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Emerging Diagnostic Imaging Market – Devices (Nuclear Imaging Systems, 3D imaging, Tactile imaging, Tomography, Emerging Diagnostic Biomarkers, Wearable diagnostic devices), Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast, Growth, Strategies and Opport

Emerging Diagnostic Imaging Market – Devices (Nuclear Imaging Systems, 3D imaging, Tactile imaging, Tomography, Emerging Diagnostic Biomarkers, Wearable diagnostic devices), Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast, Growth, Strategies and Opportunities - 2014-2021

Diagnostic imaging market is a key segment in overall healthcare market. Diagnostic imaging provides imagery information about patient’s health and is used to diagnose, monitor and treat diseases. Hence it plays an important role in improving healthcare system globally. Presently, healthcare imaging market is based on conventional imaging technologies like X-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed tomography and ultrasound but the global market of diagnostic imaging is rapidly shifting towards the new emerging technologies such as handheld ultrasound, wearable diagnostic devices, 3D imaging, Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound and Capsule endoscopy. The market for healthcare imaging is growing due to driving forces such as the growing illness worldwide, decrease in physical activities, urbanization and increase in population. However some pull factors like high cost of diagnostic machines and limited reach of diagnostic facilities are hampering the growth of diagnostic imaging industry.

The market for emerging diagnostic is composed of segments based on applications such as advanced conventional technologies, nuclear medicine etc. The market of emerging diagnostic is primarily focused on North America, which contributed to biggest portion of market but it is expected that Asia-Pacific market will grow at a swiftly due to increase in population and improving healthcare facilities.

Companies profiled include

1. Lumenis Ltd.
2. Biolase
3. Photomedex
4. Iridex Corporation
5. Spectranetics Corporation
6. Ge Healthcare
7. Siemens Healthcare
8. Philips Healthcare
9. Abbott Laboratories
10. Agilent Technologies
11. Bio Rad Laboratories
12. Bracco Imaging
13. Cardinal Health
14. Covidien Plc

This report covers

  • The market growth from the period 2014-2021 in different countries and regions including coverage of regulations
  • The CAGR upto 2021 of market segments by application and type
  • Market Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities, Regional and Global Demand to understand the fastest growing markets and the factors for growth.
  • Insights and Analysis of the market
  • The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years.
  • Profiling of both established as well as upcoming companies in the market.
  • Tables, graphs and figures to for a better visceral understanding of the market
Please note: The delivery time for the electronic version of this report is between 1-3 business days to allow the preparation of an updated version prior to dispatch.

This report covers the market of emerging diagnostic imaging devices. Diagnostic technology is going beyond the traditional imaging technologies to give new dimensions of clarity to medical practitioners

The report covers the development and forecast of these technologies and gives an intensive study of their geographies and regulations.

Chap 1. Executive Summary
Chap 2. Key Findings
2.1. Finding 1: What is the need of hour for med imaging cos? – Patient care/Innovations/Cost/Novel Business Model?
2.2. Finding 2: How are regulations to affect the future market?
2.3. Finding 3: Brown Water Strategy – Understanding Regional Markets
Chap 3. SECTOR ANALYSIS: Medical Devices Market
3.1. Orientation to Diagnostic Imaging Systems
Chap 4. Regulatory Implications
4.1.1. Europe ROHS II
4.1.2. U.S. Class I devices Class II devices Class III devices
4.2. China
4.2.1. Japan
4.2.2. India
4.2.3. Indonesia
4.2.4. Korea
4.2.5. Malaysia
4.2.6. The Philippines
4.2.7. Singapore
4.2.8. Taiwan
4.2.9. Australia
4.2.10. Hong Kong
4.2.11. Vietnam
Chap 5. Market Determinants
5.1. Market Drivers
5.1.1. Aging population- A global issue to boost the need for diagnostics
5.1.2. Increase in lifestyle and chronic diseases
5.1.3. Other drivers include: Limitations and Restrictions Some other restrictive factors that are likely to impact the industry negatively are:
5.1.4. Opportunities
Chap 6. Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market
6.1. Magnetic Imaging Resonance (MRI) System
6.2. Rest of World
6.2.1. Market Dynamics
6.2.2. Competitive Intelligence & Key Strategies GE Healthcare Toshiba Siemens Hitachi Philips
6.2.3. Market Share of Key Companies, 2012
6.2.4. Market Trends and Determinants
6.2.5. Geographic Analysis Ultrasound Technologies Market
6.2.6. Market Trends and Determinants
6.2.7. Competitive Intelligence & Key Strategies
6.2.8. Geographic Analysis
6.2.9. Laser Imaging Market
6.2.10. Market Determinants
6.2.11. Competitive Intelligence and Key Strategies
6.2.12. Company Market Share, 2012
6.2.13. Geographic Analysis Interventional Radiology Market
6.2.14. Market Trends and Determinants
6.2.15. Competitive intelligence and Key strategies
6.2.16. Geographic Analysis X-ray
6.2.17. Market determinants
6.2.18. Competitive Intelligence & key Strategies
6.2.19. Market share of key players, 2012
6.2.20. Geographic Analysis Nuclear Medicine
6.2.21. Market determinants
6.2.22. Competitive Intelligence & Key Strategies
6.2.23. Market share of key players, 2012
6.2.24. Geographic Analysis
Chap 7. Geography Analysis
7.1. North America
7.1.1. U.S.
7.1.2. Canada Europe
7.1.3. Enabling people to live healthy and productive lives
7.1.4. Increasing the productivity and efficiency of healthcare systems
7.1.5. Contributing to economic growth Benefits of the EU regulatory system in access to novel technologies
7.2. Asia
7.2.1. Population Size
7.2.2. Economics
7.2.3. Aging Populations Asia's Growing Market for Cardiovascular Devices
7.2.5. Each country in Asia has different medical device regulations and classifications, usually based on the level of risk to the patient. Outsourcing Medical Devices to Asia: Trends and Tips
7.2.6. Conclusion
7.2.7. Increased Medical Device Regulations for Asia's New Tigers
7.2.8. China Understanding the China Medical Device Market China Regulatory Agency for Medical Devices Major healthcare issues for China to tackle include Healthcare Development in Rural and Urban Areas Greater Private-Sector Opportunities More Affordable Healthcare Tighter Medical Device Regulations The Battle Over China's Medical Device Market 2013
7.2.9. India
7.2.10. Japan
7.2.11. Korea
7.2.12. MALAYSIA The Medical Device Act The Medical Device Authority Act
7.2.13. INDONESIA Infrastructure growth4 Online registration system
7.2.14. THAILAND
7.2.15. VIETNAM
7.2.17. South Korea Rest of The World
7.2.18. Turkey
7.2.19. Iran
7.2.20. Brazil
Chap 8. Company profiles
Table List
TABLE 2 Global Medical Devices Market, 2012 through 2018, $Billion
TABLE 3 Diagnostic Imaging market by Products 2012 through 2018 $Millions
TABLE 4 No. of people with diabetes from 2010 to 2030
TABLE 5 Global MRI Market by geographies, 2012 through 2018, in millions
TABLE 6 Ultrasound Technologies Market by geographies, 2012 through 2018, in $millions
TABLE 7 Laser Imaging Market by geographies, 2012 through 2018, $millions
TABLE 8 Interventional Radiology Market, by geographies, 2012 through 2018, $millions
TABLE 9 TABLE8 X-Ray Market, by geography, 2012 through 2018, $millions
TABLE 10 Nuclear Medicine Market, by geography, 2012 through 2018, $millions
TABLE 11 Reimbursement policies laid out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the U.S.
TABLE 12 North America market for imaging devices, 2012 through 2018, $millions
TABLE 13 Europe imaging devices market, 2012 through 2018, $million
TABLE 14 ASIAN MARKET for imaging devices, 2012 through 2018, $million
TABLE 15 Market for South America, 2012 through 2018, USD Millions
TABLE 16 Market for Rest of World, 2012 through 2018, $Millions
Figures List
FIGURE 1 Health expenditure 2009 - 2011, total (% of GDP)
FIGURE 2 Percentage Share of regions in Medical device technology market, 2012
FIGURE 3 Global Percentage of population over 60 years of Age in 2013
FIGURE 4 Growth of diabetics across the world: Comparative prevalence (%) of Diabetes and IGT
FIGURE 5 Number of people with diabetes (millions)
FIGURE 6 Worldwide patients with chronic diseases, 2005–2030
FIGURE 7 Market Share of Key Companies, 2012
FIGURE 8 Top 10 countries with the highest share of 60+ populations, 2011
FIGURE 9 Top 10 countries with the expected highest share of 60+ populations, 2050
FIGURE 10 Company Market Share, 2012
FIGURE 11 Global Alzheimer prevalence, 2010-2050 (million)
FIGURE 12 Company Market Share, 2012
FIGURE 13 Global angioplasty procedures conducted, 2009-2012
FIGURE 14 Global stents in coronary procedures, 2009-2012
FIGURE 15 PACS Implementation Process
FIGURE 16 Global percentage of population, by age-group
FIGURE 17 Market share of key players, 2012
FIGURE 18 Cardiovascular mortality percentage, by country income level, 2011

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