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Affective Computing: Enabling Technologies and Applications

Affective Computing: Enabling Technologies and Applications

Affective Computing refers to the latest futuristic advancements in which machines are trained to emote like the human mind, which includes recognizing patterns and making affective inferences about the surrounding environment. Innovation trends and applications are evolving in this space to make an effective contribution to growing segments such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), social computing, voice recognition, speech and text analyses, and image recognition. The objective of this research service is to offer a detailed account of affective computing technology segments, technology innovations, and application innovations across sectors.

This research service provides insights on affective computing enabling technologies and applications. It also provides notes on futuristic applications and major convergence scenarios.

In brief, this research service provides the following:
A brief snapshot of affective computing technology and the key emotional computing applications
Key trends in affective computing technologies
Impact of affective computing in key sectors such as healthcare, social media, finance, retail, defense & heavy machinery
Convergence scenarios
Futuristic applications

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Outline
    • Key Findings
    • Research Methodology
  • Overview of the Topic
    • Introduction to Affective Computing and its Applications
    • Why is Affective Computing Important?
  • Key Trends in Affective Computing Systems
    • Affective Computing Technology Parameters Transforming Key Application Sectors
    • Emotional Speech Empowers Machines to Understand Human Emotions
    • Muscle Movements Enable Soundless Emotional Detection
    • Body Gesture-Based Emotional Recognition Increases Efficiency of Emotional Intelligence Systems
    • Physiology-Based Emotion Recognition Systems Improve Accuracy
    • Visual Aesthetics Based Emotional Recognition
    • Deep Learning Helps in Creation of Emotional Machines
  • Impact of Affective Computing Interfaces on Key Sectors
    • Emotional Intelligence Impacts Healthcare Industry by Enabling Advanced Child Care
    • Emotional Intelligence Enables Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
    • Affective Computing Enables User Friendly Banking Models
    • Affective Computing Enables Voice Interfaces with Emotions for Retail
    • Affective Computing Enables Intelligent Robots in Defense and Heavy Machinery Industry
  • Analyst Insights-Convergence Scenarios and Futuristic Applications
    • Convergence of Affective Computing with Augmented Reality Enhances Contextual Augments
    • Convergence of Affective Computing with Cloud Computing Helps to Reduce Platform Dependency
    • Convergence of Affective Computing with Big Data Enhances Data Availability
    • Convergence of Affective Computing with IoT Enhances Customer Centric Product Development
    • Key Futuristic Applications
  • Key Contacts

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