Magnetic Plastics Market  – Global Trends and Forecast to 2022

Magnetic Plastics Market  – Global Trends and Forecast to 2022

Global Magnetic Plastics Market – Trends & Forecasts up to 2022
Magnetic plastics are a type of plastic bonded magnets made from embedding the hard ferrite or rare earth magnets powder in a molded plastic. They come under non-metallic magnets and more likely to be bio-compatible due to which they can be used in biological systems. Magnetic plastics have their major applications in electronic media such as hard disk drives, speakers, packaging & labeling solutions, and healthcare devices such as pacemaker. The usage of magnetic plastics in electrical & electronics products is largely due to the cheap price and it is easily suitable for the size. The use of magnetic plastics reduces the cost of overall material and weight.
Globally, the demand for magnetic plastics is growing consistently, especially in Asia Pacific and North America markets. The growth is supported by increasing electronic media applications and healthcare industries in these regions, respectively. Currently, Asia Pacific is the global leader in the magnetic plastics market. China and India have built an advantage of covering most the manufacturing and consumption market, and thus providing the maximum contribution in the global magnetic plastics market. North America is the second major consumer of the global magnetic plastics market owing to the large healthcare industry. Europe and Middle East & African countries are expected to show high growth rate during the forecast period due to increasing acceptance and industrialization in respective regions.
Magnetic plastics based on ferrite magnetic powder have higher demand due to easy availability and low price. On the other hand, magnetic plastics based on neodymium–iron–boron (NdFeB) magnetic powder have a limited market share due to the high price of neodymium metal. Apart from these two, modern technologies are developing a new kind of magnetic plastics, which are completely made from an organic polymer with no metallic components. This will create an opportunity for novel applications ensuring improved stability and compatibility.
The study of the global magnetic plastics market provides the market size information and market trends along with the factors and parameters impacting it in both short and long term. The study ensures a 360° view, bringing out the complete key insights of the industry. These insights help the business decision makers to make better business plans and informed decisions for the future business. In addition, the study helps the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.
According to Infoholic Research, the global magnetic plastics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period 2016–2022 to reach around $39.32 billion by 2022. The electrical & electronics segment is expected to maintain the global dominance in applications segment, driven by China and India. In geographic terms, Asia Pacific is expected to retain its top position in the global magnetic plastics followed by North America. Some of the key players in magnetic plastics are Hitachi Metals, Daido Steel, Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation, etc.
Report Scope:
• Applications
o Electrical & Electronics
o Packaging & Labeling
o Healthcare Devices
o Others
• Materials
o Ferrite Bonded Magnetic Plastics
o NdFeB Bonded Magnetic Plastics
• Regions
o Asia Pacific
o North America
o Europe
o Rest of the World

• Industry outlook: market trends and drivers, restraints, and opportunities

1 Report Outline
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Report Scope
1.3 Market Definition
1.4 Research Methodology
1.4.1 Data Collation & In-House Estimation
1.4.2 Market Triangulation
1.4.3 Forecasting
1.5 Study Declarations
1.6 Report Assumptions
1.7 Stakeholders
2 Executive Summary
2.1 Asia Pacific Continues to Dominate the Magnetic Plastics Market
2.2 Electrical & Electronics Increasing its Lead with High Growth Coming from Developing Countries
3 Market Positioning
3.1 Total Addressable Market (TAM): Rare Earth Permanent Magnet
3.1.1 Market Overview
3.2 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM)
3.3 Related Markets
4 Market Outlook
4.1 Overview
4.2 Value Chain Analysis
4.3 PESTLE Analysis
4.4 Porter 5 (Five) Forces
4.5 Patent Analysis
5 Market Characteristics
5.1 Market Segmentation
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Increasing technological advancements across the application areas is driving the market demand for magnetic plastics Adaptability of the magnetic plastics in emerging economies and increasing demand from end-user industries are expanding the potential opportunities
5.2.2 Restraints Variations in the prices of raw materials can restrain its growth Changing geo-political structure and economic dynamic of various countries can affect the growth of polymer-based bonded magnets
5.2.3 Opportunities Innovations that are reducing the dependency on rare earth magnet materials Growth in electronics and introduction of novel application areas
5.2.4 DRO – Impact Analysis
6 Type: Market Size and Analysis
6.1 Overview
6.2 Ferrite Bonded Magnetic Plastics
6.3 NdFeB Bonded Magnetic Plastics
6.4 Vendor Profiles
6.4.1 Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
6.4.3 Arnold Magnetic Technologies
6.4.4 Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
6.4.5 ThyssenKrupp AG
(Overview, business units, geographic revenues, product profile, recent developments, business focus, SWOT analysis and business strategy have been covered for all vendors)
7 Application: Market Size and Analysis
7.1 Overview
7.2 Electrical & Electronics
7.3 Packaging & Labeling
7.4 Healthcare Devices
7.5 Customer Profile
7.5.1 Toshiba Corporation
7.5.2 TDK Corporation
7.5.3 3M Company
7.5.4 General Electric (GE)
7.5.5 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
(Overview, business units, geographic revenues, product profile, recent developments, business focus, SWOT analysis and business strategy have been covered for all customers)
8 Regions: Market Size and Analysis
8.1 Overview
8.1.1 Asia Pacific Market, By Countries
8.1.2 Asia Pacific Market, By Application
8.1.3 Asia Pacific Market, By Type
8.2 Europe
8.2.1 Europe Market, By Country
8.2.2 Europe Market, By Application
8.2.3 Europe Market, By Type
8.3 North America
8.3.1 North America Market, By Countries
8.3.2 North America Market, By Application
8.3.3 North America Market, By Type
8.4 Rest of the World
8.4.1 Rest of the World Market, By Application
8.4.2 Rest of the World Market, By Type
9 Companies to Watch for
9.1 Perfect Polymers FZ-LLC
9.2 veekim
9.2.1 Overview
9.2.2 Creation of New Product for Magnetic Plastics
10 Competitive Landscape
10.1 Competitor Comparison Analysis
10.2 Market Landscape
10.2.1 Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
10.2.2 Expansion
10.2.3 Awards & Recognition
10.2.4 Exhibition & Product Launch
10.2.5 Divestment & Divestiture
10.2.6 Restructure & Repositioning
11 Expert’s Views

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