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Emerging Opportunities for Anodizing Processes(TechVision)

Emerging Opportunities for Anodizing Processes (TechVision)

Anodizing is a metal finishing process that enhances the quality of the metal, protects it from environmental damage and finally makes it aesthetically pleasing. Anodizing imparts color stability and durability, particularly for aluminum. The extensive positive attributes achieved in addition to the ease of operations makes the anodizing markets highly attractive. Film thickness of 5 and 25 microns can be achieved by anodizing which can be customized according to industry requirements. Choosing the right process for the right application is very important for anodizing to attain durability of the substrate. While many metals can be treated with anodizing, aluminum and magnesium are the most significant.

This research service titled, "Emerging Opportunities for Anodizing Processes" captures the recent trends in the field of anodizing processes for various industries with emphasis on the emerging technology trends and developments. The research service also highlights the key application markets for anodizing processes and a deep dive into the top application segments namely automotive, aviation, energy, medical, photocatalytic and a host of others along with the current innovation landscape. An opportunity evaluation was done to identify the top industries for anodizing processes, namely automotive and medical sectors. A deep dive assessment of these industries are carried out as a part of the research along with a roadmap for anodizing process to explain how the technology is likely to evolve in the future and identifies key opportunities for anodizing processes.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Process and Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Technology Overview
    • Technology Snapshot
      • Anodizing- Overview
      • Commonly used materials
      • Anodizing Process- Steps involved
      • Anodizing Process- Steps Involved (Explanation)
    • Anodizing Process- A Critical Assessment
      • Classification
    • Anodizing Processes
      • Types- Chromic Acid
      • Types- Non Chromic and Sulfuric Acid
      • Types- Sulfuric Acid
    • Anodizing Processes vs Other Coatings Processes
    • Technical Advantages
    • Technical Challenges
  • Industry Overview
    • Anodizing Processes
      • Market Potential
      • Intellectual Property (IP) Trends
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Application Landscape
  • Impact Analysis and Assessment
    • Key Drivers and Their Impact
    • Key Challenges and Their Impact
    • Stakeholders Initiatives to Overcome Challenges
    • Recent Innovations and their Market Significance
      • USA and Japan
    • End-User Demands from Anodizing
  • Opportunity Evaluation of Anodizing Processes across Applications
    • Assessment and Prioritization of Opportunities
      • Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE)
      • Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE)- Key Takeaways
    • Assessment of Current Opportunities
      • Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE)- Key Takeaways by Industries
    • Assessment of Emerging Opportunities
      • Opportunity Strategy Evaluation (OSE)- Key Takeaways by Industries
  • Technology Roadmapping and Future Prospects
    • Technology Roadmap for Anodizing Processes
    • Technology Roadmap - Explanation
  • Deep Dive Assessment of Automotive and Medical Device Sectors (Using Criteria-Based Evaluation)
    • Deep-Dive Assessment
      • Automotive
      • Automotive- Explanation
      • Medical Devices
      • Medical Devices- Explanation
    • Future Trends
      • Automotive
      • Medical Sector
  • Key Patents
    • Automotive
    • Medical Devices
  • Key Contacts
  • Appendix
    • Opportunity Strategy Evaluation-What is it?
    • Ratings for OSE
    • Deep-Dive Assessment-Criteria Definition
    • Ratings for Deep-Dive Assessment-Automotive
    • Ratings for Deep-Dive Assessment-Medical Devices

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