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2016 Outlook of the Global Security Industry

2016 Outlook of the Global Security Industry

Being aware of future cyber threats and trends at the national or commercial level is vital in ensuring that institutions are able to protect themselves and the people they serve. Although cyber security is increasingly being discussed by a number of end users, adoption of new systems remains slow and only represents one facet of the continued evolution of the security market. Advancements in communications, screening, and analytics technology will play a pivotal role in allowing users to better respond and react to potential security threats. Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Security Outlook examines the key security issues of 2015 and analyses the biggest market and procurement trends to look for in 2016 across all major infrastructure verticals.

  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • The 2015 Global Security Industry-Actuals vs. Forecast
    • A Minimum of 10 Significant Cybersecurity Acquisitions
    • Increasing Public Acknowledgment of Cyber Incidents and at Least One Example in Each Infrastructure Sector
    • Increasing Concerns Over Illegal Immigration Leading to an Increased Focus on Border Protection
    • At Least 10 Significant Case Studies of IoT And Analytic Solution Contracts or Tenders
    • Growing Acceptance of Wearable Devices of Body-worn Video Cameras in Global Police Forces
    • Continued Delivery of City Infrastructure Programmes by India and Announcement of 10 More Major Programme Announcements
    • Increased Debate Around Intelligence and Privacy Culminating in an Increase in the Use of Web Intelligence and Big Data Analytics by Law Enforcement
    • Limited Investment in Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Systems from Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Top Predictions for 2016
    • Top Trends for 2016
  • Global Security Trends
    • Border Security and Migration
    • Terrorism
    • Political and Legislative Implications of Increasing intelligence Requirement
    • Crime
    • Security Resiliency and Future Planning
    • The European Security Scenario in 2016
  • Technology Trends
    • Cyber
    • Cyber & Insurance
    • Cyber-secure by Design Solutions
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Security Business Models-Security as a Service (SECaaS)
    • Security Business Models-Intelligence as a Service
    • Security Business Models-Technology Leasing
    • Critical Communications 2016-Mobile Broadband Roadmaps to Become Clear
    • Critical Communications-Evolution of LTE
    • Top Transformational Shifts in Safe Cities and Law Enforcement in 2016
    • Competitive Market-Top 15 Winners from 2015
    • Competitive Market-8 Companies to Watch in 2016
    • Competitive Market-Top New Technology Innovators to Watch in 2016
  • Security Segment-Government Security Infrastructure
    • Government Security Infrastructure Discussion
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Border Security in 2016
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Maritime Security in 2016
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Border Control & Biometrics Security in 2016
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Critical Communications Security in 2016
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Cyber Security in 2016
    • Government Security Infrastructure-Safe Cities Security in 2016
  • Security Segment-Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
    • Critical National Infrastructure Discussion
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Airport Security in 2016
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Mass Transport Security in 2016
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Oil & Gas Security in 2016
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Prison Security in 2016
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Port Security in 2016
    • Critical National Infrastructure-Utilities Security in 2016
  • Security Segment-Commercial Infrastructure
    • Commercial Infrastructure Security Elements Discussion
    • Commercial Infrastructure Security-Education Security in 2016
    • Commercial Infrastructure Security-Finance & Banking Security in 2016
    • Commercial Infrastructure Security-Sporting Event Security in 2016
  • Regional Analysis
    • North America 2016
    • Europe 2016
    • Middle East 2016
    • Russia & Central Asia 2016
    • Latin America 2016
    • Africa 2016
    • China 2016
    • India 2016
    • Asia-Pacific 2016
  • Key Conclusions
  • Appendix
    • Market Engineering Methodology
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms Used

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