Breakthrough Innovations in PoC Diagnostics for Smart Healthcare

Breakthrough Innovations in PoC Diagnostics for Smart Healthcare

Today, the healthcare industry is focused toward patient centric care and preventative healthcare. Preventative healthcare involves regular screening and diagnosis for diseases before the condition becomes fatal. Early diagnosis improves the clinical outcome of the patients, reduces emergency visits, and subsequently healthcare costs. Usually, early diagnosis is enabled by point-of-care testing (POCT) devices, where physicians or even the patients can check themselves for various conditions and monitor their chronic diseases, at the point-of-care, bringing healthcare services closer to the patients.

This research service showcases the trends and applications of POCT devices. The growing importance and benefits of the POC devices are discussed in this research service. This research service focuses on the technology innovations of blood glucose POCT, POC infectious disease diagnosis, POC cancer screening, and POC neurological screening. This research service focuses on technology innovations, key innovators in this space, industry trends, drivers and challenges, and its market impact.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of the Research
    • Research Methodology
    • key Findings
  • Industry Overview
    • Growing Importance of Point-of-care Diagnostics
    • Benefits of Point-of-Care Diagnostics
    • Technology Classification of Point-of-Care Devices
    • Types of POC Devices Based on Applications
    • POC Device Value Chain and Stakeholder Ecosystem
  • Technology Snapshots and Trends
    • Types of Point of Care Glucose Testing Technologies
    • Point-of-Care Glycemic Management in Hospitals
    • Integration of Digital Technologies in POC Glucose Testing
    • Point-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases
    • Rapid POC Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases
    • POC Diagnostics for Virus Detection (HIV, Dengue, and Zika)
    • Recent Developments in POC Infectious Disease Diagnostics, 2018
    • Recent University Innovations in POC Infectious Disease Diagnostics
    • Point-of-Care Device for Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
    • Low Cost, Portable, Breast Cancer Screening POC Device
    • Personalized, POC, Direct-to-Consumer Home Genetic Testing
    • Point-of-Care Cervical Cancer Screening
    • POC Diagnostics Enabling Women's Health
    • Point-of-Care Device for Neurological Screening
    • Point-of-Care Device to Detect Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Point-of-Care Device for Testing Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and Stroke
    • Point-of-Care Cardiovascular Testing Device
    • Point-of-Care in vitro Biomarker-based POC Cardiovascular Testing
    • Breakthrough Portable or Wearable ECG Technologies Enabling Continuous Heart Health Monitoring
  • Impact Assessment and Analysis
    • Impact of Economic Drivers on the POC Diagnostic Industry
    • Impact of Increasing Aging Population and Growing Disease Burden on POCT Market
    • Innovations in Biomarkers, Microfluidics, and Sensors Driving POCT Technology Development
    • Poor Quality Compliance Restricting Growth in the POCT Industry
    • Market Impact of POCT Innovations across Applications
  • Funding and Clinical Trial Assessment
    • High Venture Funding for Diabetes and Cardiovascular POCT Companies
    • High Federal Funding by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for POCT Research
    • Greater Clinical Trials Testing POC Devices for Cardiovascular and Coagulation Tests
  • Growth Opportunity Evaluation and Roadmapping
    • Growth Opportunities: Personalized Cancer Therapy Management
    • Growth Opportunities: Better Control of Epidemic and Pandemic Prone Diseases
    • Growth Opportunities: Telehealth or Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Emerging Technologies Are Set to Revolutionize the Future of the POCT Industry
    • Technology Convergence for Advanced Point-of-Care Testing Devices
    • Strategic Imperatives for the Future of the POCT Industry
  • Key Industry Contacts

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