HCL - Business Process Transformation through RPA and AI

HCL - Business Process Transformation through RPA and AI

Who Is This Vendor Assessment For?
NelsonHall's Business Process Transofrmation trhugh RPA & AI profiles of HCL is a comprehensive assessment of Wipro automation and AI -centric services offerings and capabilites in support of business process transfromation designed for:
- Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of exisitng suppliers to delivery process transformation and automation using RPA and/or AI technologies and identfying vendor suitability for RFPs seeking automation-led process transformation or business process services
- Vendor marketing, sales and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers
-Financial analystss and investors specializing in the support sservices sector

Key Findings & Highlights
HCL began its automics program in 2011, expanding this into RPA and AI in 2013. Since then HCL has developed enhanced tools for managing RPA and AI with its DRYiCE™ autonomics adn orchestration framework which covers automation of IT, infrasturcture, ADM as well as automation of business processes.

HCL's BPS leverages its RPA and AI capabilities in support of its industry-specific services which cover retail and investment banking, manufacturing, capital market, logistics, telecoms, real-estate, and healthcare. HCL's first RPA enegagment began in 2014, for a bank based in Europe.

While organizations are increasingly encouraging the involvement of their re-engineering roup in RPA & AI assessments and implementations, RPA is sometimes still implemented over unnecessary process steps and it can be easy to overlook the need to review and update process controls which may change as a result of process re-engineering and automation. Indeed there remains a danger that thesse three activities of process controls, process improvement and automation are treated by organizations as separate initatives with seperate teams, with the possibility that the risk compliance team, lacking involvemnt, might raise serious concerns over step elimination or the tactical RPA implementation.

In response, HCL has introduced its 3-Lever BPM Appraoch integrating these three activiites to develop a single &unified view of the to-be process and bringing togetherr the Office of Regualatory Compilance, Process Improvement team & Office of Automation within its 3-Lever BPM Approach to combine risk analysis, Lean studies, and automation using RPA and AI within a single framework. HCL perceives that the three studes have different goals but the steps to achiveing them are almost the same: process mapping

Scope of the Report
The report provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of HCL's offerings, capabilities, and market presence in support of busienss process transformation through the applicaton of RPA and AI technology including:
- Analysis of the comapny's offering and key service components for acieving business process transformation through the application of RPA and AI technology
- Analysis of the company's delivery organization for delivering business process transformation throguh the application of RPA and AI technology
- Analysis of the profile of the company's RPA and Ai-based services customer base, including the comapny's targeting strategy and examples of current contracts
- Revenue estiamates for the company's RPA and AI-centric services
- Identification of the comapny's strategy, empahsis and new developments in support of business process transformation through the application of RPA and AI technology
- Analysis of the company's strengths, weaknesses and outlook in achieving business process transformation through the application of RPA and AI technology

1. Background
2. Revenue Summary
3. Key Offerings
4. Delivery Capability and Partnerships
5. Target Markets
6. Strategy
7. Strengths & Challenges
7.1 Strengths
7.2 Challenges
8. Outlook

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