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Payments: Key Payment Trends in 2018 - a more collaborative ecosystem

Payments: Key Payment Trends in 2018 - a more collaborative ecosystem


The growing demand for value-added services, increasing competition due to emerging FinTechs, new payment-enabling technologies, and an ever evolving payments landscape is leading to a collaborative payments ecosystem. The new ecosystem is spurring further collaboration among its various stakeholders, forcing players to re-assess their positions in the market. Payment providers, for instance, are collaborating to offer value-added services, while vendors are looking to acquire new technology and build their customer base.

Furthermore, the need to increase investments in next-generation tools and alternative channels such as contactless and wearable’s to enhance customer experience has become imperative for payment providers. Meanwhile, instant payments are emerging as an alternative option for quicker payments for retail and corporate businesses. Banks and FinTechs are also exploring distributed ledger technology (DLT) to transform cross-border payments, while IoT is set to disrupt the payments landscape.

However, an open collaborative infrastructure poses new threats and challenges related to cybersecurity and data privacy issues for enterprises. As a result, payment providers are looking to deploy robotics and machine learning technologies to detect and prevent frauds, while regulators are focusing on data-privacy law compliance. Additionally, as authentication becomes critical, the need to increase investments in advanced technologies (biometrics, digital identity, secure element, geo-location, and interoperable cryptographic keys) has also become undeniably important, with payment companies looking to boost their authentication techniques.

The report Payments: Key Payment Trends in 2018 - a more collaborative ecosystem, is an attempt to analyze the key trends expected to impact the payments industry and its various stakeholders, including financial institutions, consumers, mPayment providers, retail, and other businesses in 2018.


  • Brief overview of the technology and its relevance in the verticals.
  • Key challenges faced by the industry verticals (payments) pertinent to its technology (fin-tech) implementation.
  • Elaborate overview of supply side and demand side trends affecting the technology growth.
  • Future recommendation and market opportunities for fine-tech in the payments industry.
Reasons to buy
  • Helps the reader to understand the fin-tech market landscape in the payment industry, the recent trends, and challenges.
  • Extensive technology growth predictions based on adoption indicators, end-user technology demand, GlobalData’s in-house ICT survey results, and macroeconomic factors.
  • The report provides a detailed breakdown of the opportunities within the fin-tech segment and its sub categories.

  • Introduction
  • Business challenges facing the payments industry
    • Table Figure 1: Key business challenges facing the payments industry
  • Market Dynamics
    • Table Figure 2: Key demand and supply side trends impacting the payments market
    • Demand side trends
      • Table Figure 3: Exploring distributed ledge technology in the payments sector
    • Supply side trends
      • Table Figure 4: Benefits of a collaborative payments ecosystem
  • Recommendations for ICT Vendors
    • Table Figure 5: Key recommendations for ICT vendors in the payments sector
  • The Need for Instant Payments
    • Table Figure 6: Value of global transactions by region (2016-21)
    • Table Value of global transactions by region (US$ billions)
    • Table Figure 7: Value of global transactions by payment instrument type (2016-21)
    • Table Value of global transactions by payment instrument type (US$ billions)
  • Future outlook
    • Rising customer expectations for specialized services, and the emergence of FinTechs and new payment technologies is leading to a more collaborative payments ecosystem
  • Appendix
    • Definitions
    • Further reading
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