Drones in Power - Thematic Research

Drones in Power - Thematic Research


Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) capable of flying remotely or autonomously through software-controlled flight plans embedded in their system. The increasing trend of drones equipped with light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology has added to the growth of the drone market in the energy sector. LiDAR technology can generate highly detailed 3D maps of infrastructure, allowing for more accurate inspection. Commercial drones will be the largest revenue contributor to the overall drones market by 2025, surpassing military drones. It is estimated to reach $57 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.6% for the period 2020 - 2030.


The report focuses on drones in power as a theme.

It provides an industry analysis on how big the drones theme is and how fast it will grow in the coming years.

The report provides commercial drone market size and growth forecast.

The report delivers technology briefing on drones.

It provides a snapshot on how drones will improve solar and wind farm installations.

It covers patents trends and venture financing trends in power.

The report provides an insight on challenges in drone adoption.

The report discusses on the uses cases of drones by power utilities.

It contains details of M&A deals driven by drones theme, and a timeline highlighting milestones for drones.

The report focus on the trends related to drones as a theme in power, technology, macroeconomic and regulatory trends.

The report also includes an overview of competitive positions held by power utility companies adopting drones.

Reasons to Buy

The report provides -

A detailed analysis of the growing drone market.
The report gives an insight of the leading players in drones theme by end-user market and where do they fit in the value chain.
The report gives an overview of the leaders and challengers in the drones value chain.
A briefing on detailed analysis of drones value chain.
A briefing on benefits of drones to the electric industry.
An overview on drones potential in wind power development and solar asset performance monitoring.
Company profiles of leading adopters of drones in power sector.
A briefing on profiles of drone solutions companies.
A snapshot of power sector scorecard predicting the position of leading power companies in drones theme.

Executive Summary
Technology Briefing
Anatomy of a drone
Propulsion system
Flight control system
Power trends
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Industry Analysis
Market size and growth forecasts
The commercial drones segment is growing the fastest
The construction and agriculture sectors will lead the commercial drones market
Drones delivery market
HAPS market
Impact of drones on the power sector
Benefits to the electric industry in T&D
Drone corona inspection
Leveraging drones for solar asset performance monitoring
Drones potential in wind power development
Use cases
Duke Energy drones
EnBW’s transport drones
NextEra Energy’s drone technology
Ørsted’s giant drones
PG&E’s drone operations for electric system
RWE’s new drone technology
Vattenfall’s seabed inspection with sailing drones
M&A trends
Venture financing trends
Patent trends
Value Chain
Data analytics
Drones as a service
Drone insurance services
Consumer drones
Commercial drones
Military drones
Power companies
Drone companies
Sector Scorecards
Power sector scorecard
Who’s who
Thematic screen
Valuation screen
Risk screen
Further Reading
GlobalData reports
Our Thematic Research Methodology
About GlobalData
Contact Us
List of Tables
Table 1: Power trends
Table 2: Technology trends
Table 3: 4: Macroeconomic trends
Table 5: Regulatory trends
Table 6: M&A trends
Table 7: Power companies
Table 8: Drone companies
Table 9: Glossary
Table 10: GlobalData reports
List of Figures
Figure 1: Who are the leading players in the drones theme by the end-user market?
Figure 2:Anatomy of a conventional drone & Anatomy of a quadcopter drone
Figure 3: Macroeconomic trends
Figure 4: An engineer piloting a drone
Figure 5: Drone landing at an offshore wind turbine
Figure 6: An engineer operating a drone
Figure 7: A drone being operated at the wind farm site
Figure 8: A drone inspecting a transmission tower
Figure 9: A drone flying near a wind turbine
Figure 10: A sailing drone inspecting the seabed
Figure 11: The drone story
Figure 12: The drones deal trend is increasing
Figure 13: The increase in patent activity is driving growth in the adoption of drones
Figure 14: Drone activities will continue to increase in the power industry
Figure 15: The drones value chain
Figure 16: Drones value chain
Figure 17: Drones value chain
Figure 18: Drones value chain
Figure 19: Drones value chain
Figure 20: Drones value chain
Figure 21: Consumer drones
Figure 22: Commercial drones
Figure 23: Military drones
Figure 24: Who does what in the power space?
Figure 25: Thematic screen
Figure 26: Valuation screen
Figure 27: Risk screen
Figure 28: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard

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