Product Consumption Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Product Consumption Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Denmark in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... on state resources, but the country’s relatively high birth rate means that the median age will not climb as quickly as the regional average, as the number of children increases overall. Urbanisation will continue to ... Read More

  • Social Media in Consumer Goods - Thematic Research

    ... the digital age will see a drop in customers and a missed opportunity for further profits. This report looks at how social media is affecting how consumer goods brands engage with consumers. It identifies the ... Read More

  • Tanzania Consumer & Retail Q4 2020

    ... Tanzania consumer spending outlook in the short-to-mediumterm (2020-2024). The spread of Covid-19 globally will have a negative impact on Tanzania's consumer spending in 2020, with realhousehold spending forecast to grow by just 1.0% y-o-y, compared ... Read More

  • Poland in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... 70+ age cohorts surge and younger groups decline, transforming the consumer landscape and placing more pressure on state resources. Urban population outside of the 10 major cities will continue to expand, despite depopulation. Euromonitor's Poland ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - Jordan

    ... Covid-19 cases. Consequently, we have cut our forecast for Jordan significantly, with GDP now seen declining 6.8% in 2020 compared with our previous forecast of a 3.9% fall. Consumption, investment and exports are all likely ... Read More

  • Netherlands in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... 70+ age cohorts surging, putting increased pressure on state resources. Longevity will climb further, but certain health challenges are on the rise such as obesity and cancer. The Netherlands will continue to be one of ... Read More

  • Next-Generation Shopping, 2020 Update - Creating Immersive Experience for Consumers

    ... superior and more unique fit for specific consumer segments. Retail has become increasingly digitized and integrated to create a more immersive experience for consumers. This trend captures the activities of bricks-and-mortar retailers, e-commerce, m-commerce, s-commerce, ... Read More

  • Algeria in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... be exacerbated by unhealthier modern lifestyles, while malnutrition will remain an issue in some areas. Urban population growth will remain vigorous, with urbanites accounting for nearly 80% of the population by 2040. Euromonitor's Algeria in ... Read More

  • Sensory and Indulgence, 2020 Update - Driving Demand for more Novel, Authentic and High Quality Consumption Experiences

    ... TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. It reflects consumers’ desire for increased experiential pleasure, intensity, and novelty from the products they consume. As consumers’ experiences have broadened, they have come to expect more from consumer ... Read More

  • Belarus in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... landscape and placing added pressure on state resources. Population in the 10 major cities will dive, yet the urban share will expand. Minsk will continue to dominate, as home to over a quarter of urban ... Read More

  • Wellness Redefined: Back to Basics and Reassessing Value

    ... of the disproportionate impact on different communities and economies becomes more apparent, brands are faced with the need for a huge value reset that fosters not only accessibility, but also inclusivity of wider consumer groups ... Read More

  • Asia Pacific in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... the region will continue to be relatively young globally. Despite rising longevity, life expectancy will remain comparatively low due to continuing poverty and lack of universal healthcare in some areas. Urbanisation will be rapid, putting ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan B2C E-Commerce and Payment Market 2020 & COVID-19's Impact

    ... and citizens were confined to home, they turned to online shopping, a practice that had been slowly gaining traction in the Central Asian nation. However, as the economic impact of the shutdown increased and unemployment ... Read More

  • Vietnam in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... the ageing trend, which will affect the consumer landscape somewhat as lifestyles change. Better lifestyles and advancements in healthcare will ensure that life expectancy remains relatively high. Swift urbanisation will put pressure on infrastructure, yet ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in Spain

    ... internal and foreign automotive markets showed only modest results. Based on data from the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks, automotive production in Spain remained at the same level as the previous year ... Read More

  • Wellness Redefined: Healthy Eating in a Post-Coronavirus World

    ... to play an even greater role in the pursuit of an optimal holistic state of wellbeing. The current climate has also reinforced a back-to-basics approach where affordability, safety and localism become more important than ever ... Read More

  • Bahamas Country Risk Report 2020

    Bahamas Country Risk Report 2020 We expect the Bahamas will fall into recession in 2020 after Hurricane Dorian caused significant destruction in September 2019. Read More

  • Aruba Country Risk Report 2020

    ... the next decade, after the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak fades, due to a steady increase intourism arrivals growth and the potential re-opening of Aruba's refinery, which will bolster fixed investment and potentially exports. Read More

  • Wider Opportunities for a Slide-Opening Carton - Packaging Seize+Adapt Concept

    ... format used in India by Intergrow Brands for its Sprig TE.A green tea, and to consider how it could potentially inspire cross-category innovation. Packaging innovation can be a tricky area to navigate, but by thinking ... Read More

  • Meal Occasions Out of Home - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Consumer Survey Insights - Recovery Survey Weeks 1-3

    ... relation to eating out of home and how brands can most effectively align with such concerns and remain positively engaged with consumers when re-opening on-premise stores. This report is part of the GlobalData COVID-19 Consumer ... Read More

  • Easy and Affordable - TrendSights Analysis 2020

    ... report focuses on how this trend is impacting and influencing consumer's purchasing decisions. The effects of COVID-19 will continue to impact consumer perceptions of value and convenience as the world recovers from the pandemic. Economic ... Read More

  • Middle East and Africa in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... Though the ageing trend hastens, the region will continue to be the youngest due to strong birth rates. Despite some improvements, issues such as poverty, and poor nutrition and healthcare persist, and life expectancy will ... Read More

  • Canada B2C E-Commerce and Payment Market 2020 & COVID-19's Impact

    ... in-store purchases due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the months of March and April, causing a collapse of total retail sales figures. At the same time, online sales in April surged to twice the level ... Read More

  • Adding Value to Indulgence Categories - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Study

    ... from the global coronavirus outbreak. It identifies key opportunities in premium products with added benefits to justify value. Products in indulgent categories are more under threat during COVID-19 due to economic uncertainty. Brands in indulgence ... Read More

  • Oman in 2040: The Future Demographic

    ... huge impact on the consumer landscape as older groups remain relatively small as a proportion of the total population. Longevity will remain elevated, but certain health issues will be aggravated by modern lifestyles. Urbanisation will ... Read More

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