Dynamic Start-ups in the Homes and Buildings Ecosystem, 2017

Dynamic Start-ups in the Homes and Buildings Ecosystem, 2017

The homes and buildings (H&B) industry continues to evolve, driven by transformational technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and edge intelligence. These technologies are significantly impacting the connected homes, LED lighting, building energy management, and demand response markets. Even in traditional markets such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), fire and safety, and facilities management, technology is slowly penetrating to play a vital role in building energy optimization. The convergence of technologies will continue to change the market dynamics of the H&B industry by reducing the operating and infrastructure costs and improving the financial optimization of buildings.

Both emerging participants and start-ups have developed innovative building performance optimization solutions that include IoT-enabled building automation, AI-enabled building intelligence, blockchain-based energy trading platforms, edge intelligence platforms, and cloud analytics to lead innovation efforts and compete with the giants in the industry.

Frost & Sullivan has highlighted the contribution of 10 dynamic start-up companies, founded not before 2012, bringing innovation to the evolving H&B industry. The study outlines the key predictions for 2018–2022, disruptive trends, technologies transforming the industry, a list of 100 start-ups with micro profiles, and a detailed profile of 10 dynamic start-ups, including general company information, key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategic business operations.

Research Scope
The scope of the study covers start-up and emerging companies that provide products and solutions to customers in 10 key segments of the building technology industry. The segments are categorized as: building automation, controls and devices, IoT and data analytics, smart metering and grids, demand response, communications and machine-to-machine (M2M), micro generation and renewable energy, home energy management systems (HEMS) and building energy management systems (BEMS), facility management (FM) and performance contracting, and energy and sustainability software.

Research Highlights
The highlight of this study is the rigorous methodology that was followed to ensure a list of 100 companies catering to different business segments and the shortlisted 10 dynamic start-ups based on their product innovation and growth strategies. Top management executives of all the 10 companies were interviewed to get accurate information on KPIs and other strategic information.

Key Issues Addressed
Which are the leading 100 start-up companies?
Which market segments do the start-ups fall into?
What are their go-to-market strategies and business models?
How do the start-ups impact the H&B industry and what does it mean for Tier-I companies?
What are the technologies that will define the future of the H&B industry?

  • Executive Summary
    • CEO's 360 Degree Perspective
    • Top 5 Areas of Innovation (2017-2022)
    • 10 Dynamic Start-ups Identified by Frost & Sullivan
    • 3 Big Predictions
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Associated Research and Multimedia on Building Energy Management
  • Top Trends in Homes & Buildings
    • Top 10 Mega Trends Defining the Future
    • Top 10 Technologies and Markets Until 2025
    • Focus Areas and Expertise Built Around Transformational Trends
    • Homes & Buildings-Key Predictions for 2018
    • Homes & Buildings-Disruptive Trends: 2018
    • Key Technologies Transforming the H&B Industry
    • Homes & Buildings Ecosystem
  • Homes & Buildings Company Ecosystem
    • Convergence of Technology and Competition Among Leading Global Participants
    • Emerging Companies and Recent New Entrants to the Market
    • Start-ups and Emerging Companies Ecosystem
  • 100 Start-ups and Emerging Companies Identified by Frost & Sullivan
    • Start-ups and Emerging Companies in the H&B Ecosystem
  • Dynamic Start-up Profiles
    • Asset Mapping
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Comfy
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Ecoisme
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Electron
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Foghorn Systems
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Levaux
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Limejump
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Mysa
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • Verdigris Technologies
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
    • 75F
    • Dashboard-Key Performance Indicators
    • Business Operations
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1-IoT-enabled Products
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Data Analytics and Cloud
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Secured Open-source Platform
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Product Integration
    • Growth Opportunity 5-Customer-centric Approach
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms

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