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Smart Buildings: The Lighting Controls Business 2015 to 2020

The Lighting Controls Business 2015 to 2020

This Report is the NEW 2015 Definitive Resource for Lighting Controls Market Research & Investment Analysis. It is our 2nd Report on the Subject.

Why do you Need this Report?

  • Understand why 2015 is the most exciting time for the lighting industry since the early twentieth century. Lighting is truly at an inflection point and the forthcoming shakeout over the next 5 years will determine the winners and losers in the game; as well as those who will be the lighting giants of the future.
  • Gain insightful information about this business for your strategic planning exercises. Understand how technology, and specifically LEDs, are influencing the future of lighting control and the effect it will have on your business and investments.
  • What is driving M&A and Investment in this business? Discover the valuations and exit multiples paid for lighting companies.
Lighting is undergoing a rapid transformation as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) become the number one source of light in buildings. This is the single most important driver for the growth of Bus-based lighting controls and their convergence with IT Networks and integration into the Building Internet of Things (BIoT).

The transition to LEDs for lighting has come at the same time as the development of the Internet of Things, referred to in this report as the Building Internet of Things (BIoT), which is about to disrupt the building automation systems (BAS) industry and opens up the possibility for lighting control to play a much more important role.

These together with wireless networking technology and the future development of Li-Fi will open up the latent demand in the retrofit market and the small building sector hitherto not economically viable.

2.Sizing the Building Lighting Controls Market 2015 and Forecast to 2020
2.1The Development of Lighting Controls Hardware & Software
2.2 Market Size by Type of Hardware
2.3 The Global Market Size and Forecast to 2020
2.4 The Global Market Size for Wireless Lighting Controls 2015 & Forecast to 2020
2.5 Market Size of Building Lighting Controls by Region in 2015 & Forecast to 2020
2.6 Market Size by Building Type
2.7 Market Size by Vertical Building Type
2.8 Market Size by Project Type 2015
3.LED Lighting and its Impact on the Lighting Controls Business 3.1 An Overview of the LED Lighting Market
3.2 Potential Impacts of LED Lighting for Commercial Buildings
3.3 Potential Impacts of LED Lighting for Industrial Buildings
3.4 The LED Lighting Market
3.5 LED Lighting Market Penetration Forecasts
3.6 Implications of Chinese LED Manufacturers Driving Down Prices & Going for Scale
4.Supply Side Structure & Distribution Channels 4.1 Supply Side Structure
4.2 Distribution Channels
5.Key Market Drivers & Barriers 5.1 Market Drivers
5.2 Market Barriers
5.3 Government and regulatory influences on the lighting market
6.Technology Developments & Future Trends 6.1 Future Trends
6.2 Wireless Controls
6.3 Developing demand from the large, latent retrofit market by using wireless lighting controls
6.4 Energy Harvesting for Wireless Controls
6.5 Open Systems for Wireless in Buildings
7.The Impact of IT Convergence & the Building Internet of Things (BIoT) 7.1 Lighting – A Future Stratagem for the Building Internet of Things
7.2 Will Lighting Controls Become the Platform for BAS Services?
8.Open Systems – Standards, Certification & Labelling 8.1 Open Systems
8.2 Standards, Certification & Labelling
9.The Competitive Landscape & Market Positioning 9.1 Competitive Landscape
9.2 Market Positioning of Some of the Major Players
9.3 Identifying & Measuring the Performance of Leading Suppliers
10.Redefining Business Models
11.M&A Performance / Valuation 2008 – 2015 & Forecast to 2020 11.1 M&A Performance 2008 – 2015
11.2 M&A Outlook to 2020
11.3 Valuation – Exit Multiples & Drivers
12.The Investment Market 12.1 Current State of the Investment Market
13.Potential Merger & Acquisition Targets
14.Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliance Plays an Important Role
A1 – The World’s Leading Lighting, Energy Management & Software Controls Companies
A2 – M&A and Investment in LED Companies in 2013 to 2015
A3 – Listing of Venture Capital Companies & Their Lighting Investments
List of Charts and Figures
Fig 2.1 – The UK Market For Lighting Controls (Installed Value) 2007 to 2020 (£m)
Fig 2.2 – The Global Market for Lighting Control Systems by Type 2013 to 2020 ($b)
Fig 2.3 – The Global Market for Lighting Controls Products 2013 to 2020 ($b)
Fig 2.4 – The Global Market for Wireless Lighting Controls 2013 to 2020 ($b)
Fig 2.5 – Lighting Controls Products by Region 2013 to 2020 ($m)
Fig 2.6 – Lighting Controls by Building Type 2015 & 2020
Fig 2.7 – Lighting Controls Products by Vertical Market 2015 & 2020 (%)
Fig 2.8 – Lighting Controls by Product Type 2015 & 2020 ($m)
Fig 3.2 – Global Lighting Market Penetration by Technology (% of Revenue)
Fig 3.3 – LED Lighting Market Penetration by Region (%)
Fig 4.1 – Distribution Channels for Lighting Controls 2015
Fig 9.2 – Performance of Established Players – New Ventures / Early Stages – Challengers – Leaders in the Smart Lighting Controls Business in 2015
Fig 11.1 – Lighting Industry M&A Deals 2008 to 2015
Fig 11.2 – Breakdown of M&A by Type of Lighting Business 2008 to 2015
Fig 11.3 – M&A Deals 2013 and Forecast to 2020
Fig 11.4 – M&A Valuation by Exit Revenue Multiple 2008 to 2015
Fig 12.1 – Private Equity & Venture Capital Investment 2008 to 2015
Fig 14.1 – Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance Activity 2008 to 2015
List of Tables
Table 5.1 – Incandescent Ban Timetables
Table 5.2 – Country Specific Legislation, Support and Development Programs
Table 8.1 – Protocols used by the Lighting Industry
Table 8.2 – Standards, Certification & Labeling Programs
Table 9.1 – Market Positioning of Some of the Major Players in Lighting & Control Systems
Table 11.1 – Major M&A Deals by Company 2008 to September 2015
Table 12.1 – Leading VC Investments and Investors
Table 13.2 – Potential Merger & Acquisition Targets
Table A1 – The World’s Leading Lighting, Energy Management & Software Controls Companies
Table A2 – M&A and Investment in LED Companies in 2013 to 2015
Table A3 – Listing of Venture Capital Companies & Their Lighting Investments

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