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Immunoassay Markets Strategies And Trends. Forecasts by Instrument Type and by Application and by Country. With Multiplex and Point of Care Market Analysis, Executive Guides and including Customized Forecasting and Analysis. 2019 to 2023

Immunoassay Markets Strategies And Trends. Forecasts by Instrument Type and by Application and by Country. With Multiplex and Point of Care Market Analysis, Executive Guides and including Customized Forecasting and Analysis. 2019 to 2023

The workhorse of the diagnostic industry is finding new legs. Advances in genetic knowledge are creating new markets for immunoassay. Rapid diagnostics, point of care, biomarkers and consumer markets are all areas of expansion while traditional immunoassay maintains a strong position in the growing market for clinical diagnostics. We profile 44 companies, large and small, working in this area.

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1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 Immunoassay Markets Definition In This Report
1.1.1 Enzyme Based
1.1.2 Immunofluorescence
1.1.3 Chemiluminescence
1.1.4 DNA/NAT
1.1.5 RIA & Other
1.1.6 Reagents/Kits, Analyzers, Software & Services
1.1.7 Infectious Disease
1.1.8 Auto Immune
1.1.9 Endocrinology
1.1.10 Oncology
1.1.11 Cardiology
1.1.12 Other Specialty
1.2 Market Definition
1.2.1 Market Sizes
1.2.2 Currency
1.2.3 Years
1.3 Methodology
1.3.1 Authors
1.3.2 Sources
1.4 U.S. Medical Market and Clinical Laboratory Testing - Perspective
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 5
1.4.1 U.S. Medicare Expenditures for Clinical Testing
2. Industry Overview
2.1 Industry Participants
2.1.1 IVD Supplier
2.1.2 Independent lab specialized/esoteric
2.1.3 Independent lab national/regional
2.1.4 Independent lab analytical
2.1.5 Public National/regional lab
2.1.6 Hospital lab
2.1.7 Physician lab
2.1.8 Audit body
2.2 The Clinical Laboratory Market Segments
2.2.1 Traditional Market Segmentation
2.2.2 Laboratory Focus and Segmentation
2.2.3 Hospital Testing Share
2.2.4 Economies of Scale Hospital vs. Central Lab
2.2.5 Physician Office Lab’s
2.2.6 Physician’s and POCT
2.3 Immunoassay –Markets and Discussion
2.3.1 Instruments – Genetics changes the picture RIA – A Technology Shows its Age Immunoassay vs. PCR vs. Sequencing – A See Saw Battle The Smart Shrinking Instrument – Serious Implications Research Funding and Capital Expense – Instrument Pooling Multiplex vs. POC – A Tradeoff Analysis
2.3.2 Reagents and Kits – Genetics changes the picture Bigger Test Menus a Boon for Kit Market
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 6
2.3.3 Physician Office Labs – A New Frontier
2.3.4 Rapid and POCT to Threaten Instrument Markets
2.3.5 OTC and DTC – Huge Market Potential
2.3.6 Economies of Scale. Going Away?
2.3.7 Lower Barriers to Entry for Instruments/Analyzers
2.3.8 Miniturization and Technology Drive Acquisition
2.4 Profiles of Key Companies
2.4.1 Abbott Diagnostics
2.4.2 Abcam
2.4.3 Arlington Scientific
2.4.4 Awareness Technology
2.4.5 Beckman Coulter, Inc
2.4.7 Becton Dickinson
2.4.7 BioCartis
2.4.8 bioMerieux
2.4.9 Bioneer
2.4.10 Bio-Rad Laboratories
2.4.11 Biotek
2.4.12 Boditech Med, Inc
2.4.13 Boster Biological Technology
2.4.14 Diamedix (Erba Diagnostics)
2.4.15 Diasorin S.p.A.
2.4.16 Dynex Technologies
2.4.17 Fujirebio
2.4.18 Gold Standard Diagnostics
2.4.21 Grifols
2.4.22 Hycor Biomedical
2.4.23 Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDS)
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 7
2.4.24 Immunodiagnostik AG
2.4.25 Inova Diagnostics
2.4.26 JR Biomedical
2.4.27 Luminex Corp
2.4.28 Meso Scale Discovery
2.4.29 Molecular Devices
2.4.30 MP Biomedical
2.4.31 MyCartis
2.4.32 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
2.4.33 PerkinElmer
2.4.34 Qiagen
2.4.35 Randox Toxicology
2.4.36 R&D Systems
2.4.37 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
2.4.38 Serametrix
2.4.39 Siemens Healthineers
2.4.40 Sigma Aldrich (now Millipore Sigma)
2.4.41 Tecan
2.4.42 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
2.4.43 TOSOH Bioscience
2.4.44 Wako Diagnostics
3. Market Trends
3.1 Factors Driving Growth
3.1.1 Diagnostic Factors
3.1.2 Changing Technologies Spur Early Instrument Retirement.
3.1.3 Consumer Channels Open Wider.
3.1.4 Immunity Technology Comes of Age
3.2 Factors Limiting Growth
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 8
3.2.1 Increased Competition Lowers Price
3.2.2 Threat from PCR Based Instruments.
3.2.3 Lower Barriers to Entry.
3.2.4 Wellness has a downside
3.3 Immunoassay Instrumentation
3.3.1 Instrumentation Tenacity
3.3.2 Declining Cost of Instruments Changes Industry Structure.
3.3.4 Immunoassay – CRISPR Diagnostics.
4. Immunoassay Recent Developments
4.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
4.1.1 Importance of These Developments
4.1.2 How to Use This Section
4.2 Russian Researchers Develop Rapid Test for Heart Attack
4.3 Quidel Full-Year 2017 Revenues Spike on Triage Acquisition
4.4 Bruker Announces Acquisition of Field-Portable Platform
4.5 Beckman Coulter Goes to Court to Sell its BNP Assay
4.6 DiaSorin to buy Siemens' ELISA Immunodiagnostics Business
4.8 Erba Dx Acquires Calbiotech
4.9 Quidel Closes $14M Acquisition of POC Eye Health Businesses
4.10 Precision for Medicine Buys Immune Monitoring Lab Epiontis
4.11 Immunalysis Receives FDA Clearance for SEFRIA™ Fentanyl Urine Drug Screening Test .. 119
4.12 Zimmer buys CD Diagnostics to gain musculoskeletal Dx
4.14 Abcam, Molecular Devices join forces to develop immunoassays
4.15 Qiagen inks $191M deal to buy infection test panel firm STAT-Dx
4.16 Roche pens septic shock diagnostic pact
4.17 Mologic grabs CE mark for POC vaginosis test
4.18 Over-the-counter HIV test earns CE mark
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 9
4.19 Beckman Coulter receives clearance for AMH Immunoassay
4.20 Abbott receives clearance for Next-gen Diagnostic Systems
4.22 Beckman Coulter - Enhancements of Access 2 IA System
4.23 New handheld spectral analyzer uses power of smartphone to detect disease
4.24 Quanterix to Launch High-Sensitivity Benchtop Multiplex Instrument
5. The Global Market
5.1 Global Market by Country
6. Global Market by Application
6.1 Global Market by Application
6.2 Endocrinology Applications
6.3 Immune Applications
6.4 Oncology Applications
6.5 Infectious Disease Applications
6.5 Cardiology Applications
6.6 Other Applications
7. Immunoassay by Technology
7.1 Global Market by Technology
7.2 Enzyme
7.3 Flourescence
7.4 Chemiluminesence
7.5 Nucleic Acid
7.6 Rapid/POC
7.7 Radioimmunoassay and Other
8. Vision of the Future of Immunoassay
I. United States Medicare System: January 2018 laboratory Fees Schedule – National Limit and
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 10
Table of Tables
Table 2 Market Players by Type
Table 3 Clinical Laboratory Departments and Segments
Table 4 Laboratory Management Focus – Different Approaches
Table 5 Key Segmentation Variables Going Forward
Table 6 The Different Markets for Immunoassay
Table 7 The Factors Driving Growth
Table 8 Factors Limiting Growth
Table 9 - Listing of Current Instrument Specifications
Table 10 The Global Immunoassay Market by Country
Table 11 Global Market by Application
Table 12 Endocrinology Immunoassay by Country
Table 13 Immune Immunoassay by Country
Table 14 Oncology Immunoassay by Country
Table 15 Infectious Disease Immunoassay by Country
Table 16 Cardiology Immunoassay by Country
Table 17 Other Immunoassay by Country
Table 18 Global Market by Technology
Table 19 Enzyme Immunoassay by Country
Table 20 Flourescence by Country
Table 21 Chemiluminesence by Country
Table 22 Nucleic Acid by Country
Table 23 Rapid/POC by Country
Table 24 RIA and Other by Country
Immunoassay Markets 2019 to 2023 Page | 11
Table 25 2018 Clinical Lab Fee Schedule
Table of Figures
Figure 2 Immunoassay - Key Countries
Figure 3 Chart of Growth by Application
Figure 4 Chart – Endocrinology Immunoassay by Country
Figure 5 Chart - Immune Immunoassay by Country
Figure 6 Chart - Oncology Immunoassay by Country
Figure 7 Chart - Infectious Disease Immunoassay by Country
Figure 8 Chart - Cardiology Immunoassay by Country
Figure 9 Chart - Other Immunoassay by Country
Figure 10 Chart of Growth by Technology
Figure 11 Chart - Technology Change in Planning Period
Figure 12 Chart - Enzyme by Country
Figure 13 Chart - Flourescence by Country
Figure 14 Chart - Chemiluminesence by Country
Figure 15 Chart - Nucleic Acid by Country
Figure 16 Chart – Rapid/POC by Country
Figure 17 Chart – RIA and Other by Country

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