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Top Technology Hypes of the Future

Top Technology Hypes of the Future

Definition of a Technology Hype

Technology hypes are visionary innovations that are disruptive and transformative in nature, with the capacity to have a substantial economic, environmental, and social impact on businesses, societies, and individuals. These technologies that are yet to realize their long term impact could potentially become future agents of change given their audacious proposition to completely change the global market.

Technology hypes are transformative in nature

They will have a cross-industry impact and a multiplier effect on geographies and demographics

They will create new business opportunities

They will replace traditional technologies

About this report

Brain-controlled computers, wireless electricity, self-assembling materials, nanobots, and flexible electronics are among the top ten technologies that will transform lives in the coming decades. These technologies, shortlisted for their capacity to have the most disruptive and transformative impact on the future, are expected to emerge as the most potentially influential technologies from 2030 and beyond. These visionary innovations stand above among others for their audacious proposition to change lives, ranging from saving energy to curing cancer. This Mega Trends document will shine a light on such technologies and explore their potential and possible future applications.

  • Executive Summary
    • Definition of a Technology Hype
    • Executive Summary-Top Technology Hypes: Scope of the Research
    • Parameters Used to Identify Technology Hypes
    • Executive Summary-Summary of Top Technology Hypes
    • Executive Summary-Top Technology Hypes: Innovation Hotspots
    • Executive Summary-Top Technology Hypes: Media Traction
    • Executive Summary-Case Study: WiTricity Corporation
    • Executive Summary-Energy Harvesters: Level of Maturity
    • Executive Summary-Technology Hype Mapping
  • Introduction and Benchmarking of Top Technologies
    • Definition of a Technology Hype
    • Parameters Used to Identify Technology Hypes
    • Top Technology Hypes Benchmarked for the Study
    • Scoring Matrix-Technology Hypes Benchmarking
      • Table Scoring the Top Ten Technology Hypes, Global, 2013-2030
    • Top Technology Hypes-Scope of the Research
    • Research Methodology
    • Definitions of Technologies
    • Top Technology Hypes-Activity by Media Traction
    • Top Technology Hypes-Innovation Hotspots
  • Technology Hype 1-4-D Printing
    • 4-D Printing-Overview
    • 4-D Printing-Marketability
    • 4-D Printing-Scalability
    • 4-D Printing-Level of Maturity
  • Technology Hype 2-Brain Machine Interfaces
    • Brain Machine Interface (BMI) Devices-Overview
    • BMI Devices-Marketability
    • BMI Devices-Scalability
    • BMI Devices-Level of Maturity
    • Neurosky
  • Technology Hype 3-Smart Pills
    • Smart Pills-Overview
    • Smart Pills-Marketability
    • Smart Pills-Scalability
    • Smart Pills-Level of Maturity
    • Proteus Digital Health
  • Technology Hype 4-Cognitive Computing
    • Cognitive Computing-Overview
    • Cognitive Computing-Marketability
    • Cognitive Computing-Scalability
    • Cognitive Computing-Level of Maturity
  • Technology Hype 5-Wireless Electricity
    • Wireless Electricity-Overview
    • Wireless Electricity-Marketability
    • Wireless Electricity-Scalability
    • Wireless Electricity-Level of Maturity
    • WiTricity Corporation
  • Technology Hype 6-Graphene Technology
    • Graphene Technology-Overview
    • Graphene Technology-Marketability
    • Graphene Technology-Scalability
    • Graphene Technology-Level of Maturity
  • Technology Hype 7-Energy Harvesters
    • Energy Harvesters-Overview
    • Energy Harvesters-Marketability
    • Energy Harvesters-Scalability
    • Energy Harvesters-Level of Maturity
    • Pavegen Systems
  • Technology Hype 8-Flexible Electronics
    • Flexible Electronics-Overview
    • Flexible Electronics-Marketability
    • Flexible Electronics-Scalability
    • Flexible Electronics-Level of Maturity
  • Technology Hype 9-Nanobots
    • Nanobots-Overview
    • Nanobots-Marketability
    • Nanobots-Scalability
    • Nanobots-Level of Maturity
    • HP Labs
  • Technology Hype 10-Haptic Holography
    • Haptic Holography-Overview
    • Haptic Holography-Marketability
    • Haptic Holography-Scalability
    • Haptic Holography-Level of Maturity
    • Ostendo Technologies
  • Strategic Recommendations
    • Technology Hype Mapping

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