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The Global Future of Work—The Future of Workplace Technology

The Global Future of Work—The Future of Workplace Technology

The Global Future of Work—The Future of Workplace Technology presents a broad survey of the technologies emerging today that will be critical for work in 2025. Topics include connectivity and convergence trends, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation trends, cognitive computing, the rise of professional service robots, and global cybersecurity trends such as threat-sharing initiatives and the potential shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Snapshots are provided for both developed and developing economies, and sector highlights help visualize how technologies will fit into agricultural, industrial, and service work. The study period is from 2015 to 2025.

  • Executive Summary
    • The Future of Global Workplace Technology-Key Findings
    • Scope of Study-Trend, Economy, and Sector Coverage in the Future Place and Structure of Work
  • Research Methodology and Key Definitions
    • Research Methodology-From Macro-to-micro
    • List of Definitions
    • List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Connectivity and Convergence Trends Driving Future Workplace Technology
    • Connectivity and Convergence Trends-Key Findings
    • Edge and Fog Computing Will Begin Where the Cloud Ends
    • 2025's UC&C Will be Virtualized, Customized, and Heavily Integrated
    • Enhanced Telepresence and Video Conferencing Solutions Will Further Support Virtual Colocation Trends
    • Beyond Gaming, VR's Future is in the Workplace
    • When Cameras Are On, AR Will be a Predominant User Interface
    • Social Enterprise Freemiums Will Convert To Paid Subscriptions
    • Work Wearables Will Improve Health, Wellness, Safety, and Productivity
    • Head-to-toe Wearables Will Thrive in 2025's Enterprise Market
    • Organizations Will Turn Data into Actionable Forecasts
    • Three Reasons Why B2Bs Should Care about the FinTech Revolution
    • 3D Printing Will Save Time and Resources, with 4D Tech to Come
    • "Macro-to-micro"-Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • AI, Automation, and Robotics Trends Driving Future of Workplace Technology
    • AI, Automation, and Robotics Trends-Key Findings
    • Key Advances in AI Will Drive Digital, Robotics, and Automation Trends
    • Digital Personal Assistants Will Take on Enterprise Complexity
    • Industrial IoT-enabled Autonomous Systems Will Change How Customers and Vendors Interact and the Skills Workers Will Need
    • The Future of Workplace Robots Depends on Guaranteeing Safety
    • Industrial and Service Robot Installments Will Show Strong Growth, Given Lower Costs and Greater Performance
    • Industrial Robots Will Continue Supporting Global Manufacturing Work
    • The Range of Professional Service Robot Applications Will be Vast
    • Ease of Use Will Be a Critical Determinant for Collaborative Robots
    • "Macro-to-micro"-Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Cybersecurity Trends Driving Future Workplace Technology
    • Cybersecurity Trends-Key Findings
    • Mitigating Cyber Attacks Will Continue Rising in Enterprise Priority
    • Breach Cost and Public Scrutiny Will Add to Cybersecurity Concerns
    • Developing Trends Will Redirect Enterprise Security
    • Blockchain Will Transform Security for Every Industry
    • Organizations Will Embrace Innovation and Increase Spend
    • Threat Sharing-The Sum Will be Greater Than its Parts
    • Nations Will Both Protect the Workplace and Initiate Threats
    • "Macro-to-micro"-Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Snapshots of Future Workplace Technology in Developed and Developing Economies
    • Snapshots of Economies-Key Findings
    • Developed Economies Will Reap Greater Rewards from Connectivity
    • A Deeper Dive-Finland Stands at a Technology Crossroads
    • Developing Economies Must Increase Their Technological Readiness
    • A Deeper Dive-China's Government is Subsidizing its Industrial IoT Development
    • "Macro-to-micro"-Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Sector Scenarios
    • Sector Scenarios-Key Findings
    • Robots, Sensors, Biotech, and 3D Printing Will Ensure High Yields in the Agricultural Workplace
    • IoT Technology Will Revolutionize the Industrial Sector
    • AI, Big Data, and AR Hold the Greatest Promise for the Services Sector
    • "Macro-to-micro"-Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • The Last Word
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • List of Countries Grouped by Economy Type or Organization
    • List of Countries Grouped by Region
    • Full List of Subsectors by Economic Sector

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