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Global Elevator and Escalator Market Report: 2015 Edition

Global Elevator and Escalator Market Report: 2015 Edition

Elevator is a type of vertical transport equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors or levels of a building, vessel or any other structure. The major product segments of elevators are gearless, geared hydraulic and machine-room-less elevators. Whereas an escalator is a moving staircase or a conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building.

The global elevator and escalator (E&E) market comprises three main segments: New equipment, Modernization and Maintenance. Globally, half of the people are migrating from rural areas to urban areas, with rapid urbanization in emerging nations like China, India, and Middle East the demand for new equipment will surge in the years to come. In mature markets like US and Europe, cities and buildings are growing older and hence needs to be upgraded or modernized. Modernization is in itself a complex process but ensures safety and accessibility. For smooth movement of people inside and between the buildings, the equipment is to be maintained on a regular basis. There lies a huge growth opportunity in the maintenance segment.

The key trends observed in the market include sustainable urbanization, elevator and escalator technologies transforming the buildings. But there are certain challenges too which include pricing pressures, safety and environmental issues and availability of skilled workforce. The market’s main growth drivers include accelerating urbanization, growing GDP, aging of installed base, demographic changes and growing green building market.

The report provides a comprehensive study of E&E market globally. The industry comprises few large players such as UTC-Otis, KONE, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp. All these companies have been profiled in the present report highlighting their key financials and business strategies for growth.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1. Elevators and Escalators: Overview
1.1 Elevator and Escalator (E&E) Industry
1.1.1 Life Cycle
1.1.2 Supply Chain
1.1.3 Value Chain
2. Market Analysis
2.1 Global Market
-Market Value
-Market Segmentation
2.1.1 Maintenance Market
-Market Value
-Installed Base
-Regional Breakdown
2.1.2 New Equipment Market
-Market Value
-New Units Installed
-Regional Breakdown
2.2 Regional Markets
2.2.1 China
-Total Installed Base
-New Units Installed
2.2.2 Asia-Pacific
-Total Installed Base
-New Units Installed
2.2.3 EMEA
-Total Installed Base
-New Units Installed
2.2.4 North America
-Total Installed Base
-New Units Installed
2.2.5 South America
-Total Installed Base
-New Units Installed
3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Accelerating Urbanization
3.1.2 Growth in GDP
3.1.3 Aging of Installed Base & Safety Requirements
3.1.4 Dynamic Demography
3.1.5 Growing Green Building Market
3.2 Key Trends
3.2.1 Sustainable Urbanization
3.2.2 Elevator Technologies Transforming Buildings
3.2.3 Efficient Escalator Technologies
3.3 Challenges
3.3.1 Pricing Pressures Remains
3.3.2 Availability of Skilled Workforce
3.3.3 Safety and Environmental Issues
4. Competitive Landscape
4.1 Global Market
4.1.1 Maintenance Market
4.2 China
5. Company Profiles
5.1 United Technologies Corporation
5.1.1 Business Overview
5.1.2 Financial Overview
5.1.3 Business Strategies
5.2 Kone Corporation
5.2.1 Business Overview
5.2.2 Financial Overview
5.2.3 Business Strategies
5.3 Schindler Holding Ltd
5.3.1 Business Overview
5.3.2 Financial Overview
5.3.3 Business Strategies
5.4 ThyssenKrupp AG
5.4.1 Business Overview
5.4.2 Financial Overview
5.4.3 Business Strategies
6. Market Outlook
6.1 Market Forecast
6.2 Forecast Methodology
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis
6.2.3 Regression Analysis
List of Charts
Life Cycle of the E&E Market Equipment
Supply Chain Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Global E&E Market by Value (2009-2014)
Global E&E Market Share by Segments by Value (2014)
Global E&E Market Segment Growth by Value (2013/2014)
Global E&E Market Revenue and Profit Split (2014)
Global Elevator and Escalator Market Split (2011-2014)
Global E&E Maintenance Market by Value (2009-2014)
Global E&E Installed Base (2009-2014)
Global E&E Installed Base Share by Regions (2014)
Global E&E New Equipment Market by Value (2009-2014)
Global E&E New Equipment Market (2009-2014)
Global E&E New Equipment Market Share by Regions (2014)
Number of Elevators per 1,000 People by Countries (2014)
Chinese E&E Installed Base (2000, 2009-2014E)
Chinese E&E New Equipment Market (2009-2014E)
Chinese E&E New Equipment Market - Segment Growth (2013/2014E)
E&E Installed Base in Asia-Pacific (2010-2014)
E&E New Equipment Market in Asia-Pacific (2010-2014)
E&E Installed Base in EMEA (2010-2014)
E&E New Equipment Market in EMEA (2010-2014)
E&E Installed Base in North America (2010-2014)
E&E New Equipment Market in North America (2010-2014)
US E&E New Equipment Market (2005-2013)
E&E Installed Base in South America (2010-2014)
E&E New Equipment Market in South America (2010-2014)
Global Urban Population (2009-2015E)
Global GDP - World & Regions (2009-2014)
Aging High-Rise Buildings by Regions
European E&E Over and Under 20 years of age
Number of Middle-Income People (2015E/2030E)
Global Aging Population Over 65 (2009-2014)
Green Building Activity by Firms Worldwide (2009–2015E)
Global E&E Market Value Share by Company (2014)
Global E&E Maintenance Market Share by Company (2014E)
Chinese E&E Market Share by Company by Volume (2014E)
Chinese E&E Maintenance Market by Company Type (2014E)
Chinese E&E New Equipment Market Share by Company (2014E)
UTC's Net Sales Share by Business Segments (2014)
UTC's Net Sales Share by Regions (2014)
UTC's Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
UTC - Otis Net Sales (2010-2014)
Kone's Sales Share by Business Segments (2014)
Kone's Sales Share by Regions (2014)
Kone's Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Schindler's Revenue Share by Regions (2014)
Schindler's Revenue and Net Profit (2010-2014)
ThyssenKrupp's Net Sales Share by Business Segments (2014)
ThyssenKrupp's Net Sales Share by Regions (2014)
ThyssenKrupp's Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Global E&E Market Value Forecast (2013-2018F)
List of Tables
E&E Maintenance Market Share of Top OEMs by Regions (2014)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2009–2014)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary
Regression Coefficients Output

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