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Advanced Techniques and Applications in Optical Imaging

Advanced Techniques and Applications in Optical Imaging

This research service (RS) is a study on the technology trends in the area of optical imaging, with exclusive focus on the medical imaging space.

During our research, we identified three broad application areas for optical imaging–pre-clinical imaging, clinical imaging and as adjunct tools in guidance and navigation during invasive procedures. Within these areas, we highlight sub-applications such as the target area imaged, diseases diagnosed and so on.

This RS is focused on the major technical innovations in optical imaging, covering the latest innovations that enhance capabilities of clinical, surgical and laboratory-based imaging systems.

During our research, several opportunities for R&D funding, technology and product innovations and collaborative ventures were identified. A snapshot of such opportunities is provided, along with an assessment of the intellectual property landscape.

This research service will cover the following key sections in the medical imaging market:

Identify and elaborate on the key technology advances in optical imaging

Snapshot of optical imaging technologies’ capabilities and applications

Technological Value Chain and key stakeholders in this market

Drivers and challenges impacting adoption of optical imaging

Product innovations on the horizon and technologies available for licensing

Comparison of technologies applications and commercialization, based on key attributes

IP landscape analysis and key patents in the field of Optical Imaging

About this report

Medical imaging modalities such as X-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, and others, have been designed to capture high resolution images through minimally-invasive approaches. However, each of these also suffer from limitations, foremost of which is that they utilize ionizing radiation that is hazardous to the patient when used frequently. Optical imaging uses radiation corresponding to the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which have low energy and are clinically safe. Optical imaging also produces reproducible and accurate images, and facilitates quantitative assessment of the sample. This research service sheds light on the various techniques under the umbrella of optical imaging, their applications, advantages and technical capabilities. The service also analyzes recent funding trends, business deals, technology management strategies and assesses the intellectual property landscape.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of Research
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Technology Snapshot and Trends
    • Optical Imaging-Overview
    • Market Segmentation-By Application
    • Application Landscape
      • Pre-Clinical Imaging
      • Disease Diagnosis
      • Miscellaneous Applications
    • Market Segmentation-By Technology
    • Technology Capabilities
    • Application-Technology Mapping
  • Impact Assessment and Analysis
    • Market Impact of Growth Drivers
    • Market Impact of Growth Challenges
    • Funding Sources and Trends
      • Government Funding
    • Recent Funding Deals
      • Government Funding
      • Private Funding
  • Emerging Opportunities in Optical Imaging
    • Market Impact of Key Innovations
    • Product Innovations on the Horizon
      • Hybrid Imaging
      • Wearable Imaging
      • Intra-Operative Imaging
      • Miscellaneous Academia Innovations
    • Regional Adoption Cycle
      • Optical Imaging Companies
      • Optical Imaging Research Groups
    • Demand-Side Analysis
  • Opportunity Evaluation and Roadmapping
    • Technology Evaluation-By Application
      • Optical Imaging in Ophthalmology
      • Optical Imaging in Cardiovascular Imaging
      • Optical Imaging in Oncology
      • Optical Imaging in Dermatology
    • Technology Adoption Cycle
    • Core Opportunities for Growth
    • Technology Management Strategies
      • Recent Industry Examples
      • Recent Company Acquisitions
    • Technologies Available for Licensing
  • IP Landscape Analysis
    • Patent Landscape Analysis
      • IP Research Scope and Methodology
      • Optical Imaging-Top Assignees
      • Competitive Analysis-Resources v/s Vision
      • Optical Imaging-By Patent Office
      • Optical Imaging-By Year
    • Key Patents for you to Check
    • Key Contacts

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