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Innovations in Consumer Robotics

Innovations in Consumer Robotics

Consumer robots have been experiencing significant technology enhancements in the recent years. Robots are destined to play a vital role in transforming everyday lives of humans. Consumer robots can be classified into four main types:

Personal and Educational
Security and Surveillance
Social and Home
Domestic and Tasks

These robots are developed and designed to assist and cater to the requirements of people in this technologically fast moving world. The most popular consumer robot, which is being adopted widely, is the domestic and task robot. These robots are capable of performing and completing domestic chores and household tasks such as vacuuming, floor cleaning, pool cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

The ‘Innovations in Consumer Robots’ technology report reviews the recent technology and product innovations in the consumer robot industry.

Key questions covered in this research service:
What is the significance and current status of consumer robots?
What are the factors influencing adoption?
What are the key innovations?
What is the patent activity around the world?
Who are the key stakeholders?
What are the future prospects and growth opportunities?
How can organizations capitalize opportunities?

1. 1.0 Executive Summary
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Research Methodology Step-by-Step Approach
1.4 Domestic Robots Offer Immense Benefits to Consumers
1.5 New Product Innovations Are Increasing the Adoption Rate of Consumer Robots
1.6 The Market Growth Has Tremendously Increased the Competition Between Key Stakeholders
2. 2.0 A Sneak Preview – Consumer Robots
2.0 A Sneak Preview – Consumer Robots
2.1 Consumer Robots Will Increasingly Enter Homes in the Next Few Years
2.2 Consumer Robot Segmentation by Application
3. 3.0 Factors Influencing Technology Adoption – Drivers and Challenges
3.0 Factors Influencing Technology Adoption – Drivers and Challenges
3.1 Time and the Performance Are Key Drivers for Wide-scale Adoption
3.2 User Adaptability to Consumer Robots is One of the Main Challenges Faced by This Industry
4. 4.0 Key Innovations and Advances
4.0 Key Innovations and Advances
4.1 Natural and Bio Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots
4.2 Advanced Floor Cleaning and Moping Robot
4.3 A Vacuum Robot with Laser Scanning for Room Mapping
4.4 A Powerful Vacuum Robot with 360° Camera View
4.5 Advanced Robotic Laundry Folding Robot
4.6 Fifth-generation Domestic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
4.7 Automated Robotic Gutter Cleaner
4.8 A Robotic Solution for Cleaning Barbecue Grills
4.9 Automatic Lawn Watering Robot
4.10 Educational Robot for Children
4.11 Interactive Personal Home Robot
4.12 A Vacuum Robot with Expanded Continuous Cleaning
4.13 Intelligent Home Security Robot with Face Recognition
4.14 Advanced Robotic Swimming Pool Floor Cleaner
5. 5.0 Innovation Ecosystem
5.0 Innovation Ecosystem
5.1 Consumer Robots Have the Capability to Save Energy and Resource
5.2 Key Players from the Electronics Industry Have also Entered the Market
5.3 Consumer Robots to Replace Human Is all Aspects
5.4 Home Robots will Play a Vital Role as Edutainment Systems
6. 6.0 Patent Assessment
6.0 Patent Assessment
6.1 Patents in Consumer Robotics
6.2 A Neck to Neck Race to the Finish – Technology Development and Global Footprint Adoption
7. 7.0 Technology Benchmarking (2016–2020)
7.0 Technology Benchmarking (2016–2020)
7.1 Technology Readiness and Wide-scale Adoption of Domestic and Task Robots to Foresee a Radical Change
7.2 The Technical Feature of Consumer Robots Directly Impact Its Wide-scale Adoption Footprint
7.2 The Technical Feature of Consumer Robots Directly Impact Its Wide-scale Adoption Footprint (continued)
8. 8.0 Technology Roadmap (2016–2021)
8.0 Technology Roadmap (2016–2021)
8.1 The Road Ahead
8.2 Strategic Insights
9. 9.0 Key Patents
9.0 Key Patents
9.1 Methods to Control the Robot Are the Main Focus Areas
9.2 Technology for Locating Objects and Mapping the Room Plays a Vital Role in the Robots Performance
9.3 High Patent Activity with Relation to Develop New Methods to Control the Robots Motion and Activities
9.4 Technology Convergence Is the Back Bone for the development of Home Robots
9.5 Key Players Strongly Believe That Patents Will Solidify Their Brand Equity in the Consumer Robot Market
10. 10.0 Key Contacts
10.0 Key Contacts
10.1 Key Contacts
10.1 Key Contacts (continued)
Legal Disclaimer
11. 11.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story
11.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story
11.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story
11.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
11.3 Global Perspective
11.4 Industry Convergence
11.5 360º Research Perspective
11.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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