Growth Opportunities in Global Diabetes and Obesity Therapeutics, 2024–2028

Growth Opportunities in Global Diabetes and Obesity Therapeutics, 2024–2028

GLP-1 RA Drug Class, Combination Therapies, and Digital Convergence for Affordable Disease Management Drive Growth

Globally, diagnosis of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity have increased. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the global prevalence of obesity has worsened. Obesity is considered a main precursor of diabetes and contributes an estimated 80% to 85% toward the risk of type 2 diabetes. As a result, the financial burden associated with healthcare has grown and is predicted to continue. The demand for combination treatments that address obesity and diabetes (diabesity) jointly has increased notable as a result of these healthcare challenges.

Current drug therapies for obesity have a limited safety and efficacy profile. Furthermore, patient-centricity and variability in disease management are lacking. These gaps in available therapies will lead to increased demand for newer classes of drugs, such as GLP-1 receptor agonists, that have emerged as breakthrough drug classes and offer superior glycemic control and weight loss, resulting in better clinical outcomes. Owing to a surge in demand globally, R&D efforts by market participants will intensify. Strategies to improve supply, affordability, and access to these therapies for a wider patient population while preventing off-label sales will drive direct-to-consumer and hybrid care models.

Life sciences companies are likely to augment their research efforts to develop safe and efficacious pharmacological therapies with a focus on lowering the dosing frequency, sustained weight loss without lean muscle loss, benefits across the cardiometabolic spectrum, and drug delivery innovations as key competitive differentiation strategies. The trend of strategic research partnerships is poised to accelerate the development of next-generation medicines, novel drug classes with new mechanisms of action, and beyond-the-pill solutions. In addition, a patient-centric treatment approach will be adopted that will combine pharmacotherapy with nutrition, behavioral, and lifestyle interventions for managing cardiometabolic diseases. Hence, in the next 2 to 3 years, pharma companies will increasingly launch digital services to improve patient access in partnership with telehealth platforms for personalized treatment management.

In addition, the focus on precision medicine (PM) will rise in the next 5 years, leading to better disease management. This will continue to drive PM research by small biotechs and market leaders. For example, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Genomic Mechanism of Diseases partners with academia and research institutes such as the Broad Institute of Cambridge to map human gene regulation in obesity and diabetes.

This study aims to identify the primary growth opportunities that will drive the diabesity market in the near future. The study also aims to highlight the most prominent and emerging business models prevalent across the market that will enable industry stakeholders to enhance their geographic coverage in terms of patient outreach and address the challenges of limited patient access. The study will also shed light on some of the crucial market drivers and restraints that impact growth. It provides brief yet significant insights into the game-changing participants across each indication that are striving to develop disruptive drugs and technologies to maintain their growth trajectory. The study focuses on the leading M&A and partnership activities that are impacting the market as well as present and future market trends that will shape its future. The study period is 2021 to 2028.


Overview of the market- Diabetes and Obesity Therapeutics.
Ecosystem, Drug development trends, GLP-1 Research Landscape, GLP-1 market Disruption
Prevalent and emerging business models across the market
Key market drivers and restraints, partnerships, M&A
Revenue share
Market Forecast
Pharmacological Class Revenue Forecast
Emerging growth opportunities

  • Transformation in Diabetes and Obesity Therapeutics
    • Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
    • The Strategic Imperative TM
    • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Diabetes and Obesity (Diabesity) Therapeutics Industry
  • Ecosystem
    • Projected Prevalence-Obesity
    • Economic Burden-Obesity
    • Projected Regional Prevalence-Diabetes
    • Economic Burden-Diabetes
    • Trends Advancing Market Growth
    • Drug Development Trends-Obesity R&D Pipeline
    • Drug Development Trends-Diabetes R&D Pipeline
    • Overview of the GLP-1 RA Research Landscape
    • Impact and Market Disruptions-GLP-1 Drug Class
    • Market Access and Reimbursement Trends-GLP-1 RA
    • Scope of Analysis
    • Segmentation by Product
    • Competitive Environment
    • Key Competitors
  • Growth Generator
    • Growth Metrics
    • Growth Drivers
    • Growth Restraints
    • Forecast Considerations
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Revenue Forecast by Product
    • Revenue Forecast by Region
      • Table Diabesity Therapeutics: Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2021-2028
    • Revenue Forecast Analysis
    • Market Outlook-GLP-1 Therapy Access
    • Forecast Analysis by Region
    • Pricing Trends and Forecast Analysis
    • Revenue Share
    • Revenue Share Analysis
    • Investment Trends-Capability Building and R&D Focus
    • Consolidation Trends-Pipeline Buildup and Market Penetration
    • Business Models
    • Hybrid Care Model for GLP-1 Drugs
    • Companies to Watch-Obesity
    • Companies to Watch-Diabetes
    • Companies to Watch-Virtual Solution Providers for GLP-1 Drugs
  • Growth Generator- Obesity Therapeutics
    • Growth Metrics
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Revenue Forecast Analysis
    • Revenue Forecast by Region
      • Table Obesity Therapeutics: Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2021-2028
    • Forecast Analysis by Region
    • Revenue Forecast by Pharmacological Class
    • Forecast Analysis by Pharmacological Class
  • Growth Generator- Diabetes Therapeutics
    • Growth Metrics
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Revenue Forecast Analysis
    • Revenue Forecast by Region
      • Table Diabetes Therapeutics: Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2021-2028
    • Forecast Analysis by Region
    • Revenue Forecast by Pharmacological Class
      • Table Diabetes Therapeutics: Revenue Forecast by Pharmacological Class, Global, 2021-2028
    • Forecast Analysis by Pharmacological Class
    • Growth Opportunity 1-GLP-1-based Multi-agonists with Improved Tolerability Profile
    • Growth Opportunity 2-AI-driven Predictive and Personalized Care in Diabesity
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Women-centric Targeted Therapies for Diabetes and Obesity
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Obesity Therapeutics Development in India and China
  • Best Practice Recognition
  • Frost Radar
  • Next Steps
    • Benefits and Impacts of Growth Opportunities
    • Next Steps
    • Take the Next Step

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