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Diagnostics are leading the charge in reducing the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance. New diagnostic technologies, beyond gene sequencing, are under development to capture this growing market. We have looked at the technology picture, giving you plain language understanding of the different ways pathogens, and infections, can be diagnosed. We have identified the 6 Key Large Pathogen Opportunities in this space and developed market forecasts. We profile 20 companies, large and small, working in this area.

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1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 The Growing Threat and Opportunity of Antimicrobial Resistance
1.2 Defining the Opportunity
1.2.1 Revenue Market Size
1.3 Methods and Sources
1.3.1 Authors
1.3.2 Sources
1.4 U.S. Antibiotic Markets - Perspective
1.4.1 U.S. Outpatient Use of Antibiotics
1.4.2 U.S. Pharmaceutical Spending
2. Overview of a Dynamic Market
2.1 Market Players – Roles & Impacts
2.1.1 Drug manufacturers - Larger/pharmaceutical
2.1.2 Drug manufacturers - Generic
2.1.3 Contract Research and Manufacturing
2.1.4 In Vitro Diagnostics Industry
2.1.5 Drug Marketing Companies
2.1.6 Biotechnology Companies
2.1.7 Regulatory Bodies
2.2 Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance
2.2.1 What is Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
2.2.2 Bacteria and Other Microbes
2.2.3 The History of Antibiotics
2.2.4 The Role of Animal Husbandry
2.2.5 The Implications of Horizontal Transfer
2.2.6 The Threat of AMR
2.3 The Changing Road to New Antibiotics & Technologies
2.4 The Key Role of Diagnostics in AMR
3. The Market Opportunity of AMR
3.1 The Key Large Market Opportunities in AMR
3.1.1 Streptococcus Pneumoniae (DRSP)
3.1.2 Campylobacter (DRC)
3.1.3 Clostridium Difficile (CD)
3.1.4 Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
3.1.5 Neisseria gonorrhoeae (DRNG)
3.1.6 Salmonella (DRNTS)
3.2 Diagnostic Technology Development Opportunities
3.2.1 What’s Wrong with Microbiology
3.2.2 The Features Battleground of Infectious Disease Diagnostics
3.2.3 Multiplex vs. POC/Rapid
3.2.4 The Miracle of Genetics
3.2.5 From Multiple Pathogens to All Pathogens – The Next Next Generation
3.2.6 Gene Sequence Diagnostics WITHOUT the Sequencing.
3.2.7 Markers of Resistance.
3.2.8 What Happens to the Microbiology Lab?
3.4. Antibiotic Resistance Recent Developments
3.4.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
3.4.2 Importance of These Developments 3.4.3 How to Use This Section
3.4.4 Quick identification of multidrug-resistant pathogens
3.4.5 Metagenomics Enables Researchers to Uncover Drug Resistance Genes
3.4.6 Rapid detection of multi-drug-resistant bacteria
3.4.7 Improved Diagnostics Fail to Halt the Rise of Tuberculosis
3.4.8 High Throughput Manufacturing Lines to Answer Growing Needs for Diagnosis Cartridges
3.4.9 New solution for diagnosing antibiotic-resistant bacteria
3.4.10 MALDI-TOF – Results in Minutes not Days.
3.4.11 CRISPR Tool Used to Uncover Infections
3.4.12 Automated Blood Tests Startup MeMed Raises Funds, Wins Grant
3.4.13 BD, Check-Points Receive CE Mark for Resistant Organism Screening Test
3.4.14 LiDia® BSI Detects Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance
3.4.15 New tool can Track Resistant Malaria
3.4.16 Rapid Test Developed to Measure Antibiotic Resistance in Patients with UTIs
3.4.17 Longitude Funds for POC Tests
3.4.18 New test can identify dangerous bacteria with resistance to last-resort antibiotic
3.4.19 bioMérieux receives FDA clearance for expanded pathogen identification capability
3.4.20 OpGen Inks Deal to Use Thermo Fisher PCR Tech in Acuitas Gene Panel Tests
3.4.21 Hospital Plumbing Harbors Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
3.4.22 Acquisition Strategy Fills Out Roche's Diagnostic Pipeline
3.4.23 Curetis Gets Singapore Approval for Pneumonia Test
3.4.24 PlexBio, Denka to Codevelop Sepsis, Multidrug Resistance MDx
3.4.25 Curetis, MGI Collaborate to Combine Sample Prep, NGS Technologies
3.4.26 Fusion Genomics Developing All Pathogens Diagnostic.
4. Key Biotechnology Companies and Their Technology
4.1 Diagnostics
4.1.1 1928 Diagnostics 4.1.2 Sense Biodetection.
4.1.3 Fusion Genomics.
4.1.4 Day Zero Diagnostics.
4.1.5 Inflammatix
4.1.6 Hutman Diagnostics
4.1.8 bioMérieux Diagnostics
4.1.9 Curetis N.V. / Curetis GmbH
4.1.10 Great Basin Corporation
4.1.11 Becton, Dickinson and Company
4.1.12 Roche Diagnostics
4.1.13 Cepheid (now Danaher)
4.1.14 Atlas Genetics
4.1.14 Accelerate Diagnostics
4.1.15 Seimens
4.1.16 Abbott Diagnostics
4.1.17 Thermo Fisher
4.1.18 Bio - Rad
4.1.19 Sysmex
4.1.20 Ortho Clinical
5. The Global Market
5.1 Global Market by Country
6. Global Market by Pathogens
6.1 Global Market by Pathogens
6.2 DRSP
6.3 DRC
6.4 CD
6.5 MRSA 6.5 DRNG
7. AMR Diagnostics by Technology
7.1 Global Market by Technology
7.2 Bacterial Culture
7.3 Immunoassay
7.4 Polymerase Chain Reaction
7.5 Genetic Sequencing
7.6 Mass Spectrometer
7.7 Rapid, POC and Other
8. Vision of the Future of AMR Diagnostics Table of Tables
Table 1 USA - Outpatient Use of Antibiotics by Class
Table 2 USA - Outpatient Use of Antibiotics Top 5
Table 3 Market Players by Type
Table 4 Known Human Pathogenic Diseases
Table 5 The Key Market Opportunities
Table 6 - Market Potential DRSP Diagnostic
Table 7 - Market Potential DRC Diagnostic
Table 8 - Market Potential CD Diagnostic
Table 9 - Market Potential CD Diagnostic
Table 10 Market Potential DRNG Diagnostic
Table 11 Market Potential DRNTS Diagnostic
Table 12 – Key AMR Diagnostics Issues
Table 13 The Global AMR Diagnostic Market by Country
Table 14 Global Market by Pathogen
Table 15 DRSP Diagnostics by Country
Table 16 DRC Diagnostics by Country
Table 17 CD Diagnostics by Country
Table 18 MRSA Diagnostics by Country
Table 19 DRNG Diagnostics by Country
Table 20 DRNTS Diagnostics by Country
Table 21 Global Market by Technology
Table 22 Culture Diagnostics by Country
Table 23 Immunoassay Diagnostics by Country Table 24 PCR Diagnostics by Country
Table 25 NGS Diagnostics by Country
Table 26 MS Diagnostics by Country
Table 27 Rapid, POC and Other Diagnostics by Country Table of Figures
Figure 1 Pharmaceutical Spending History by Country
Figure 2 AMR and Antibiotic Introduction
Figure 3 The Death Toll of AMR
Figure 4 AMR Diagnostics - Key Countries
Figure 5 Chart of Share Change by Pathogen
Figure 6 Chart – DRSP Diagnostics by Country
Figure 7 Chart – DRC Diagnostics by Country
Figure 8 Chart – CD Diagnostics by Country
Figure 9 Chart - Infectious Disease Immunoassay by Country
Figure 10 Chart – DRNG Diagnostics by Country
Figure 11 Chart – DRNTS Diagnostics by Country
Figure 12 Chart of Growth by Technology
Figure 13 Chart - Technology Change in Planning Period
Figure 14 Chart – Bacterial Culture by Country
Figure 15 Chart – Immunoassay Diagnostics by Country
Figure 16 Chart – PCR Diagnostics by Country
Figure 17 Chart – NGS Diagnostics by Country
Figure 18 Chart – MS Diagnostics by Country
Figure 19 Chart – Rapid, POC and Other Diagnostics by Country

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