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Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market in Africa, 2016

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market in Africa, 2016

In Africa, mobile network operators’ motivations for hosting mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) include segmentation-driven strategies, network utilisation-driven strategies, and product-driven strategies. This in-depth study looks at various MVNO models in Africa and explains the different MVNO types according to the market segment they seek to service. Across Africa, banking MVNOs seem to be the most successful due to improved mobile banking functionality and customer service ability.

Key enabling factors are discussed—economic outlook, niche market availability, MNO support structure, market penetration rate, business M2M market, and telecoms industry outlook—with profiled nations assessed according to these factors as well as to the applicable business model.

Countries profiled:

South Africa

Operating models explored:

Branded reseller
Service operator

Key MVNOs discussed:

Expresso Ghana
K2 Telecom
Me and You Mobile
MRP Mobile
Smart Mobile
Virgin Mobile

Market constraints such as regulatory policy, low starting capital, and tight margins are also explained. The regulatory environments for each nation are examined with a focus on assessing the relative level of regulatory support for MVNOs and an increase in competition among mobile network operators.

As the African telecommunications markets continue to develop towards maturity, the demand for MVNOs will increase as their unique value propositions attract subscribers by offering services that prove unviable for larger MNOs. These services are often geared towards niche markets such as banking MVNOs for regions that lack formal banking services, or business MVNOs that target corporate clients through solutions tailored to address their unique challenges.

The study concludes with an analysis of the future of the MVNO market in Africa.
This report gives an overview of the MVNO market across select African nations, including Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. Varying MVNO business models are explained as well as market enabling and restricting factors. Regulation of the market is assessed for each nation and active MVNO's are profiled.

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
    • Research Aim and Objectives
    • Research Scope
    • Research Scope-Ecosystem
  • Defining MVNOs
    • Introduction-Global MVNOs: What, Why, Where, and How
  • MVNO Operating Models and Types
    • MVNO Operating Models
    • Types of MVNOs-Finding the Correct Niche
    • Types of MVNOs-MNO Motivations for Allowing MVNOs
  • Enabling Factors of the MVNO Market
    • Market Enabling Factors
  • MVNO Market Constraints
    • Market Constraining Factors
  • Regulatory Environment
  • MVNO Market in Africa-Tunisia
    • MVNO Market-Tunisia
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, Tunisia, 2015
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, Tunisia, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-Tunisia
    • MVNO Market Outlook-Tunisia
    • Active MVNOs-Tunisia
  • MVNO Market in Africa-Ghana
    • MVNO Market-Ghana
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, Ghana, 2015
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, Ghana, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-Ghana
    • MVNO Market Outlook-Ghana
    • Future of MVNOs-Ghana
  • MVNO Market in Africa-Nigeria
    • MVNO Market-Nigeria
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, Nigeria, 2015
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, Nigeria, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-Nigeria
    • MVNO Market Outlook-Nigeria
  • MVNO Market in Africa-Kenya
    • MVNO Market-Kenya
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, Kenya, 2016
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, Kenya, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-Kenya
    • MVNO Market Outlook-Kenya
    • Active MVNOs-Kenya
  • MVNO Market in Africa-Uganda
    • MVNO Market Uganda
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, Uganda, 2015
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, Uganda, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-Uganda
    • MVNO Market Outlook-Uganda
    • Active MVNOs-Uganda
  • MVNO Market in Africa-South Africa
    • MVNO Market-South Africa
      • Table Telecommunications Overview, South Africa, 2015
      • Table Key Economic Indicators, South Africa, 2015 and 2016
    • MVNO Market Enabling Factor Barometer-South Africa
    • MVNO Market Outlook-South Africa
    • Active MVNO Market-South Africa
  • Future of MVNOs in Africa
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusions-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Research Acronyms

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