The Third Network, Carrier Ethernet, and Lifecycle Orchestration

The Third Network, Carrier Ethernet, and Lifecycle Orchestration

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is defining Lifecycle Service Orchestration with APIs for existing network, NFV and SDN implementations enabling Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Services, Worldwide, otherwise known as “The Third Network”.

It is a characterized as a union of CE 2.0 (discussed below) and the Internet as a whole, which represents Assured QoS and Security for the former, and On-demand and Ubiquitous Access for the latter. In other words, the concept seeks to provide the best of both words.

Our research indicates it will not just be the obvious infrastructure providers and service providers that will benefit. We also see ancillary areas such as Data Center Storage and Software Defined Security as direct beneficiaries. This is because the more robust 3rd Network will engender the need for more secure storage for content, commerce, and communications-enabled applications.

This report evaluates the role of Cloud Computing relative to the emerging 3rd Network, Carrier Ethernet, CE 2.0, and Lifecycle Orchestration. This report assesses the impact of these technologies and provides forecasts for ancillary areas not addressed anywhere else. The report also includes an overview of supporting signaling technologies including SS7 for TDM networks and SIP for IP networks.

Purchasers of this report will also receive the following data and forecasts:

Building Blocks of SDS for SDN Environment
Global Security Solution Market and Verticals 2016 – 2021
Global Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market and Segments 2016 – 2021
Software Defined Security (SDS) Solution Market by Verticals 2016 – 2021
Software Defined Security (SDS) Market by Modes of Solution 2016 – 2021
Software Defined Security (SDS) Market by Solution Type 2016 – 2021
Software Defined Security (SDS) Solution Market by Region
Global Data Center Storage Market by Network Technology 2016 – 2021
Data Center Storage Market by Types of Traditional Storage 2016 - 2021
Global Data Center Storage Market by Application 2016 – 2021
Data Center Storage Market by Region 2016 - 2021
Global Data Center Storage Market by Industry Vertical 2016 – 2021
Data Center Storage Service Market and Vertical Impact 2016 vs. 2021
Global Storage System Shipment Projections 2016 vs. 2021

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1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction
2.1 The Third Network
2.2 Carrier Ethernet And Ce 2.0
2.3 Life Cycle Orchestration (Lso)
2.4 Lso Engineering
3.0 The Third Network
3.1 First Network: Best Effort Internet
3.2 Second Network: Qos Driven Internet Protocol Networks
3.3 The Third Network: Merging Of 1st And 2nd Networks
3.3.1 Third Network Interconnect
3.3.2 Third Network Services
4.0 Carrier Ethernet
4.1 Carrier Ethernet And The Cloud
4.2 Carrier Ethernet, Sdn, And Nfv
4.3 Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Developments
5.0 Lifecycle Orchestration
6.0 Looking Ahead
6.1 Software Defined Cloud
6.2 Mobile Edge Computing (Mec)
6.3 Forecasting
7.0 Conclusions And Recommendations
8.0 Appendix: Understanding Ss7 And Sip
8.1 Understanding Signaling System Number Seven (Ss7) Protocol
8.1.1 Origins Of Ss7
8.1.2 What Is Signaling?
8.1.3 Ss7 Links
8.1.4 Ss7 Network Elements
8.1.5 Ss7 Call Set-up Via Isup
8.1.1 Ss7 Database Communications Via Tcap
8.1.2 Future Of Ss7
8.2 Understanding Session Initiation Protocol (Sip)
8.2.1 Sip Addressing
8.2.2 Sip And Email
8.2.3 Sip And Network Elements
8.2.4 Session Management With Sip
8.3 Ss7 Vs. Sip
Figure 1: The Third Network for Individuals
Figure 2: The Third Network for Businesses
Figure 3: The Third Network for Cloud Consumers
Figure 4: Lifecycle Orchestration
Figure 5: LSO Engineering Methodology
Figure 6: LSO Reference Architecture
Figure 7: Merging 1st and 2nd Networks
Figure 8: Carrier Ethernet and Cloud
Figure 9: XaaS and NFV Services in the Cloud
Figure 10: SDN and Virtualization Relationship
Figure 11: Software Defined Orchestration
Figure 12: MEC Market Drivers
Figure 13: Data Center Storage by Region 2016 - 2021
Figure 14: Software Defined Security by Region 2016 - 2021
Figure 15: In-band Signaling
Figure 16: SS7 Network Elements
Figure 17: SS7 A Links (to SSP)
Figure 18: SS7 A Links (to SCP)
Figure 19: SS7 B Links
Figure 20: SS7 C Links
Figure 21: SS7 D Links
Figure 22: SS7 E Links
Figure 23: SS7 F Links
Figure 24: Call Set-up via SS7 ISUP
Figure 25: Database Communications via SS7 TCAP
Figure 26: SIP compared to Email
Figure 27: SS7/PSTN vs. SIP/Internet
Figure 28: Addressing in SS7 vs. SIP

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