2022 Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends & Insights Report, 10th Edition

10th Edition Consumer Report, Supplements/OTC/Rx Consumer Trends and Insights

144 pages of current consumer insights with data and analysis, including charts, graphs, illustrations!
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1. Zion Market Research
2. Natural Marketing Institute’s 2021 Whole Living Database/Q.52
3. Natural Marketing Institute’s 2020 COVID Sustainability Impact Study, 4th wave-October 2021
4. Natural Marketing Institute’s 2020 Sustainability Consumer Trends Database*
5. Natural Marketing Institute’s 2020 health and Wellness Consumer Trends Database*
6. Natural Marketing Institute’s 2020 Supplements, OTC, Rx Database*
*NielsenIQ has partnered with Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) to provide in-depth insights into consumer purchasing as it relates to Whole Living, Health & Wellness, Supplements/Otc/Rx and Sustainability.

Company Mentions and Certification References:

1. Walmart
2. Target
3. Costco
4. Sam's Club
5. CVS
6. Walgreens
7. Amazon.com
8. Amazon Prime

  • Non-GMO Certified
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • United States Pharmacopeia
  • Fair Trade
  • B-Corp
  • Underwriters Laboratory
  • NSF
Some of the topics covered in the report:
  • Emerging trends and opportunities surrounding immunity and digestive health
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on condition management and supplement use
  • White space opportunities for supplements and condition management
  • Issues supplement users encounter when using supplements
  • Desire for personalized supplementation
  • Importance ratings of supplement attributes
  • Willingness to pay a premium for certain supplement attributes
  • Plus many others…
Introduction: 20+ Years of Supplements/OTC/Rx (SORD) Marketplace Insights
Natural Marketing Institute is pleased to present its 2022 Supplements/OTC/Rx (SORD) Consumer Trends Report. The Institute has been tracking supplement usage for the past 20+ years. It is our aim to provide you with the most recent and updated information on how consumers are thinking and behaving with regard to supplements, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications.
This comprehensive report also seeks to provide insights into how today’s consumer is confronting their own health and wellness. In addition, it uncovers the health challenges consumers encounter and how their behaviors and attitudes surrounding supplement usage have transformed, adjusted, and realigned over the past decade in response to the ever-changing and uncertain world.
This report provides perspective on the trends within the supplement industry from a consumer point of view and insights into what may lie ahead.

Database Overview
Other Natural Marketing Institute Databases Used
Definitions of Groups
Executive Summary
Trends & Opportunities
Health & Wellness Consumer Segments
Natural Marketing Institute's Consumer Segmentation Methodology
Segment Overview
Importance of Daily Supplementation
Supplement Use for Condition Management
Supplement Quality vs. Price
Ranked Importance of Supplement Attributes
Segment Composition of Supplement User Groups
Demographic Profile of Segments
Supplement Overview
Importance of Supplementation for Health
Growth of Supplement Users
Reasons for Increased Supplement Use
Reasons for Lapsed or Non-Use
Trended Use of Supplement Categories
Trended Size of Light, Medium, Heavy Users
Level of User Across Demographic Groups
Household Use of Supplements
Concerns When Using Supplements
Need State for Personalized Supplements
Trended Spending on Supplements
Use of Specific Supplements
Supplement Use as Dietary Assurance
Perceived Nutrient Deficiencies
Specific Supplement Use in Past 30 Days-Tier 1
Specific Supplement Use in Past 30 Days-Tier 2
Growth in Specific Supplement Use
Growth in Specific Supplement Use across Generations
Detailed Use of Vitamin D
Detailed Use of Vitamin C
Detailed Use of Fish Oil
The Herbal Landscape
Trended Herbal Supplement Use
Use of Supplement Categories by Herbal Users
Herbal Supplement Users' Orientation Toward Supplements
Supplement Attribute Importance Among Herbal Users
Perceived Effectiveness and Safety of Herbals
Use of Specific Herbal Supplements
Reasons for Use of Specific Herbals (1 of 2)
Reasons for Use of Specific Herbals (2 of 2)
Use of Algae and Seaweed
Managing Health Conditions
Belief in Supplements for Condition Management
Likelihood to Use Supplements for Condition Management-Tier 1
Likelihood to Use Supplements for Condition Management-Tier 2
Trended Likelihood to Use Supplements for Emotion-Related Issues
Growth in Likelihood to Use for Conditions
Condition Management
Growth in Conditions Managed
Effect of COVID-19 on Emotional Issues
Cross Management of Emotional Issues
Management of Inflammation
Blue Light Opportunity
Methods Used to Manage Conditions - Tier 1
Methods Used to Manage Conditions - Tier 2
Growth in Supplement Use to Manage Conditions
Ranked Order of Methods Used to Manage Conditions
Non-Use of a Management Method Across Conditions
Concern about Preventing Conditions
Prevention Concerns Plotted Against Likelihood to Use
Ratings of Supplement Effectiveness for Conditions
Prevention Concern Plotted Against Effectiveness
Market Opportunities Based on Concern and Effectiveness
Immune Protection
Growth in Management of Immune Issues
Likelihood to Use a Supplement to Manage Immunity
Change in Supplement Use Due to COVID-19
Change in Use of Immune Support Supplements
Specific Supplement Use Among Immune Managers
Condition Management Among Immune Managers
Ingredients Perceived as Effective for Immunity
Supplements Used for Immunity
Awareness & Use of Mushroom Supplements
The Microbiome and Whole Body Health
Management of Digestive Issues
Importance of Gut Health to Overall Health
Condition Management Among Digestive Managers
Condition Managers Managing Digestive Issues
Likelihood to Use Supplements for Digestive Issues
Method Used to Manage Digestive Issues
Change in Use of Digestive Support Issues
Trended Use of Specific Digestive Supplements
Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics
Reasons for Use of Specific Digestive Supplements
Use of Probiotics for "Other" Health Issues
Supplement Content, Formats & Sourcing
Preference for Nutrient Fortification from Foods
Preference for Supplements in Alternative Formats
Preferred Supplement Formats
Ranked Order of Preferred Formats Trended
Importance Ratings of Supplement Attributes
Growth in Importance of Supplement Attributes
Concern Over Bioavailability and Absorption
Importance of Supplement Ingredient Sourcing
Concern Over False Claims of Ingredients and Benefits
Importance of "Natural" Sourcing
Importance of Environmental Friendliness on Purchase
Willingness to Pay a Premium for Sustainable Attributes
Purchase Influencers, Brand Loyalty and Shopping Patterns
Recognition and Understanding of Certifications
Impact of Certifications on Likelihood to Purchase
Impact of Certifications on Likelihood to Purchase by Generations
Sources of Influence on Supplement Purchase
Sources of Influence on Supplement Purchase by Generations
Physician Involvement in Supplement Discussion
Desire for More Physician Involvement in Supplement Discussion
Influence of Social Media Sites on Supplement Purchase
Supplement Brand Loyalty vs. Price
Supplement Channel Shopping
Store Brand vs. National Brand Attitudes
Retail Store Shopping for Supplements
Use of OTC and Prescription Medications
Growth in Use of OTC medications for Specific Conditions
Trended Use of Sleeping Aids
Preference for a Supplement Instead of an OTC Medication
Growth in Use of Prescription Medications for Specific Conditions
Growth in Use of Prescription Medications for Emotional Issues
Preference for a Supplement Instead of an Rx Medication
Attitudes Toward Prescription Medications
Amount Spent on Prescription and OTC Medications

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