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2016 Top Technologies in Sensors and Instrumentation

2016 Top Technologies in Sensors and Instrumentation

Sensor technology has been the key enabler for various applications related to automation, monitoring, and testing. Developments in sensors have always been geared at addressing industry-specific challenges. Sensors are enabling next-generation consumer-centric applications. Information collection is the key in realizing the concept of Internet of Things (IoT).

The technology and innovation report covers the top 10 sensor and instrumentation technologies that will have highest impact in the near- and medium-term. Key technologies in the cluster were evaluated to arrive at the top 10 technologies for 2016. The technologies were selected after critical evaluation of an exhaustive list of technologies using TechVision's proprietary selection methodology. The report assesses technologies from various aspects such as patents, funding, applications, megatrend impact, disruptiveness and market potential. The top 10 technologies covered in this report are commercial drones, biosensors, next gen RTLS, terahertz sensing, smart haptics, energy harvesting, thermography, sensor fusion, high resolution CMOS image sensors, and nanosensors.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Selection Methodology
    • Top 10 Technologies in Sensors and Instrumentation Cluster
    • Trends Driving the Sensors Industry
    • Key Findings
  • Technology Deep Dive
    • Commercial Drones
      • Regulations are Key for High Market Potential and Drones as a Service is an Emerging Business Model
      • China Emerging as a Hotspot for Drones with Local Companies Strengthening IP Portfolio
      • Drones to Impact both Consumer and Enterprise Sectors
      • North America Continues to Lead the Market, China Has the Potential for Higher Market Share
      • Companies to Watch
      • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Biosensors
    • Point of Care and Home Diagnosis are Key Segments of the Multibillion Dollar Market
    • EU Projects Support Development of Nano-based Biosensors
    • Increasing Adoption Potential Beyond Healthcare Applications
    • APAC Countries Pose Increased Market Opportunity, with China Becoming a Key Market Due to its Healthcare Reforms
    • Companies and University Innovations to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Terahertz Sensing
    • Terahertz Sensing Market to Pick Up Pace; CMOS Sources and Detectors to Drive Development of Low-Cost Sensors
    • Increased Focus on Terahertz Generation and Detection Technologies
    • Non-Destructive Testing and Security Scanning Emerging as Key Applications
    • Japan and China are Emerging as Key Technology Developers
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Next Generation RTLS
    • With Market Expanding Rapidly, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Will Drive Future Growth
    • Government Funding Will Increase Awareness and Adoption in Emerging Economies
    • Declining Price is Driving Adoption in Government and Healthcare Sectors
    • With the United States Playing a Vital Role in Adoption, European Commission is Driving RTLS and IoT Technology Innovations
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
      • Table What are the major applications that would be impacted in the near term? RTLS Application Global (2014-2021)
  • Smart Haptics
    • Smartphones and Tablets will Continue to Drive the Haptics Market
    • Strategic Partnerships Will Expand Application Scope
    • Smartphones is a High-Volume Market for Touch Screens in Terms of Unit Shipments
    • Internet and Mobile Usage Will Drive the Need for Unique User Interface
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Energy Harvesting
    • North America and Europe will Lead Technology Adoption
      • Table Total Energy Harvesting Market: Revenue Forecast Global, 2011-2022 CAGR (2011-2022) = 21.25%
    • EU Funded Projects Propel Technology Development
    • Waste Heat Recovery is Gaining Traction
    • Asia Pacific Solar Alliance will Increase Demand and Drive Photovoltaic Innovations
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Thermography
    • Favorable Regulations and Increased Adoption of NDT Drive Market
    • IP Protection Activity High in the United States
    • Building Inspection and Healthcare are Emerging Applications
    • The United States Leads Technology Development and Adoption
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Sensor Fusion
    • Indoor Navigation, Immersive Gaming, and Context Awareness will Accelerate Adoption
    • VC Funds Boost Innovations in Consumer Electronics Sector
    • Automotive, Security and Smart Grid are Growing Markets
    • US is the Pioneer of Leveraging Sensor Fusion in Smartgrid
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • High Resolution CMOS Image Sensors
    • Automotive Electronics will Drive the Market in the Near Term
    • Consumer Electronics Dominates Patent Filing Trends
    • Consumer Electronics is a Major Market Followed by Automotive
    • Consumer Electronics Demand in China and India can Propel Adoption
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Nanosensors
    • Healthcare Segment Drive Market Opportunities
    • University Leads Innovation with the Support of Government Funds
    • Miniaturized and Lightweight Aspects Boost Adoption
    • Strong Research in APAC Promises Better Materials to Improve the Efficiency of Nanosensing Devices
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning

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