The Global Market for MicroLED Displays 2021

The Global Market for MicroLED Displays 2021

The Global Market for MicroLED Displays 2021 analyses and forecasts the commercial potential of the MicroLED market. In this report, we also provide strategic analysis of the key players in the microLED industry which include large global consumer electronics producers, major equipment and materials suppliers, national laboratories and universities and small start-ups.

Since 2020 the development of microLED has been accelerating, with new chips, packaging, and downstream display applications emerging one after another, and market acceptance is also increasing. Several electronics manufacturers including Samsung and LG are bringing new microLED TV products to the market in 2021.

Micro-LED display technology offers a huge improvement on standard display panels due to its optimum brightness, efficiency and image definition, as well as improved lifetime. These benefits are crucial for near-to-eye applications such as augmented reality (AR) and head-mounted displays. They are also game changing technologies for a range of other applications – from large area displays and TVs to mobile phones and wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Applications include:
 Displays
 Head mounted displays (HMDs)
 Large flat panel displays for TVs and monitors.
 Large sized MicroLED RGB displays for outdoor signage
 Smartphones
 Smartwatches
 Flexible displays.
 Automotive
 Head-up displays (HUD).
 Automotive panels.
 Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR)
 Three-dimensional/augmented reality/virtual reality (3D/AR/VR) displays
 Pico-projectors
 Smart glasses.
 Biotechnology & medicine
 Wearable biomedical devices.
 Light sources for the neural interface and optogenetics.
 Bioimaging.
 Cochlear implants.
 Visible light communication (Li-Fi)
 Flexible lighting.

Report contents include:
 Latest technology and supply chain information.
 Industry trends and growth drivers.
 Assessment of technology challenges.
 Current and planned microLED products.
 Analysis of markets and applications for microLEDs. Markets covered include TVs, AR and VR, smartphones, automotive, wearables and smartwatches, medical displays, flexible and foldable displays and transparent displays.
 Assessment of competitive landscape.
 MicroLED technology and market challenges.
 Units shipments for microLEDs, by market, 2020-2026.
 MicroLED industry developments 2020-2021.
 Profiles of 63 companies. Companies profiled include Aledia, AU Optronics Corporation, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), Ennostar, Inc., Glō, Jade Bird Display, Japan Display Inc. (JDI), Konka Group, LedMan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Leyard OptoElectronics, LG Display Co., Ltd., MICLEDI Microdisplays, Micro Nitride Co., Ltd., Mikro Mesa Technology Co., Ltd., PlayNitride, Inc., Rohinni LLC, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor/Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd., Sony, Vuzix Corporation, TCL Electronics, Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and VueReal.

    • The MiniLED market
    • The MicroLED market
    • The Global display market
      • Display technologies assessment
        • Table Summary of display technologies.
    • Motivation for use of MicroLEDs
    • MicroLEDs applications
      • Table MicroLED applications.
    • Market and technology challenges
      • Table Market and technology challenges for microLED.
    • Industry developments 2020-2021
      • Table Micro and MicroLED industry developments 2020-2021.
    • CES 2021
      • Table MiniLED and microLED product announcements at CES 2021.
    • Market activity in China
      • Table MicroLED acivity in China.
    • Global shipment forecasts for MicroLEDs
      • Units
        • Table MicroLED display forecast (thousands of units) to 2027.
    • MiniLED (mLED) vs MicroLED (ìLED)
      • Table Comparison between miniLED and microLED.
    • Development
      • Sony
        • Table Comparison of MicroLEDs to conventional LEDs.
    • Types
      • Table Types of microLED.
    • Comparison to LCD and OLED
      • Table Comparison to LCD and OLED.
      • Table Schematic comparison to LCD and OLED.
    • MicroLED displays
      • Table Commercially available microLED products and specifications.
    • Advantages
      • Table microLED-based display advantages and disadvantages.
      • Transparency
      • Borderless
      • Flexibility
    • Costs
    • Manufacturing
      • Epitaxy and Chip Processing
      • Assembly Technologies
        • Table Mass transfer methods, by company.
        • Table Comparison of various mass transfer technologies.
      • Full colour conversion
    • The market in 2021
      • Comparison of microLED to other LED TV technologies
        • Table Comparison of LED TV technologies.
      • Samsung
      • LG
    • Unit shipments 2020-2027
    • Products and prototypes
    • Unit shipments 2020-2027
    • Foldable microLED displays
    • Product developers
      • Table Flexible miniLED and MicroLED products.
    • Applications
    • Product developers
      • Table Medical display MicroLED products.
    • Applications
      • Table Automotive display & backlight architectures
      • Table Applications of microLED in automotive.
      • Head-up display (HUD)
      • Headlamps
    • Product developers
      • Table Automotive display MicroLED products and prototypes.
    • Table Comparison of AR Display Light Engines.
    • Smart glasses and head-mounted displays (HMDs)
    • Product developers
      • Table VR and AR MicroLED products.
    • Applications
      • Table Applications of miniLED and microLED transparent displays.
    • Product developers
      • Table Companies developing MicroLED transparent displays.
    • Table microLED supply chain.
    • Aledia
    • ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH
    • Apple
    • AU Optronics Corporation
    • BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
    • CEA-Leti
    • Compound Photonics US Corporation
    • China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT)
    • C Seed
    • eLux, Inc.
    • Epileds Technologies
    • Ennostar, Inc.
    • Epistar
    • EpiPix Ltd.
    • Foxconn Electronics
    • Fronics
    • Glo
    • HannStar Display Corp.
    • HC SemiTek Corporation
    • HCP Technology HCP Co., Ltd.
    • iBeam Materials, Inc.
    • Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
    • Jade Bird Display
    • Japan Display Inc. (JDI)
    • Konka Group
    • Kopin Corporation
    • Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
    • Kyocera Corporation
    • LedMan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
    • Leyard OptoElectronic
    • Lextar
    • LG Display Co., Ltd.
      • Table LG mini QNED range
    • Lumens
    • Lumiode, Inc.
    • MICLEDI Microdisplays
    • Micro Nitride Co., Ltd.
    • Mikro Mesa Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Shenzhen MTC
    • Nationstar
    • Nichia Corporation
    • NthDegree
    • PlayNitride, Inc.
    • Plessey Semiconductors Ltd
    • Poro Technologies Ltd (Porotech)
    • RiTdisplay Corporation
    • Rohinni LLC
    • Samsung
      • Table Samsung Neo QLED TV range.
    • San'an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
      • Table San'an Mini and Micro LED Production annual target.
    • Saphlux, Inc.
      • Table NPQDTM vs Traditional QD based Micro-LEDs.
    • Seoul Semiconductor/Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.
    • Sharp Display Technology (SDTC)
    • Shenzhen SiTan Technology Limited
    • Sony
    • Stratacache
    • Terecircuits Corporation
    • Vuzix Corporation
    • TCL Electronics
    • Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
    • Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd
    • VerLASE Technologies LLC
    • VueReal
    • Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd.
    • X-Display

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