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2015 Outlook of the Global Automation Industry

2015 Outlook of the Global Automation Industry

The global automation industry is expected to grow 􂀀%, from $􂀀 billion in 2014 to $􂀀billion in 2015.

The process automation market is expected to grow 􂀀% and the discrete automation market 􂀀% in 2015.

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, growing at 􂀀%, is poised to overtake the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region to become largest market for process automation in 2015.

Oil price fluctuations will have moderate impact with an estimated loss of revenue for global automation reaching $􂀀 million to $􂀀 million in 2015.

The industry software segment will outpace traditional control & safety market growth as industrial focus shifts from data gathering to data analysis.

The US market, growing at 􂀀%, is expected to emerge as the most attractive for automation in 2015.

The process automation service segment will grow at 􂀀% against the hardware growth of 􂀀% in 2015.

Growth in TIMS* nations will outpace BRIC nations. The BRIC automation market is expected to grow at 􂀀%, while the TIMS market will grow at 􂀀%, in 2015.

About this report

This research service analyzes the global automation market and presents an outlook for 2015. The study provides detailed strategic trends and direction about the global market for 2015 and beyond. The research scope includes both process and discrete automation technologies. The study offers detailed analysis of key industry dynamics driving market growth; a vertical industry analysis; an in-depth competition landscape; global, regional, and country-specific analyses; and a look at emerging technology that could affect the global market. Implications of key technology trends for process and discrete automation also are examined. The base year is 2014.

  • Executive Summary
    • Top Predictions for 2015
    • Top Trends for 2015
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
    • Research Scope
    • Market Segmentation-Process Automation
    • Market Segmentation-Discrete Automation
    • Currency Exchange Rates
      • Table Currency Exchange Rates
  • Global Economic Outlook for 2015
    • Economic Growth Outlook
    • Global Economic Outlook
    • World GDP Growth Trends
  • Global Automation Outlook for 2015-Total Market
    • Global Automation Outlook for 2015-Regional Revenue Snapshot
    • Global Automation Market Outlook for 2015
    • Top 5 Global Automation Markets
    • Emerging Market Outlook-BRIC and TIMS Economies
  • Global Automation Trends for 2015-Total Market
    • Global Automation Trends for 2015
    • United States Emerging as the Most Attractive Market for Automation
    • APAC Region Poised to Become Largest Market for Process Automation
    • Smart CAPEX Investment Through MAC Strategies for Excellence in Project Performance
    • Shifting Industrial Focus from Data Integration to Data Contextualization
    • Services Segment to Gain Significant Importance in 2015 and Beyond
      • Table Automation Market: Growth Rate and CAGR by Segment, Global, 2014-2021
    • Hybrid Industries Becoming the Important Target for Growth
    • Reducing TCO through Hardware Innovation and Virtualization
    • M&A Outlook-Asset Management is a New Holy Grail
  • Process Automation Outlook for 2015
    • Process Automation-Regional Outlook
    • Process Automation-Industry Outlook
    • Process Automation-Technology Outlook
    • Process Automation-Top Companies
  • Process Automation-Technology Trends for 2015
    • Key Technology Trends for Process Automation
  • Discrete Automation Outlook for 2015
    • Discrete Automation-Regional Outlook
    • Discrete Automation-Industry Outlook
    • Discrete Automation-Technology Outlook
    • Discrete Automation-Top Companies
  • Technology Trends for 2015-Discrete Automation
    • Key Technology Trends for Discrete Automation
  • Key Conclusions
  • Appendix
    • IMF Regional Breakdowns
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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