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The Global Future of Work—The Future Place and Structure of Work

The Global Future of Work—The Future Place and Structure of Work

The Global Future of Work—The Future Place and Structure of Work applies a multi-faceted approach to answering the question: where will work take place in 2025? Topics include international trends, such as mega-regional trade deals and right-shoring considerations; workplace design and format trends, such as smart offices and innovative retail space models; and organization and virtual trends, such as startup ecosystems and enhanced virtual collaboration technologies. Snapshots are provided for both developed and developing economies, and sector highlights consider how environmental changes and competitive national strategies aim to divert agricultural, industrial, and service work, globally. The study period is from 2015 to 2025.

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
    • The Future Place and Structure of Work—Key Findings
    • Scope of Study—Trend, Economy, and Sector Coverage in the Future Place and Structure of Work
  • Research Methodology and Key Definitions
    • Research Methodology—From Macro-to-micro
    • List of Definitions
    • List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Economic and International Trends Driving the Future Place of Work
    • Economic and International Trends—Key Findings
    • Mega-Regionals Will Hasten Global Free Trade and Divert Trade Routes
    • Mega-Regionals Have the Potential to Redirect Business
    • The Global Value Chain Determines What Work is Done Where
    • Determining Where to Shore is Becoming Increasingly Complex
    • Future FDI Prioritizes Infrastructure and Innovation over Labor Costs
    • Global Real Estate Vehicles Will Stabilize Some Commercial Markets
    • Office Space Cycles Promise Increasing Rates in Developed Economies
    • Ease of Business Scores Are on an Upward Trend
    • Global Work Centers Will Include Economies on the Rise
    • Five Trends Will Define Future Multinational Footprints
    • "Macro-to-micro"—Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Design and Format Trends Driving the Future Place of Work
    • Design and Format Trends—Key Findings
    • Next-Gen Corporate Campuses Take Cues from Collegiate Design
    • Workers and Tenants Will Expect Smart Structural Advantages
    • Future Office Buildings Will Reduce Their Ecological Footprints
    • Office Space Design Will Engender Collaboration
    • Design Will Pay Greater Attention to Diverse Styles and Sizes
    • Office Space Evolution—Cases-in-Point
    • What's Next in Commercial Real Estate Analytics and Transparency
    • Collective, Shared, Rented—Office-on-demand Options are Expanding
    • On-the-go Retail Will Avoid Permanence and Prioritize Speed
    • Work Spaces Will Evolve with Increasingly Urbanized Settings
    • "Macro-to-micro"—Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Organization and Virtual Trends Driving the Future Place and Structure of Work
    • Organization and Virtual Trends—Key Findings
    • Emerging Startup Hotbeds Will Disperse Economic Opportunity
    • Organization Structures Will Reduce Bureaucratic Inefficiencies
    • 2025's C-Suite Will Focused on Technology, Talent, and Territory
    • Globally, Mobile and Remote Workers are Expected to Increase
    • The Remote Office—Social Enterprise in an Age of Increasing Speed
    • The Remote Lab—R&D/Innovation's Increasing Use of Virtual Space
    • Online Procurement—B2B Commerce in the Marketplace Era
    • "Macro-to-micro"—Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Snapshots of the Future Place and Structure of Work in Developed and Developing Economies
    • Snapshots of Economies—Key Findings
    • Developed Economies Will Benefit from Existing Technological Gaps
    • A Deeper Dive—The Netherlands' Approach to Future-proofing Work
    • Developing Economies Will Increase Global Trade Activity
    • A Deeper Dive—Kenya's Connectivity to Drive Workplace Change
    • "Macro-to-micro"—Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • Sector Scenarios
    • Sector Scenarios—Key Findings
    • Agricultural Work Will Expand Where Arable Land and Water Resources Are Abundant, and Where Productivity Stands Improvement
    • Globalization in the Industrial Sector Will Drive More Governments to Set Manufacturing Strategies
    • Services Sector Will Drive Income Growth in Developing Economies
    • "Macro-to-micro"—Strategic Recommendations and Predictions
  • The Last Word
    • The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • List of Mega-Regional Countries
    • List of Countries Grouped by Economy Type or Organization
    • List of Countries Grouped by Region
    • Full List of Subsectors by Economic Sector

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