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Technologies Enabling Intelligent Robotics

Technologies Enabling Intelligent Robotics

This research provides an analysis of the technologies that are transforming traditional robot capability, where ICT can be applied to solve existing industry challenges, including coverage on identifying unmet needs, technology and application developments that enable innovations and drive market growth for the robotics industry.

The advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, and natural language processing are dramatically transforming today’s robotics sector. Both the enterprise and consumer sectors are experiencing modernization through the deployment of advanced technologies. The scope of applications has been widened and ICT technologies are powering the intelligent robotics systems to meet the demands of changing customer behavior.

In brief, this research service provides the following:

A brief overview of robots and its types
A snapshot on drivers/constraints
Impact of ICT technologies across the value chain
Disruptive opportunities and key initiatives
Future roadmap
Key patents and trends

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Overview
    • ICT is Transforming Traditional Robot Applications
    • Space Robots, Called Robonauts, Are Being Used to Assist and Act as Substitutes for Astronauts
    • Medical Robots, Especially Surgical Robots, Are Being Advanced to Extend the Capabilities of Human Surgeons
    • Market Drivers - Intelligent Robotics
    • Robots Can Work in Any Environmental Condition and Can be Used in Mining Industries
    • Market Restraints - Intelligent Robotics
    • Robots are More Prone to Intruders and Botnets than Computer Systems and Networks
  • Technology Impact
    • AI is Enabling Automated Decision Making With High Accuracy Based on Data-driven Intelligence
    • Intelligent Robots with the Power of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Will Be Used for Designing Costumes
    • IBM and Foxconn Are Working on a Pilot Program to Automate Foxconn's Entire Manufacturing Unit
    • 5G will Begin a New Era in Telecommunications that Fully Enables Robotics and Many Other Applications for the First Time
    • 5G Will Act as a Communication Link for Integrated Collaborative Intelligent Robotics Activities
    • Key 5G Initiatives and Partnerships
    • Mixed Reality Will Enhance the Functionality of Robotics Systems in Simulated Environments
    • Mixed Reality Application Areas in Intelligent Robotics
    • Mixed Reality and Intelligent Robotics Form the Core Focal Points of Modern Day Technology
    • NLP will be the Key Enabler for Natural Human Machine Interaction
    • NLP-enabled Robotic Applications
    • Mergers and Acquisition Activity in NLP-enabled Robotics
    • Using Cloud Technologies, Robots Will Be Allowed to Store their inbuilt Programs and Other Information in the Cloud
    • Industrial Robots Powered with Cloud Computing and BDA Will Make Robots More Intelligent and Error Free
    • Cognitive Scale leverages IBM's Bluemix -Platform-as-a-Service and Watson Cognitive Computing to Create Powerful Cognitive Services
  • Patent Landscape
    • Top 10 Patent Holders in the Area of Intelligent Robotics
    • Patent Office-wise Distribution of Intelligent Robotics Patent Portfolio, 2012-2017
      • Table Intelligent Patent Portfolio Distribution by Patent Offices, Global, 2012-2017*
    • China Is Becoming the New Powerhouse of Innovation in the Intelligent Robotics Arena
    • Patent Landscape Overview - Cloud Robotics
    • Patent Landscape Overview - Social Robotics
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunities-Intelligent Robotics
    • Strategic Imperatives for Stakeholders
  • Technology Roadmap
    • Key Insights from Technology Roadmap
  • Analyst Insights
    • Many Robotics Applications Have progressively Found their Way into Healthcare Practices
  • Key Contacts

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