of the industry’s development.

Global and China Financial POS Terminal Industry Report, 2015-2018 focuses on the followings:
Global financial POS machine market (including bankcard consumption, POS terminal shipments and competitive landscape in various regions, and bankcard consumption, POS terminal ownership and development trends in CPSS countries);
Chinese financial POS machine market (covering market overview, market size, competitive landscape, market segments, development trends, etc.);
China payment industry (comprising non-cash payment, bankcard payment, Internet payment, third-party payment, etc.);
Chinese financial POS terminal acquiring market (including status quo, market size, competitive landscape, etc.);
Operation of global and Chinese financial POS machine manufacturers (including revenue, net income, revenue structure, gross margin, R&D costs, financial POS terminal business, etc.).

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1 Overview of Financial POS Terminal Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Industry Chain and Value Chain
1.2.1 Industry Chain
1.2.2 Value Chain
1.3 Related Business and Charges
1.3.1 Payment Process
1.3.2 Related Business
1.3.3 Related Charges
2 Global Financial POS Terminal Market
2.1 Bankcard Consumption
2.1.1 Global Market
2.1.2 Regional Market
2.2 POS Terminal Shipments
2.2.1 Global Market
2.2.2 Competitive Landscape
2.2.3 POS Terminal Ownership
2.3 Development Trends
3 Chinese Financial POS Terminal Market
3.1 Overview
3.2 Market Size
3.2.1 Merchants Joining the UnionPay Network
3.2.2 POS Terminals Joined the UnionPay Network
3.2.3 Shipments
3.3 Competitive Landscape
3.4 Import & Export
3.4.1 Import
3.4.2 Export
3.5 Financial POS Terminal Market Segments
3.5.1 Overview
3.5.2 Fixed POS Terminal
3.5.3 Mobile POS Terminal
3.5.4 Mobile Card Reader
3.5.5 NFC-enabled POS Terminals
3.5.6 2D Code-enabled POS Terminal
3.5.7 CMPOS
3.6 Development Trends
4 China Payment Industry
4.1 Noncash Payment
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Market Size
4.2 Bankcard Payment
4.2.1 Bankcard Issuance
4.2.2 Financial IC Card
4.2.3 Bankcard Payment
4.3 Network Payment
4.3.1 Overview
4.3.2 Network Payment Provided by Banking Institutions
4.3.3 Network Payment Provided by Third-party Payment Institutions
5 Chinese Financial POS Terminal Acquiring Market
5.1 Overview and Related Policies
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Related Policies
5.2 Status Quo
5.3 Market Size and Competitive Landscape
5.3.1 Market Size
5.3.2 Competitive Landscape
5.4 Major Acquirers
5.4.1 China UnionPay
5.4.2 Third-party Acquirers
6 Major Financial POS Terminal Manufacturers Worldwide
6.1 Ingenico
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operating Performance
6.1.3 Revenue Structure
6.1.4 Gross Margin
6.1.5 R&D Costs
6.1.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
6.1.7 Business in China
6.1.8 Strategic Planning
6.2 VeriFone
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operating Performance
6.2.3 Revenue Structure
6.2.4 Gross Margin
6.2.5 R&D Costs
6.2.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
6.2.7 Development Strategy
6.3 Cybernet
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 POS Business
6.3.3 Main Markets
6.4 Bitel
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Main Products
6.5 First Data
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operating Performance
6.5.3 Revenue Structure
7 Major Financial POS Terminal Manufacturers in China
7.1 Fujian LANDI Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operating Performance
7.1.3 Main Products
7.1.4 Latest Developments
7.2 PAX Global Technology Limited
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operating Performance
7.2.3 Revenue Structure
7.2.4 Gross Margin
7.2.5 R&D Costs
7.2.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
7.2.7 Strategic Planning
7.3 Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd.
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operating Performance
7.3.3 Revenue Structure
7.3.4 Gross Margin
7.3.5 R&D Costs
7.3.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
7.3.7 Strategic Planning
7.4 Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operating Performance
7.4.3 Revenue Structure
7.4.4 Gross Margin
7.4.5 R&D Costs
7.4.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
7.4.7 Strategic Planning
7.5 SZZT Electronics Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operating Performance
7.5.3 Revenue Structure
7.5.4 Gross Margin
7.5.5 R&D Costs
7.5.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
7.5.7 Strategic Planning
7.6 New Pos Technology Limited
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operating Performance
7.7 Castles Technology Co., Ltd.
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operating Performance
7.7.3 Revenue Structure
7.7.4 Gross Margin
7.7.5 R&D Costs
7.7.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
7.7.7 Development Strategy
7.8 Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd.
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Operating Performance
7.8.3 Revenue Structure
7.8.4 Gross Margin
7.8.5 R&D Costs
7.8.6 Financial POS Terminal Business
8 Summary and Forecast
8.1 Global and China
8.1.1 Shipments
8.1.2 Market Share
8.2 Corporate Operation
8.2.1 Revenue
8.2.2 Net Income
8.2.3 Gross Margin
8.2.4 R&D Costs

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