2018 Top Technologies in Medical Devices & Imaging

2018 Top Technologies in Medical Devices & Imaging

TechVision's Medical Devices and Imaging technology cluster's flagship research service profiles ten cutting-edge medical technologies that are expected to have a huge impact on the healthcare industry in the next two years. Each of technologies that have been profiled here represent billions of dollars in market potential, and have a rich track record of R&D funding, intellectual property (IP) activity and a vibrant innovation ecosystem. Each of the technology profiles covers the following: Brief technology snapshot, breadth of applications, key innovations and innovators, five-year market potential, recent funding and business deals, important market factors aiding and hindering growth.

This list includes technologies that are just seeing the light of commercialization, as well as those technologies that are already in the market, but are expected to make an impact through wide-spread adoption. This research service is a product of a year-long scout of the MedTech industry and other adjacent innovation clusters. This report aims to provide a snapshot of the top medical technologies, serving as a strategic guide to innovators and senior management, helping companies in innovation planning and decision-making.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings: Medical Devices and Imaging Technologies
    • Selection Methodology
  • MedTech Innovations: Trends Assessment
    • Unprecedented Funding and Cross-industry Collaborations spur MedTech Innovations
    • Snapshot of Top Technologies from our Previous Research
    • Shortlisting Top Technologies in a Highly Innovative Industry
    • Top 10 Medical Device and Imaging Technologies, 2018
  • Synaptic Interface
    • Consumer Applications of BCI to Support Market Adoption
    • Enthusiastic Private Funding Reflected in a Strong IP Pipeline
    • Application Landscape of BCI Rapidly Evolving Beyond Healthcare
    • Start-ups as the Engines of BCI Innovation and Market Growth
  • Smart Scalpel
    • Demand for Minimally-invasive Procedures and Better Surgical Outcomes as Market Drivers
    • Robotics Companies and Academia Research Driving the IP Landscape
    • Smart Surgical Tools to Have an Impact on Biopsies, Surgeries, and Basic Research
    • Collaboration and Convergence of Technologies to Fuel Nextgeneration Product Enhancements
  • Personalized Orthopedics
    • High-performance Biomaterials, Medical Imaging, and 3D Printing Central to Innovation
    • Strategic Imperative in Customizing Hip and Knee Implants
    • North America Leading in Innovation and Market Growth
    • Advanced Biomaterials and 4D Printing Gaining Attention from Investors
  • Bioelectronic Medicines
    • Growing Opioid Crisis Presenting Strategy Opportunity for Growth
    • Growing Incidence of Lifestyle Diseases as Key Market Driver
    • Pharma and Data Companies Interested in Bioelectronics Research
    • Elimination of Drug Side Effects as a Major Market Driver
  • Myoelectric Prosthetics
    • Future of Prosthetics—Life-like and Mind-controlled Bionics
    • IP Activity Driven by Sensors, Neuroscience, and Materials Research
    • North America—Technology Hub for Functional Prosthetic Devices
    • Advanced Sensing, High-performance Batteries, and AI to Fuel Next-gen Design
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
    • Cancer Detection is a Major Market Segment for LoC Devices
    • Asia Tops in Intensity of IP Creation after North America
    • Europe Houses Major Market Leaders
    • Precision & Affordability are Critical for Market Growth
  • Medical Holography
    • Medical Holography Enables Advanced Visualization and Planning
    • IP Activity is Driven by Innovations in Holographic Microscopes, Acoustic Systems, and Display Panels
    • Holography has Opened Possibilities to View and Analyze Internal Organs
    • SMEs Aim to Make an Impact on the Rapidly Growing Medical Holography Market
  • Drug-device Combination Products
    • Clinical Applications of Combination Products Drive Market Adoption
    • Participation of Pharma Companies Reflected in a Strong IP Pipeline
    • North America Accounts for Majority of Global Market Share
    • Private Investments Drive Technology Innovation and Market Growth
  • Digital Pathology
    • Digital Pathology Promises Value Addition Through Automated Diagnoses, Remote Consultations
    • Asia-Pacific is Driving Innovation Through Medical Imaging Companies Located in this Region
    • Digital Pathology Caters to Clinical and Pre-clinical Applications
    • Startups as the Engines of Digital Pathology Innovation
  • Stereotactic Surgery
    • Growth Driven by Demand for Precision and Better Surgical Outcomes
    • IP Activity Driven by 3D Imaging and Advanced Analytics
    • Applications Increasing Enormously Owing to Advances in Medical Imaging
    • Innovators Focusing on High Precision and Diversity in Applications

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