Computed Tomography (CT) Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging of the body that uses tomography and digital geometry in order to generate a 3D image of the internal organs of a body. It uses a series of two-dimensional x-rays that are taken around a single axis of rotation and then is generated in order to form the 3D image. The evolution of CT scanners has progressed to the point where the number of slices per rotation no longer is the benchmark for performance. With the addition of high-speed, multi-slice CT scanners, healthcare providers are thinking differently about imaging, diagnosis and treatment of patients as new pathways for clinical applications in such areas as trauma, pediatric, vascular, and cardiac imaging have opened up due to the higher speeds as which scanning can be performed. The multi-slice feature has moved CT from simply a diagnostic tool to an interventional modality. Though the majority of CT scanners are still used as general systems, some are being customized for specific purposes such as cardiovascular studies or bone densitometry. CAD software has been instrumental in bringing new applications to CT, for example, bringing cancer detection to the table with CT. On average, the CT market has been a growth market in the last five years.
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Computed Tomography (CT) Industry Research & Market Reports

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