Work Still Needed in Both ASR and All Devices Wireless Connectivity

Work Still Needed in Both ASR and All Devices Wireless Connectivity

Computing and communications devices of all kinds have become a large part of the fabric of daily lives throughout the world. Even in developing countries, revolutions, like the most recent expansion of mobile devices and connectivity, are changing the landscape of daily actions and interactivity. What’s needed now is much greater progress on two important fronts: ASR and wireless connectivity.

Automatic speech recognition is now built in to many devices but, to better serve humankind, the recognition of human speech by computational systems must now advance to help machines understand us better. Once such comprehension becomes a more felicitous part of machine learning, and our devices and machines better understand what we are saying, even in noisy environments, it will usher in a new age of computational intelligence.

Such advances in ASR would greatly add to our repertoire for interacting with the systems we use everyday in so many ways. Speech input is not always appropriate or required, but the systems now in place (e.g., Apple’s Siri, Google’s Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, et al.,) have serious limitations that need to be corrected. Such progress hasn’t happened, yet, because ASR is one of the hardest problems in machine intelligence.

ASR, however, is light years ahead of the quagmire everyone now encounters when trying to plug machines and devices into each other and into power and other necessary sources. Nothing fits and nothing connects unless the right connectors are up-to-date and in place. Manufacturers of devices and machines make sure that we can only do what we need to do with their products if we have EXACTLY the correct equipment to tie everything together and make sure it receives power. Cords and plugs don’t fit, nor do batteries, connectors and other equipment that we need in order to make use of powerful computers, communications, displays and other systems.

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