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Technologies Enabling Super-resolution Biomedical Imaging

Technologies Enabling Super-resolution Biomedical Imaging

TechVision's latest research service from the medical imaging technology cluster highlights the emerging trends and innovations in super-resolution biomedical imaging. Over the last two decades, powered by rapid advances in electronics and sensors, information technology and telecommunications, microscopes have evolved from moderately powerful, stand-alone imaging devices into powerful, networked and highly-intelligent diagnostic systems.

A term that has evolved over the last decade is super-resolution. Super-resolution imaging techniques that are employed to improve the resolution of imaging systems, in an attempt to break the diffraction limit – a phenomenon that determines the limitations of optical imaging systems.

This research service sheds light on the super-resolution imaging technology landscape, key business and technology considerations that are aiding and hampering market adoption, areas that present opportunities for growth and research activity in this area.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of Research
    • Research Methodology
    • The Evolution of Microscopes to Nanoscopes Also Brings About Smarter Imaging Systems
  • Technology Snapshot and Trends
    • The Growing Importance of Super-resolution Imaging
    • The Need for Super-Resolution is Necessitated by the Phenomenon of Diffraction Limit
    • The Growth of Nanomedicine and Basic Science Drives the Move to Super-resolution Microscopes
    • The Importance of 3D Autofocus Systems, Image Processing in Biomedical Imaging
    • Super-resolution is Achieved through Instrumentation Improvements and Alternate Approaches to Image Acquisition
    • Spotlight on Super-resolution Microscopy
  • Enabling Technologies and Emerging Applications
    • Image Sensors Form the Foundation of Medical Imaging
    • Machine Vision Brings About Automation in Image Analysis
    • Artificial Intelligence Enables Digital Pathology
    • The Need for Image Stability Necessitates 3D Autofocus Systems
    • Super-resolution is an Urgent Requirement for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Research
  • Emerging Opportunities in Super-resolution Imaging
    • Oxford Nanoimaging - Nanoimaging to Study Live Sub-cellular Interactions
    • Sony-Olympus Joint Venture Results in a High-resolution Surgical Microscopes
    • Ultra-high Definition Imaging System for Superior Endoscopic Viewing
    • Transoral Robotic-assisted High-resolution Microendoscopic Imaging
  • Impact Assessment and Analysis
    • Market Impact of Growth Drivers
    • The Explosive Growth of Nanotechnology, Demand from Asia- Pacific are Key Drivers of the Market
    • Pipeline of Innovations in the Image Sensor and Advanced Analytics Markets Ensure Continuous Product Enhancements
    • Market Impact of Growth Challenges
    • Competition from Non-optical Imaging Solutions, Limited Funding Opportunities are Key Market Challenges
    • Need for Skilled Technicians, Complexities in Sample Handling are Key Technical Challenges
    • Private Investment Has Been Leading in Innovations in Highresolution Imaging
    • Annual Public Funding in the U.S. Averages Just $50 Million
    • Analysis of Recent NIH-Funded Projects
    • Strong Venture Funding Shows the Cross-industry Importance of Super-resolution Imaging
  • Opportunity Evaluation and Future Roadmap
    • APAC in Strong Growth Phase as USA, Europe Reach Maturity
    • Clinical Imaging is Dominated by Trends such as Miniaturization, Portability and Connectivity
    • Opportunities Abound in Pharma and Regenerative Medicine Research for Cell Quantification and Imaging
    • Super-resolution Imaging Aligns Well with Emerging Megatrends of Miniaturization and Technology Convergence
  • IP Landscape Analysis
    • Technologies Available for Licensing
    • Super-resolution Imaging - Regional IP Analysis
    • Super-resolution Imaging - By Top Assignees
    • Key Patents for you to Check
  • Industry Contacts and References
    • Database of Key Industry Participants
    • Database of Key Industry Participants and References

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