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Global Polylactic Acid Market by Applications (Packaging, Agriculture, Automobile, Catering, Construction Materials, 3D Printing, Electronics, Textiles, Bio-Medicals) - Polylactic Acid Products, Biodegradable Polymers, PLA Compostable, Global Industry Siz

Global Polylactic Acid Market by Applications (Packaging, Agriculture, Automobile, Catering, Construction Materials, 3D Printing, Electronics, Textiles, Bio-Medicals) - Polylactic Acid Products, Biodegradable Polymers, PLA Compostable, Global Industry Size, Growth, Trends, Strategic Analysis and Forecast, 2014-2021

Most of the PLA is being used as packaging materials. Manufacturing of packaging materials such as carry bags and bottles consume nearly half of total PLA produced. Producers such as Carbion-PURAC, Natureworks, Tenjin and other companies have developed PLA which can withstand temperatures of 180°C and more. Increased heat resistance capacities of PLA make it suitable for Packaging and other application where higher temperature is required. This heat resistant bioplastic is ideal for catering business and serving of hot beverage. Catering industry consumes around one-fourth of the PLA produced. Lightweight PLA is preferred to make disposable tableware and other food packaging material. Bioplastics do not contain toxic compounds therefore Bioplastics are preferred in catering. Biodegradability of PLA driving its agricultural application, mulch film made from PLA is biodegradable which does not affect the fertility of soil. Technical applications include electronic appliances and automotive parts and PLA is used in manufacturing of technical materials. PLA is similar to plastics therefore many consumer goods can be made from PLA such as non-woven clothing materials, Diapers, Toys etc. Medical implants and 3D printing materials are also made from PLA.

PLA is relatively new and emerging market. Developed countries such as the US and Europe are the largest market for PLA; however, developing Asian nations such as China and Thailand are also becoming lucrative destinations for the PLA market. Raw material availability, infrastructure development, favorable government policies and awareness of environmental benefits of PLA are the major drivers for the PLA market in different geographies.

PLA has wide range of applications such as packaging, agriculture, catering, automobile, electronics, 3d printing, medical implants and construction materials. The market is growing at a CAGR of over 20% with construction material application growing at the fastest pace.

Companies profiled include

1. Natureworks Llc
3. Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
4. Futerro
5. Synbra
6. Teijin
7. Mitubishi holding corporation

This report covers

  • The market growth from the period 2014-2021 in different countries and regions including coverage of regulations
  • The CAGR upto 2021 of market segments by application and type
  • Market Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities, Regional and Global Demand to understand the fastest growing markets and the factors for growth.
  • Insights and Analysis of the market
  • The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years.
  • Profiling of both established as well as upcoming companies in the market.
  • Tables, graphs and figures to for a better visceral understanding of the market
Please note: The delivery time for the electronic version of this report is between 1-3 business days to allow the preparation of an updated version prior to dispatch.

PLA market is an emerging market which growing at CAGR of 20% from the year 2014 to 2021. Government policies and environmental concerns are key driver for the market. PLA products are marketed as eco-friendly products in various geographies. Availability of raw material in various geographies is a key factor for the production of PLA. Report focus on the raw material production and alternative uses of raw materials in different geographies. APAC is the preferred destination for the PLA manufacturing therefore companies are shifting their production facilities to APAC region.

1. Chap 1. Polylactic Acid Market Overview
1.1. What Is Polylactic Acid (PLA)?
1.2. Value Chain Analysis Of The PLA Market
1.2.1. Raw Material Producers
1.2.2. Raw Material Suppliers
1.2.3. Manufacturers
1.2.4. Distributors
1.2.5. Plastic Converters (Consumers)
1.3. Key Buying Criteria
Chap 2. Key Motivators Of PLA Market
2.1. Favorable Government Policies Are Driving The Market
2.2. Renewable Raw Materials And Availability Of Raw Materials
2.3. Rising Petroleum Prices Driving PLA Raw Materials
2.4. New Technology Enabled PLA Competes With Traditional Polymers
2.5. End Of Life Applications
2.5.1. Composting
2.5.2. Feedstock Recycling
2.5.3. Recycling
2.5.4. Near-Infrared (Nir)
2.5.5. Black Light Illumination
2.5.6. Incineration
2.5.7. Landfill
Chap 3. Key Factors Restricting The Growth Of PLA Market
3.1. Using Edible Raw Material Remains A Social Issue
3.2. PLA Is Only Compostable In Industrial Composting Facilities
3.2.1. Feedstock Being Used For Other Applications
3.3. Competitive Market
3.3.1. Big Companies Are Quitting PLA Market
Chap 4. Key Challenges For PLA Market
4.1. Low Awareness In Developing Countries
4.2. Difficult To Identify PLA Products In Waste Streams
4.3. Cost Reduction Of PLA Is A Big Challenge
4.4. Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of PLA Are A Challenge
4.5. Opportunity Of New Business Line For Existing Companies
Chap 5. Applications Of PLA
5.1. PLA Has Wide Range Of Applications
5.1.1. Packaging
5.1.2. Catering
5.1.3. Agriculture
5.1.4. Technical Materials
5.1.5. Consumer Goods
5.1.6. Construction Material
5.1.7. Others
Chap 6. Raw Material Analysis
6.1. Segmentation Based On Raw Materials
Chap 7. BioPLAstics: Sector Analysis
7.1.1. Bio-Pet
7.1.2. Bio-PE
7.1.3. Pha
7.1.4. Regenerated Cellulose
Chap 8. Market Share
8.1. Company Analysis
8.1.1. Natureworks Llc
8.1.2. Mitsubishi Chemicals
8.1.3. Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co. Ltd.
8.1.4. Futerro
8.1.5. Synbra
8.1.6. Teijin
Chap 9. Geography Analysis
9.1. Geography Analysis
9.2. North America
9.2.1. United States Of America
9.2.2. Raw Materials
9.2.3. Infrastructure Capabilities
9.2.4. Restraints Cost Structure And Competitive Environment Well established Resin Industry Is Driving PLA Challenge
9.3. Canada
9.3.1. Government Policies For Bioplastics
9.3.2. Agriculture
9.3.3. Restraints Established Market For Conventional Plastics Infrastructure Requirement Opportunities
9.4. Europe Government Policies Price Of Raw Material Is A Key Restraint For European Bioplastics
9.4.2. Challenges Alternative Raw Material Will Reduce The Cost Of Production
9.5. APAC
9.5.1. China Key Motivators Restraint Of PLA Market
9.5.2. India
9.5.3. Japan Electronics Key Restraints Of PLA Market
9.5.4. Korea Drivers Infrastructure Development
9.6. RoW
9.6.1. Brazil
Chap 10. Market Strategies
10.1. PLA Is Marketed As Eco-Friendly Product
10.2. Innovative New Products And Process Making PLA Even Better And Stronger
10.3. Asia Pacific: New Destination For Bioplastic Industry
10.4. Brazilian Sugarcane Is Attracting Bioplastic Companies
10.4.1. Large Consumer Group In Europe Driving Bioplastic Market
10.5. Companies Are Developing New Products By Collaborating On R&D
10.6. Joint Ventures And Collaborations Leading The Market
10.7. Product Launches
10.8. Strategic Recommendation
10.8.1. New Market Expansion
10.8.2. 3d Printing Market Is Emerging Market With Great Potential
Chap 11. Corporate Profiles
1. Natureworks Llc
3. Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
4. Futerro
5. Synbra
6. Teijin
7. Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Company Limited
8. Danimer Scientific
9. Musashino Chemical (China) Co., Ltd
10. Ningxia Hypow Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
11. Dow Chemicals
12. Thyssenkrupp
13. Solegear
14. Bioapply Polymer
15. Sulzer
16. Xiaogan Kaifeng Bioengineering Co
17. Finasucre
18. Yun Chi PLAstics Fabrication Co. Ltd
19. PLA Fibers
20. Braskem
21. CerePLAst
22. Fkur Kunststoff Gmbh
23. Green Dot Holdings Llc
24. Innovia Films
25. Biosphere PLAstic
26. Biobent Polymers
27. Showa Denko
List of Tables
Table 1 Btu Value Of Different Fuel
Table 2 PLA Market By Product
Table 3 PLA Packaging Market, By Geography
Table 4 Plastics Comparison Chart
Table 5 PLA Catering Market, By Geography
Table 6 PLA Agriculture Market, By Geography
Table 7 PLA Technical Material Market, By Geography
Table 8 PLA Consumer Goods Market, By Geography
Table 9 PLA Construction Material Market, By Geography
Table 10 Production Of Raw Materials
Table 11 Comparative Price Of Raw Material For 1kg PLA Production
Table 12 By Products And Food Waste Used For PLA Production
Table 13 Production Capacity Of Key Players
Table 14 Key Motivators And Restraint Of Different Geography
List of Figures
Figure 1 Value Chain Analysis
Figure 2 Sugarcane And Corn Production (In Million Tons)
Figure 3 Sugarcane Production — 2012
Figure 4 Corn Production — 2012
Figure 5 Cumulative Change In Price Of Corn, Sugar And Crude Oil
Figure 6 Key Motivator Of PLA Market
Figure 7 % Of Total Land Area As Agriculture Land
Figure 8 World Population
Figure 9 World Land Area For Different Application
Figure 10 Comparative Land Uses (Bn Ha)
Figure 11 Biofuel Production
Figure 12 Different BioPlastic Made From Renewable Feedstock (2012)
Figure 13 Growth Of PLA Applications
Figure 14 PLA Application — 2013
Figure 15 PLA Application — 2021
Figure 16 Global Packaging By Type — 2012
Figure 17 Plastic Production By Region
Figure 18 Global Packaging By Region
Figure 19 PLA Packaging
Figure 20 Bioplastic Production Capacity By Material Type
Figure 21 Market Share — 2013
Figure 22 PLA Market By Geography — 2013
Figure 23 PLA Market By Geography
Figure 24 Corn Production In USA In Million Tons
Figure 25 Corn And Wheat Production In Million Tons
Figure 26 Wheat Production In Million Tons
Figure 27 Global Packaging By Region
Figure 28 Food Per Capita Net Production Index By Region (Base 2004-2006)
Figure 29 Price Of Corn In China And USA ($USD) (Average Price)
Figure 30 Production In Million Ton

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