Emerging Opportunities for Photonic Integrated Circuits

Emerging Opportunities for Photonic Integrated Circuits

A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is an optical chip that accommodates multiple photonic functions. PIC will address gaps in electrical integrated circuits (EICs), primarily those used in data communication. The capability of PICs to transmit data in an optical medium makes them an effective tool for communication in telecom and data center sectors. In sensors, light is an effective medium for material detection, so PICs are effective in sensing applications as well.

Research and development (R&D) effort to improve the performance parameters of PICs and to determine new materials (III-V materials) is an ongoing process. The steady influx of investment, various government initiatives, and the efforts of global consortiums support PIC-related R&D.
Participants in end-user industries, such as telecom, automotive, and healthcare, are increasingly investing in PICs, as they enable emerging technologies, such as 5G, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality/virtual reality, and advanced medical imaging. The laser-based communication in space sector is another major area of interest for PICs.

  • Strategic Imperatives
    • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
    • The Strategic Imperative 8
    • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives of the Photonic Integrated-circuit Industry
    • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis
    • Scope of Analysis
    • Segmentation of Industries Impacted by PICs
    • Growth Drivers
    • Growth Restraints
  • Technology Landscape
    • PIC Technology Snapshot
    • Advantages of PICs
    • PIC Architecture
    • Optical Components in PICs
    • PIC Manufacturing Segments
    • Innovation in PIC Manufacturing
    • Trends Driving PIC Adoption
  • R&D Initiatives
    • Optically Compatible Materials
    • PIC Fabrication and Optical Processor Research
  • Developmental Strategies
    • Increase in Cloud Computing and Sustained R&D
    • Government Initiatives, US & Canada
    • Government Initiatives, Europe & APAC
    • Investments in New Product Development
    • Investments in PIC Fabrication and Product Commercialization
    • Strategic Partnerships in PIC Fabrication and Packaging
    • Global Consortiums Driving Technical Advancements in PICs Through Funding and Infrastructure Support
  • Opportunity Analysis
    • End Markets Driving the Demand for PICs
    • Precision Navigation and Data Communication
    • Medical Imaging and Missile Guidance
    • Food Yield Optimization and Space Communication
    • Industry Prioritization Matrix for PICs
    • PIC Innovation Disrupting Sensing and Communication-based Applications
    • PIC Innovation Disrupting the Automotive and Healthcare Sectors
    • Implementation Case 1: Ella Link, Ireland; Infinera Corporation, US
    • Implementation Case 1: AutoX Inc., China; SiLC Technologies, Inc., US
  • Roadmap
    • Technology Roadmap
  • Patent Trend Analysis
    • Focus on Enabling High-speed Optical Communication
    • Focus on Fabrication, Packaging, and PIC Application
  • Companies to Action
    • Ayar Labs, US
    • Salience Labs, UK
    • EFFECT Photonics, the Netherlands
    • LIGENTEC, Switzerland
    • NEON Photonics, South Korea
  • Growth Opportunity Universe
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Supply Chain Ecosystem Consolidation
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Navigation and Infotainment
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Biophotonic Medical Devices and Sensors
  • Key Contacts
  • Appendix
    • Technology Readiness Levels (TRL): Explanation
  • Next Steps
    • Your Next Steps
    • Why Frost, Why Now?

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